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Startup Mythbusters, Secrets of Success


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Examining commonly held misbeliefs of what makes a business successful. Startup world veteran Ludovic Ulrich shares advice on how to get your startup fired up.

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Startup Mythbusters, Secrets of Success

  1. Startup Mythbusters Ludovic Ulrich Head of Startup Relations @ludoulrich
  2. @salesforcestart
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  4. Myth #1 “It is easier than ever to start a company”
  5. Myth #2 “I built my company in the cloud, of course I’ll get to market fast”
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  7. Myth #3 “Only software development matters”
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  10. Myth #4 “Value creation is mostly in consumer applications”
  11. In the last 10 years, there have been 56 IPOs in the enterprise space that have gotten north of a billion [dollars in market capitalization] and just 23 in consumer. -Jim Goetz, Sequoia Capital
  12. Myth #5 “Startups fail because they lack funding”
  13. “Startups fail because they lack funding customers”
  14. “This company got to a substantial revenue rate in less time and fewer dollars than any other company I’ve experienced.” Gordon Ritter, Emergence Capital Top 25 US Tech Exits by Value Creation Ratio Valuation ≥ $100M, 2009-2014 Source: CB Insights via “Cloud-based life sciences software company Veeva Systems […] raised just $4 million, and was worth more than $4 billion at the time of its IPO” John Cook, Geekwire
  15. Myth #6 “Startup tools are good enough”
  16. Myth #7 “Startup founders cannot grow fast, build a culture and give back at the same time”
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