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Every decade a shift happens that compels companies to rethink every aspect of their IT strategy. Today, that shift is powered by mobile, social, and open technologies. Attend this session to hear how you can embrace these technologies to innovate and move faster than your competition. Learn how to build connected apps for the next generation of devices and bring your entire organisation closer to your customers, partners, and products.

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  • Welcome.Great show.Amazing time in the technology industryAmazing new platformtechnology with Salesforce1Three fantastic customers
  • Make smart decisions.
  • Key Takeaway:When a customer can take advantages of these connected devices, apps and products they can connect to their customers in a whole new way.ACTION: Provide relevant customer exampleTalk Track:And when we can connect everything together – the devices, the products, the apps, the people, we can connect with our customers in a whole new way. We call this the Internet of Customers. In the Internet of Customers, we have new opportunities for how we connect with our customers with the next generation of apps. One example of this is Caterpillar. Caterpillar has connected its heavy machinery to mobile apps so Caterpillar customers can better manage their equipment a construction site. They not only track and locate equipment, but they can optimize the management and maintenance of equipment.GE is another great example. GE has connected its jet engines to the Internet of Customers so their customers, engineers, and maintenance workers can all collaborate around data streaming out of a jet engine. It’s an amazing way to get a team of people on the same page, analyzing data and solving problems for customers. With connected jet engines, GE is able to improve its products and identify problems before they arise.And Stanley, Black and Decker has connected its Dewalt is electric drills to the Internet of Customers so their customer support agents can help troubleshoot problems with a product. And because the drills are GPS enabled, it gives their customers an easy way to track their tools when your brother in-law borrows your drill and forgets to return them. This is the Internet of Customers, and it’s changing how we connect.
  • And the magic that brings you closer to your customers and your employees and your partners. Are apps. Apps are what connect your internet of customers.There’s been an explosion of apps in the past few years.But if the apps your building don’t get you closer to your customers by giving them what they want or helping your employees or partners service those customers better. Than you’ve missed the whole point.And what’s really powerful is that when it’s done right, you can build apps that make customers happy, that also push insight to employees, that makes them more efficient, which leads to happier customers….then you’ve architected a virtuous circle. A cycle that will lead you on the path to growth.
  • One of the big shifts is that this word of apps has changed. Even the word has changed. We’ve gone from applications to apps.Apps have gone from systems of record, to systems of engagement.Everything has gottten more personal, and the apps are now far more useful to the end user.We’ve gone from…Managing data to managing relationshipsFrom anonomous interactions, to knowning more and more about the people we do business withFrom one-way blasts of information and transaction to actual dialogues powered by technology and connected experiences across multiple touch points.This is the new reality. And this is why it’s such an exciting time to be building apps. It’s a whole new paradigm.
  • Key Takeaway:The connection between customers, businesses, partners, employees etc is facilitated by apps. Talk Track:Every company is in transformation and that transformation is being power by next gen apps. When your apps give each audience a view into the same data model, you can build extremely powerful connections to your customers. Customer companies have begun building apps for connected products. By connecting your products to your employees, your customers, and social networks, you can better service your customers. You can use product data for maintenance, marketing promotions, and sales opportunities.Customer companies use apps built for connected customers to make every interaction with their customers more meaningful. More apps mean more touch points and more data on your customers’ needs. Customer companies are using apps to stay connected with their partners, distributors, and suppliers so they can share customer information and better sell and service customers.Customer companies are not only connecting their customers, they are connecting employees together so they collaborate around customer accounts, problems, and ideas. Connected employees can solve problems faster and leverage expertise across your company.
  • The reality is that if you’re building apps on legacy technology platforms and not with a cloud platform like ours, there are a number of extra steps you have to take to bring your app to market. And these things all take significant time. 7 out of the 8 months spent building enterprise apps on legacy platforms are spent building back-end services that you get out of the box with salesforce. You need to:Buy & set up hardwareInstall complex softwareDefine user accessSetup reporting & analyticsBuild & test securityMake it mobile and socialBuild your app
  • All of those services come out of the box with salesforce which saves you valuable time and brings your ideas to life faster.
