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Make Service Easy: Deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences


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Today’s customers want service on every channel and every device— anytime, anywhere. And they want their service experience with your company to be one thing: EFFORTLESS.

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Make Service Easy: Deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences

  1. 1. MAKE SERVICE EASYDELIVER FRICTIONLESS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES WITH A CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM A customer engagement platform makes it possible to deliver the frictionless experiences they expect by connecting your customer data, systems, and service channels. THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE LIFECYCLE BUILD A FOUNDATION FOR FUTURE SUCCESS MAKING EACH INTERACTION EFFORTLESS FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS ENABLES YOU TO CULTIVATE DEEPER RELATIONSHIPS. Customer loyalty can decrease by have said they would repurchase due to a low-effort experience (compared to 4% who said they would repurchase given a high-effort experience). United States adults spent 34 hours monthly, on average, using mobile Internet, versus 27 hours on PCs. 67% of consumers personally seek service knowledge online. 64% of smartphone owners shop on their devices online. say family/friend advice is most persuasive when looking for information about new products. 43% are much more likely to buy new products discovered on social media. are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications. Customer effort when companies strategically sequence an option within a range of SOURCES: The Effortless Experience (CEB),,,,,,,,,,,,, Leading on the Edge of Chaos: The 10 Critical Elements for Success in Volatile Times ADAPT TO A NEW CUSTOMER LANDSCAPE COMMUNICATE AND FOSTER RELATIONSHIPS Nurture the relationship continuously with your customers at each stage of the experience lifecycle, or they’ll leave you for another company that will. Customers evaluate and engage with a company in 5 stages of the customer experience lifecycle. Given the way mobile and social are changing customer behaviors across the lifecycle, you must evaluate the way you engage with them at each stage. A customer engagement platform will help you meet your customers' demands at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Make delivering service effortless for your agents and provide effortless service experiences for your customers by connecting your back-end systems, customer data, service agents, and customers on a single platform built for a social, mobile, and connected world. FRICTIONLESS, PERSONALIZED SERVICE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS—24/7, ON EVERY CHANNEL, AND ON EVERY DEVICE—IS ALREADY HAPPENING. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75%. following a poor service interaction. Companies that prioritize customer experience generate profits than their competitors. 55% DECREASES BY 55% 94% OF CUSTOMERS 42% OF SERVICE AGENTS Connect and empower your workforce with a customer engagement platform to drive customer satisfaction, improve Net Promoter Score, and reduce support costs. Discover how Salesforce Service Cloud can streamline your operations and transform service from a cost center to an opportunity center. Today’s customers want service on every channel and every device— anytime, anywhere. And they want their service experience with your company to be one thing: EFFORTLESS of customers feel more disloyal to companies that create high-effort experiences. HOW HAS YOUR COMPANY ADAPTED TO THESE CHANGES IN CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR? of unhappy customers never complain—91% simply leave and never come back. of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are treated. 70% 96% 400% 60% HIGHER 96% It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 unresolved negative experience. ALLOW FOR EFFORTLESS AND CONNECTED INTERACTIONS ACROSS ALL CUSTOMER TOUCH POINTS. DELIVER A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE, PROVIDING A SINGLE VIEW OF CUSTOMERS’ INTERACTION HISTORY IN ONE PLACE. MANAGE POST-PURCHASE ENGAGEMENT AND RETENTION BY LEVERAGING DATA INSIGHTS TO IDENTIFY NEXT-BEST SERVICE ACTIONS, NEXT-BEST OFFERS, AND RETENTION RISKS. 5 billion people will use smartphones by 2017. 47% of smartphone owners rely on their phones to learn more product information, and 36% read retail websites’ product reviews on their phones. ACTIVE EVALUATION, SHOPPING, AND BUYING2 AWARENESS OF PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND BRANDS1 34 HOURS 27 HOURS 77% BRAND ADVOCACY CHOICES BASED ON INITIAL PURCHASING EXPERIENCES3 SELF-SERVICE INFORMATION4 POST-PURCHASE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT AND RETENTION5 12:1