Salesforce1 World Tour London: Introducton to ExactTarget Marketing Cloud


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Marketing has undergone a massive transformation - companies are able to engage anytime, anywhere with every customer through the channels they use most - email, mobile, social and the web. Join us to hear how you can connect with your customers in entirely new ways with the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

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Salesforce1 World Tour London: Introducton to ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

  1. 1. Join Your Customers on a 1:1 Journey with the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
  2. 2. Welcome to the Internet of Customers Connect with your customers in a whole new way.
  3. 3. 58%Faster Deployment 5B Smartphones by 2017 Mobile 1T Connected Sensors Social 50B Connected Products Connected 4.5BAggregated Users A Whole New Way to Engage Customers Cloud
  4. 4. Connected Customers Web Store CommunityEmailSocialMobileProduct Stadium Connected Partners Connected Employees Connected Experiences In the Internet of Customers Companies Create 1:1 Experiences
  5. 5. Connected Customers Cloud Mobile Connected PartnersConnected Employees Connected Devices Connected Products Become a Customer Company Connect to the Internet of Customers Social
  6. 6. Your Customers      Cloud . Social . Mobile . Connected Sales Cloud Service Cloud ExactTarget Marketing Cloud AppExchange Salesforce1 Platform APIs Salesforce1 Mobile App Salesforce1 Platform Services Heroku1 ExactTarget Fuel Salesforce1: A New Customer Platform for the Future
  7. 7. Shared Customer Data Salesforce1 Customer Platform ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Sales Cloud + Pardot Service Cloud Sell to Businesses Market to Millions of Customers Service all of Your Customers +   Automated, Personalized Journeys •  Website •  Social Media •  Ads •  SMS/MMS •  Mobile Apps •  Email Sales & Lead Management •  Email Lead Nurturing •  Lead Management •  Opportunities & Forecasting B2B & B2C Customer Support •  Cases •  Knowledge Base •  Agent Console Build Customer Journeys Across Marketing, Sales and Services
  8. 8. The Platform for 1:1 Customer Journeys Build a single view of the customer Plan and Optimize the Customer Journey Deliver Personalized Content Across Every Channel and Device
  9. 9. Journeys Usually Start Like This… •  Welcome series •  Abandoned shopping cart •  Happy birthday •  On-boarding •  Mobile opt in •  Loyalty •  Receipts •  Order status
  10. 10. Journey Builder Puts Your Ideas in Motion Plan customer journeys using an intuitive drag and drop UI Personalize interactions every step of the way Optimize in real-time and track conversions against pre-set goals
  11. 11. “We need to proactively manage the customer journey from anonymous visitor to a buyer.”
  12. 12. Your Customers Are Turning to Social Channels
  13. 13. Brands listen for specific topics Engage with content & links Build personal relationships with customers Northern Trails Listens to and Engages Customers on Social Media
  14. 14. Deliver Personalized Experiences on Their Company Website Offer highly personalized product & content recommendations Guide customers through the entire shopping experience Automate thank you & loyalty programs
  15. 15. Turn Anonymous Browsers into Known Contacts Deliver engaging experiences, compelling content & mobile apps Capture email, browsing behavior, location & preferences Create a robust profile with personalized information
  16. 16. Drive Personalized Email and Mobile Messages Trigger personalized emails Ensure emails look great on desktop & mobile Re-engage with personalized communications that are triggered from web experiences, like an abandoned shopping cart.
  17. 17. Target Ads on Facebook and Twitter Create highly relevant content to continue engagement Follow up with email subscribers who do not click or open emails Target customers with 1:1 paid ads based on preferences & history
  18. 18. Send Location Based Messages Drive mobile commerce with in-app mobile alerts Trigger interactions exactly at the right place and right time Use templates to build campaigns quickly and easily
  19. 19. Personalize the In-Store Experience Get to know your customer through their social networks Recommend alternative products to items that are out of stock Inquire about past purchases to build loyalty Susie Marshall Susie Marshall 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19103
  20. 20. Send Purchase Receipts and SMS Alerts on Shipping Thank you for your order, Susan! Cross-sell using customer data preferences and history Maintain brand integrity with beautifully designed transactional messages Deliver automatically at the right time using multiple data sources
  21. 21. How it Works… Journey Builder Predictive Intelligence Manager Customer Data Platform
  22. 22. Retail/CPG Travel & Hospitality Communications & Media Internet & eCommerce Technology Financial Services & Insurance Powering Success in Every Industry
  23. 23. Demo: ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
  24. 24. Balint Sipos eCRM Marketing Executive Kaplan International
  25. 25. Thank You!