The Power of a Connected Nonprofit


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The social sector and philanthropy are transforming rapidly with nonprofits connecting to their communities in powerful new ways. Learn from innovative nonprofits that are leveraging social, mobile and cloud strategies to disrupt the status quo and revolutionise how they connect with employees, supporters, clients, partners and programs to accelerate the pace of change.

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  • Key Takeaway:Salesforce has also been a pioneer with our innovative Philanthropy to go along with our technology model. Our 1:1:1 (equity, time and product) has been successful and adopted by Google, Workday, etc.ACTION: Provide personal philanthropy activityTalk has always been about a new technology model with the cloud; a new pay-as-you-go business model; but we've also created a new philanthropic model. This model is a 1:1:1 model where we give 1% of our equity, employees time, and product to non-profits.Our 1:1:1 model has been so successful that companies like Google, Dropbox, Workday and Yelp have also adopted it.We’ve given over 500,000 hours of community service, $50 million in grants have come out of the foundation, and 20,000 non‑profits use our products.Personally, I am involved in… [Insert personal story here]
  • The Connected Nonprofit leverages cloud, mobile and social technologies so they are connected to all of their constituents, to harness the passion, expertise and ability of your community to achieve your mission. You do this by:Gaining complete visibility into your operationsEmpowering connections anytime, anywhere and particularly on mobile And proving and improving your impact with real-time data and dashboardsTo be a Connected Nonprofit, you:Connect Your Programs to deliver improved client service and better understand outcomes and impactConnect Your Supporters and Donors – to attract, nurture and cultivate relationships that result in more funding, more volunteerism and more advocacyConnect Your Partners- To broaden and amplify impactConnect Your Staff – to drive efficiency and collaboration and unlock ideas from across the organization
  • The Power of a Connected Nonprofit

    1. 1. The Connected Nonprofit /SFDCFoundationAU in/andrewrhill @andrew_sf Andrew Hill Foundation
    2. 2. 1% Time Equity Product 588,000+ Hours Service $55M+ Grants 20,500+ Non-Profit Organisations 1/1/1 Model Adopted by
    3. 3. The Connected Nonprofit Connected Employees Connected Programs Connected Partners Connected Supporters Connected Community Finance Communications Research Development Outreach Volunteers New Media
    4. 4. Today’s Speakers Deborah Warner Direct Giving & Database Manager Wyan Carter National Database Manager Matthew Brine Director Tania Cushion Subject Matter Expert, Support Services Jannis Bott Head of Technology
    5. 5. Direct Giving & Database Manager Australian Cancer Research Foundation Deborah Warner
    6. 6. Introduction to ACRF • Our aim is to beat cancer by funding world-class research. • We fund research into ALL types of cancer, in only the best research institutes right across Australia. • We are the only private Australian charity exclusively funding cutting edge research technologies and facilities. • State of the art equipment & technologies speed up the discovery process.
    7. 7. The Mass Spectrometer
    8. 8. ACRF CRM Journey Marketing Automation
    9. 9. Salesforce
    10. 10. Sites – Donation Portal
    11. 11. Radian6 – Social Media Monitoring
    12. 12. Wyan Carter National Database Manager Tania Cushion Subject Matter Expert, Support Services Leukaemia Foundation of Australia
    13. 13. Introduction to Leukaemia Foundation of Australia • Every 46 minutes someone in Australia is diagnosed with a blood cancer or related blood disorder • Estimated 11,500 new diagnoses every year • Blood Cancers are the second biggest cause of cancer death in Australia
    14. 14. Where we’ve come from
    15. 15. Project History • Fundraising first went live with Salesforce in 2012 • Fundraising then migrated to supporter360 (appiChar) in 2013 • Support Services went live in 2014 using custom functionality developed by appiChar
    16. 16. Connected Contacts • Over 150,000 contact records in the system • Over 15,000 organisation records • Who is in our database? What’s their story?
    17. 17. Transport Calendar
    18. 18. New Booking
    19. 19. Data Quality
    20. 20. Address Management
    21. 21. Accommodation Calendar
    22. 22. “from Notepads to iPads!”
    23. 23. Matthew Brine Director Jannis Bott Head of Technology The Fundraising People
    24. 24. The Fundraising People are a community of Inspired Difference Makers who are intent on changing the World for the better. Our fundraisers empower members of the public to support Not-For-Profits through a regular gift, joining our Charity Partners on the street and in shopping centres throughout the towns and cities of Australia and New Zealand. LOCATION: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland COMPANY SIZE: 170 Employees INDUSTRY: NFP SOLUTION(S): Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Portal Introduction to The Fundraising People
    25. 25. From clipboard to iPads: Challenges • Not For Profit organisations trust The Fundraising People to recruit regular givers on their behalf • More than 40,000 contact records in Excel were periodically crashing • 90% of the workforce operates on the street and in Shopping Centres and were using paper forms • Data was being triple handled and very inefficient • A more efficient, more accurate way to operate had to be found
    26. 26. • We rebuild fundraising processes in the cloud • Excel switched out for Sales Cloud - sales performance becomes visible to everyone for the first time • Chatter facilitates information sharing – everything from sales numbers to inspiring stories • Custom-built mobile app (HTML5) with PCI gateway set to revolutionise street fundraising process • From clipboard to iPads: Solutions
    27. 27. • Saving of four days per week of manual inputting paper forms • Immediate data validation including mobile numbers, address and email • Prompt processing of donor bank details reduces risk of attrition • Salesforce reports and dashboards drive sales and replace 2 full time “number crunchers” role From clipboard to iPads: Results
    28. 28. • 20% less work, real-time mobile signup • With their 170 permanent staff on the books, year on year sales growth sites at 40% • 8 new contracts signed with other NFP looking to increase their donations • 65% less data handling time - Cost saving in data entry alone is $60,000 - $70,000 per annum, a saving of 30%. • Applications for employment with the Fundraising People have increased by 30% resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of recruits. From clipboard to iPads: Quantitative Results