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Social Enterprise for Higher Education


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Enterprise for Higher Education

  1. 1. The Social Enterprise for HigherEducationJim Levi, Salesforce Foundation /salesforce @jimmtlevi in/jimlevi
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Ceri Jones & Rhian Kelly – Leadership & Management Wales (Cardiff University) #cardiffuniversity James Browne – London School of Economics #LSE Megan Hunter – Central School of Speech & Drama #CentralSchoolofSpeechandDrama Mark Peplow – Fujitsu #Fujitsu
  3. 3. A World Leading University through the Social EnterpriseStudent & Social Constituent Profile ExternalEmployee Social EngagementNetworks Partners Recruiting KnowledgeEnrolment Transfer Listen &and AnalyzeRegistration Student Portals Alumni Collaboration Mgmt Career Student Services Service & Services Social Engage Marketing Automate & Extend
  4. 4. Ceri Jones - Office ManagerRhian Kelly - Marketing AssistantLeadership & Management WalesThe centre for excellence for leadershipand management skills in
  5. 5. Ceri Jones The SolutionThe Challenge • Salesforce deployed in early 2010• Regional offices and remote access • Diary management and records management• Welsh Government funded – • Segmentation and classification of data – contacts, engagement organisations, levels and methods of engagement• Marketing tool requirement – • Customised reporting function classify and categorise contacts • Campaigns – mass mail and organisations • VR email and Eventbrite plug in – Marketing/eventsThe Results – Benefits and Challenges Next Steps• Coordinated regional diaries and documents • Eventbrite limitations• Comprehensive audit trail for Welsh • Implement new reports and customise Government via reporting function dashboards to reflect year 4’s targets• Campaigns and VR email functionality and • Sponsorship evaluation supporting analytics • University user group• Data import from LMW website - web to lead • Operational – knowledge sharing• Eventbrite for event delegate registrations • Strategic -top level sharing of contacts - track engagement across the University• Time and resource to customise and review service offerings and feedback
  6. 6. James BrowneMarketing and Communications ManagerLondon School of Economics and PoliticalScience
  7. 7. Tracking applications and offers at LSEChallenge Tracking applications for 13 programmes (2011: 4,470 applications; 3,279 processed)Salesforce solution Objects: Accounts, contacts, custom objects Reports and dashboards for administrators Trigger emails to follow up on potential problemsNext steps Managing post-offer communications (activities and campaigns)
  8. 8. Megan HunterExecutive Assistant to the Directorof Development & External Affairs,& Salesforce
  9. 9. The Central School of Speech and Drama Integration with Student Records Systems After initial success and user adoption, further development was required for integration of student records system Enthusiastic user adoption Reduce rekeying of student data Improve visibility and student experience Accurate forecasts and student demographics This collaborative way of working supports our key university agendas of using technology to streamline processes, making us more efficient, improving our general user experience and lessening the impact of our operations on the environment.
  10. 10. Mark PeplowImplementation BestPracticesHead of SaaS PracticeFujitsu UK
  11. 11. Implementation Best Practices Traditional Software Implementation 6 month 27 month Breakeven Breakeven ROI ROISource: Gartner, Customer Surveys Risk Value to Risk Customer Time Time Go Live Go Live ~ 12 Months ~ 6 Weeks
  12. 12. Use Salesforce to manage the projectCollaboration  Project App • Chatter • Milestones • User Stories/SOW • Components • Report Definitions • RAID • Timesheets • UAT • Deployment • Reports & Dashboards • Tasks and appointments • MetaData Management
  13. 13. Implementation Team Executive Sponsorship  CRM Champion Steering Committee  Stakeholder Involvement Salesforce Administrator  Understands Business Process Salesforce Developer (If Needed)  I.T. or Professional Services
  14. 14. Customise the Application Before You Begin  Model Salesforce to Your  Outcomes Business  Business Process Review  Students  As-is/To-be processes  Organisations/Contacts  Understand your data  Events  Governance  Applications  Agents
  15. 15. Data Data De-Duplication  Manual  3rd Party  Prof. Services Standardise Field Values  i.e. Country Codes, City Names… Naming Conventions Inspect what you expect
  16. 16. User Adoption  Training  Reports and Dashboards  Communication of changes  Utility, utility, utility  Clean-up unused items
  17. 17. Key Take away Sponsorship Communications strategy Data Quality Training Reinforcement Process/Measure 17
  18. 18. Engage! Join the Higher Education Chatter Group UK Non Profit Salesforce Users Group Avril Harrington Jim Levi @jimmtlevi +44-7833-448596
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