  • It needs to take advantage of this new world -- of the world of social and mobile and cloud and the new world of connected devices, and it needs to be built for each of the five constituents that are so important. We need to build it for the developers, the ISVs, the end users, the administrators, and we have to build it for the customers.
  • Salesforce1 Platform: Build Amazing Apps. Connect Everything.

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    4. 4. In the Internet of Customers, Apps Connect Everything Connected Products Connected Customers Connected Partners Connected Employees Connected Employee s Customer
    5. 5. Systems of Engagement Manage Data Anonymous One-Way Relationships Independent Transactions Mass Marketing Systems of Record Manage Relationships Known Two-Way Relationship Connected Experiences 1:1
    6. 6. Salesforce1 Platform: Accelerating Development of Connected Apps Connected Employees Connected Products Social Mobile Cloud Connected Partners Connected Customers
    7. 7. The Salesforce1 Platform Salesforce1 Platform APIs Salesforce1 Mobile App Heroku ExactTarget Fuel Sales Cloud Service Cloud Marketing Cloud AppExchange Salesforce1 Platform Services Custom Employee Apps Customer Apps Connecting the next generation of apps, devices, and customers
    8. 8. It Takes Too Long to Build Apps on Legacy Platforms Idea buy & setup hardware install complex software define user access build & test security make it mobile & social setup reporting & analytics build app App
    9. 9. Salesforce Platform is the Fastest Path from Idea to App AppIdea build app Idea buy & setup hardware install complex software define user access build & test security make it mobile & social setup reporting & analytics build app App
    10. 10. More APIs and New Platform Services to Help You Build Apps Fast Chatter Multi- language Translation Workbench Email Service s Analytic s Cloud Database Scheem a Builder Search Visualforce 1 Monitoring Multi-tenant Infrastructure Apex Data- level Security Workflows Social APIs Analytic s APIs Bulk APIs Rest APIs Metadata APIs Soap APIs Private App Exchange Custom Actions Identity Mobile Notification s Tooling APIs Developer Mobile Packs Mobile SDK Offline Support Streamin g APIs Geolocatio n ET 1:1 ET fuel Heroku1 Heroku Add-Ons Sharing Model ET API APIs Mobile Services Core Services Open Extensible Public
    11. 11. Programmatic Development Multi-tenant infrastructure Visual Development Salesforce1 Platform: Loved by Developers AND Business User
    12. 12. Multi-tenant Infrastructure Unbreakable Customisations Automatic Upgrades 6BLines of Apex Code 500M API Calls Per Day, 28 Versions 15MCustom Database Tables 12M Visualforce Pages Integrations and Customisations Auto-Upgraded 42 Major Releases Single Code Base and Shared Infrastructure Focus on Innovation with a Future-Proof Cloud Platform
    13. 13. What Are Customers Building with the Salesforce1 Platform? Connected Everything Automate Processes with Employee Apps Build Innovative Customer Apps 1 2 3
    14. 14. A New Platform Designed for Everyone Publish Next Gen Apps ISVs Peter Gassner Veeva Manage Salesforce from Anywhere Experience Salesforce1 on Any Device Neil Kamireddy Trunk Club Admins Build Next Gen Apps Developers Geetha Vallabhaneni Luminix Connect with Customers in a Whole New Way Mariam Naficy Minted End Users Every Customer Your Customers
    15. 15. Focus on Innovation with Salesforce1 Platform Legacy Platforms Focus on Infrastructure Salesforce1 Platform Focus on Innovation Infrastructure Governance Innovation
    16. 16. Healthcare Education Science Manufacturing Next Gen Enterprises are Transforming Entire Industries with Cloud Platforms
    17. 17. In the Internet of Customers, Apps Connect Everything Connected Products Connected Customers Connected Partners Connected Employees Connected Employees Customers