Salesforce1 World Tour London: Salesforce on Sales Excellence


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The secret is out! Join us to learn how we define and execute sales productivity programs inside, and around the world. Hear about our mobile-first approach and use of the latest technology for on-boarding and training, sales processes, and communication tactics. All powered by our own Salesforce products!

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Salesforce1 World Tour London: Salesforce on Sales Excellence

  1. 1. How Salesforce Drives Sales Excellence Cara-Lee Loganberg EMEADirector, Sales Enablement @Cloganberg Rebecca Jelinski UK Manager, Sales Enablement @RebeccaJelinski
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Why Sales Enablement? 3. Culture of Innovation 4. Success Methods 2. Addressing Challenges
  3. 3. Who is Sales Enablement?
  4. 4. Why Sales Enablement?
  5. 5. Transformation Never Stops Sales Process Contextual Collaboration Mobile Productivity Social Selling Learning Evolution
  6. 6. Sales Enablement is a Cross Company Initiative SALES VALUES Sales Reps Company Management Align with CEO Priorities Build Coaching Culture & Reporting Cadence Deliver Tools & Training = Drive Adoption
  7. 7. Exceeding Expectations Perception Reality
  8. 8. The First 120 Days: Timeline Day 1 Day 120 IT Setup HR Orientation Sales Enablement Intro Boot Camp Pre-Work Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Weeks1-16 Sales Enablement Group Sessions & 1:1s Sales Onboarding Progress 100%
  9. 9. Assuring Engagement & Adoption
  10. 10. Enabling Our Sales Leaders
  11. 11. 120 Day Sales Onboarding Plan
  12. 12. Culture of Continuous Learning & Improvement The Sales Cloud certification has quickly given me the confidence to meet with customers after only being in role for 2 weeks. Thank you! - UK Senior Account Executive
  13. 13. Sales Enablement Engagement Leveraging your extended team Opportunities & Activities Pricing, Quoting & Legal Reports & Dashboards Social & Mobile Productivity Validation £
  14. 14. Delivering Measuring & Successful Onboarding Sales Representative Sales Enablement Sales Leadership
  15. 15. Sales Enablement Value Sales Productivity is truly one of our secret ingredients.
  16. 16. “Mobile First” Chatter Tailoring the App for your Business
  17. 17. Our SUCCESS Formula Is Who We Are Seed and Grow Users Sell For You Compelling Demos Connect The Dots Experience Events Sell High & Through Show Them The Money S U C C E S S
  18. 18. Opportunity Process & Rigour
  19. 19. Productivity on the Road
  20. 20. My Team’s Top Deals Pipeline Stock: Coverage Pipeline Flow Pipeline Stock: Mix Team Territory Coverage Account Analysis Clean your Room My Team’s Meetings My Team’s Activities AE & Manager 1:1 CFL Insight for Sales
  21. 21. Why Invest In Sales Enablement ££ £
  22. 22. Guiding Principles 1. Work From Anywhere 2. Innovate 3. Measurement & Validation 4.Localise 5. Everything in Salesforce 1. Tailor the App 2. Embed All Sales Processes 3. Deploy Mobile 4. Rollout Chatter 5. Keep Your Internal Expert Up To Date Calls To Action
  23. 23. Thank You SuMo for Salesforce Questions? Find us outside