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Salesforce Success Community IdeaExchange Best Practices


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The IdeaExchange leverages the power of YOU, our user community. You can suggest new product enhancements,
vote and comment on your favorites, and interact with Product Managers and other customers. This is the one stop forum for all innovation requests.

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Salesforce Success Community IdeaExchange Best Practices

  1. 1.   Salesforce  Success  Community:  IdeaExchange  Best  Practices   The  IdeaExchange  leverages  the  power  of  YOU,  our  user  community.    You  can  suggest  new  product  enhancements,     vote  and  comment  on  your  favorites,  and  interact  with  Product  Managers  and  other  customers.    This  is  the  one  stop  forum  for   all  innovation  requests.   TIPS  FOR  ENGAGING  ON  THE  IDEAEXCHANGE   Search  First:  With  our  vibrant  and  ever  growing  community,  please  search  to  see  if  another  member  has  already  posted  your   Idea.  Use  the  search  box  on  the  top  of  the  page  to  see  if  a  matching  Idea  already  exists.   Submit  an  idea:  If  you’ve  searched  and  not  found  an  idea  like  yours,  time  to  submit  it.  To  submit  a  brand  new  Idea,  click  the   "Post  Idea"  button.  Then  enter  a  clear  and  descriptive  Idea  title  and  description,  and  choose  one  category  that  relates  to  your   request.  Optionally,  add  an  image  to  your  Idea  to  better  convey  your  concept.     Choosing  your  Idea  Categories:    Categories  reflect  the  major  areas  of  the  Salesforce  product  and  service  offerings.  Placing  your   Idea  into  the  appropriate  category  will  make  it  easier  for  other  customers  and  our  product  management  team  to  locate  and   report  on.   Vote  and  Comment  on  your  favorite  Idea:  Do  you  have  a  favorite  Idea  that  you  are  passionate  about?  Then  make  sure  to  vote   for  it.    Popularity  of  an  idea  is  a  function  of  the  number  of  times  the  Idea  has  been  promoted  and  commented  on.  Your   comment  on  why  this  Idea  is  important  to  your  company  helps  our  Product  Owners  to  design  the  feature.       IDEAEXCHANGE  TERMINOLOGY The  IdeaExchange  depends  on  statuses  to  inform  our  community  and  company  as  to  the  state  of  each  Idea.  Here’s  a  definition   of  each  status  on  the  IdeaExchange:   Under  Consideration  indicates  that  the  Product  Development  team  is  currently  considering  the  Idea.     Coming  in  the  Next  Release  indicates  that  the  Idea  is  planned  to  be  delivered  in  the  upcoming  release  as  “generally  available”   or  Pilot/Beta.       Delivered  means  that  an  Idea  has  been  implemented  into  our  product  and  available  in  the  current  release.     Partially  Implemented  indicates  that  some  portion  of  an  Idea,  but  not  in  its  entirety,  has  been  released.     Existing  feature  refers  to  a  feature  that  is  already  part  of  the  existing  feature  set  that  is  available  to  all  customers.     AppExchange  Solutions  Available  is  when  there  is  a  workaround  available  via  a  Partner  Solution.    This  solution  is  downloadable   from  the  AppExchange.     Pilot/Beta  means  that  the  particular  Idea  is  being  released  as  a  Pilot  or  Beta  feature  in  the  coming  release     Not  Planned  is  associated  to  those  Ideas  that  are  currently  not  on  the  roadmap     BEHIND  THE  SCENES Know  your  PMs:  Our  product  management  team  monitors  the  IdeaExchange  to  understand  which  Ideas  are  most  important   and  relevant  to  you.  We  take  your  Ideas  seriously  when  planning  future  releases.  Our  product  managers  will  appear  on  the   IdeaExchange  to  chime  in  on  an  ongoing  discussion  or  ask  for  input  on  an  idea  of  their  own.     IdeaExchange  Program  Manager:    When  in  doubt,  reach  out  to  the  IdeaExchange  Program  Manager,  Meena  Muthukumar   (  if  you  have  any  questions  or  concerns.  She  is  here  to  listen  to  you  and  help  you  get  your   questions  answered.  
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