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  1. 1. S peedO penC ollaborationI ndividualsA lignmentL eadership
  2. 2. S peed Everything Happens Faster...
  3. 3. O pen If you don t have an open environment inside your company or country, these new tools will blow you wide open.
  4. 4. C ollaboration This revolution enables people to organize themselves within companies and societies into loosely coupled teams to take on any kind of challenges - from designing new products to taking down government.
  5. 5. I ndividualsIndividuals are able to reach around theglobe to start something or collaborateon something farther, faster, deeper,cheaper than ever before - asindividuals.
  6. 6. A lignment There has never been a more important time to have all your ships sailing in the same direction. The power of social media is that it s easier than ever to both articulate and reinforce, the vision and value that create and inspire alignment.
  7. 7. L eadershipLeadership in a SOCIAL world has to be amix of bottom-up and top-down. Leadersneed to inspire, enable, and empowereverything coming up from below in acompany or a social movement and thenedit and sculpt it with a vision from aboveinto a final product.