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Salesforce and Cap Gemini share their knowledge on how to create more relevant interaction with your customers to increase customer loyalty. Central theme is the usage of social media, to get a better insight on your customer and to make your relationship with them more personal and relevant. With a customer case, knowledge about retail and a demo, you will get insight in how Cap Gemini and salesforce can help you and your company.

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  • Collectively, the shift to social, mobile, and cloud computing have given companies entirely new ways to connect to customers. These computing shifts have given birth to major technology revolutions that change how we can connect to customers.Let me walk you through how the shift to social, mobile, big data, community, software & trust are revolutions are changing how we connect with customers.First, Social has given us new ways connect and share. Over 150 Million conversations about companies are happening every day in social media. Your prospects and customers are out there talking.Mobile has given us new ways to interact with our devices and apps on tablets, smartphones, and even desktops and TVs. For sales people, this provides new, easy ways of accessing data to be more productive. These devices are also local aware, we know now exactly where our customers are. We can respond with targeted ads and offers on their devices. For example, Caesar’s Palace casino built their high-rollers and app that delivers targeted offers to their customers based on location. So if a high roller walks into a competing casino, they automatically receive an offer for $1,000 of free chips if they come back to Caesars. That’s local intelligence.With Big Data & Analytics – we can track and analyze more and more customer data to make sense of what our customers are doing. For example, GE tracks maintenance data in its jet engines in real time so they can make recommendations on when and how to service them before the airline even knows.And customers want to join and be part of a community. They want to share with each other. GE created a community of CFOs from mid-market companies on Salesforce called GE Access. It’s a place CFOs can share ideas and best practices to learn from other customers, from GE, and experts in the industry. Today, companies communicate with customers through applications. Mobile apps, web apps, Facebooks apps, etc. Everything is an app. Even your car has apps in it. Every company needs to deliver great apps. And successful companies are using cloud platforms to build these apps.When you add all of these things up, this customer revolution is also a trust revolution because when you combine greater access and information (privacy, identity, money) on your customers, it must be built on trust.And you do all of this in the cloud. It connects everything. You don’t need servers or data centers to connect anymore.
  • Bridge MS message on Consumer Technology Trends to how this is being used by shoppers in their journeys… (in order to introduce the all-channel journey-concept)
  • So therelevancy model statesclearlythatyouneed to makestrategicchoices: where to dominate, where to differentiate, and where to be at par. Butmaking the right choicehere, meansthatyouthoroughlyneed to understandyourcustomers.
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  • Salesforce for Retail: Become a connected store

    1. 1. How to become a connected store?Andries OskamAccount Executive
    2. 2. Cloud ComputingNew ways to connect everythingNew Ways To Connect With CustomersSocialNew ways toconnectTrustNew ways tobuild relationshipsMobileNew ways to reachcustomersBig DataNew ways todiscover insightCommunityNew ways tocollaborateAppsNew ways to buildapps
    3. 3. All-ChannelExperienceBeing Relevantto Digital Shoppers in RetailKees JacobsRotterdam, 18 June 2013
    4. 4. 4© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Customers are not loyal to a single channel but to anexperience across channels !
    5. 5. 5© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Digital Shoppers* Weave In and Out of Multiple ChannelsDuring the “All-Channel Shopping Journey”(*) shoppers who use one or more digital channels in one or more phases of their journey
    6. 6. 6© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Retailers can benefit from thesynergetic convergence of physical and digital+ =Online CommunicationSocial MediaDirect MailingLoyalty ProgramsOnline ServiceseCommercesCommercemCommerceCustomer ServiceIn-store MediaClubsSustainableProfit ↑SustainableRevenue ↑SustainableCost ↓StoreConversion↑DigitalChannelConversion↑CustomerSatisfaction(NPS) ↑FulfilmentCost ↓IT Cost ↓ChannelCost ↓
    7. 7. 7© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Retailers can benefit from thesynergetic convergence of physical and digitalSustainableProfit ↑SustainableRevenue ↑SustainableCost ↓StoreConversion↑DigitalChannelConversion↑CustomerSatisfaction(NPS) ↑FulfilmentCost ↓IT Cost ↓ChannelCost ↓RoPoNew MetricsResearch PurchaseOffline OfflineOnline Online
    8. 8. 8© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013But: there is no „one-type‟ of digital shoppers - it‟s important tounderstand different types of Digital Shopping Behavior4. Rational Online Shoppers 5. Digital Shopaholics 6. Social Digital Shoppers1. Techno-Shy Shoppers 2. Value Seekers 3. Occasional Online ShoppersSource: Capgemini, Digital Shopper Relevancy, 2012
    9. 9. 9© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Why do shoppers make the choices that they make, and how is thischanging because of digital channels ?
    10. 10. 10© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Access Experience Price Product ServiceFriendly and cleanstoreEasy to reach storesEasy to navigatestoresCompellingpromotionsFreshness/ QualityMaximum openinghoursAvailability(no stock-outs)No damaged goodsin storeInspirationalAtmosphereCustomer ServiceComplaintshandling /return policyLoyalty programWide and deepassortmentCompetitive pricingTraditionalRelevancyCriteria forPhysical Channels“BetterStuff, BetterLife”“Making itEasy forYou”“LoweringYour costs ““All AboutYourExperience”“Whatever ittakes forYou”Dynamic PricingMobile in-storeShopping supportAdvanced /visualized productinformation and(usage) adviceProductComparisone-Commerce(mobile, social, web)Flexible delivery-options (home, store-pick-upetc.)PersonalizedPricingAdditionalRelevancyCriteria forDigital ChannelsPersonalized offersTechnology-enabled staff –support in-storeInteractive servicevia digital channels(e.g. click-to-chat,social media)Wider and deeperassortmentSolution PricingInspirationalContentCommunityengagements(shareexperiences)Social ShoppingLocation-basedpricingPriceComparisonIllustrativeDigital Shopper Relevancy is about understanding shopper needsand perceptions across 5 Key Attributes
    11. 11. 11© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013How can you be most relevant to digital shoppers?Successful companies dominate on one attribute, differentiate on a second and competeat parity on the remaining three43 353Access Experience Price Product Service2. Differentiate on a compatiblevalue attribute3. Maintain parity on others1. Dominate on one value attributeIllustrative
    12. 12. 12© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Example: Burberry353 34Access Experience Price Product ServiceDifferentiate on SERVICEOn par with competition on the restDominate on EXPERIENCE
    13. 13. 13© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Example: BurberryVideo Burberry
    14. 14. 14© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Interactive, Personalised Website Dynamic audiovisual content to engage,entertain, and interact with customers Online luxury shopping experience throughpersonalized customer service Click to Chat and Click to Call in real timeLive-Streaming Live streaming of fashion shows directly to flagshipstores Streaming of shows in 3D in five countries Autumn/Winter womenswear showon the video screens in Piccadilly CircusDigital Stores In-store Retail Theatre technology forunrivalled audiovisual experience forcustomers in stores iPads introduced inselected stores globally Consistent messages to customersacross all mediumsSocial Media Campaigns Youtube and Facebook campaigns forBurberry Body fragrance Own social-mediasite, Brand promotion onChinese social media sites Country-specific Twitter accounts 8.7 million Facebook fansand nearly 600,000 twitterfollowers More than 11 million pageviews on the groups socialmedia site artofthetrench.comSource: Capgemini Consulting-MIT Analysis; CompanyWebsites; Online News Sources1 1 11% growth in store sales canbe attributed in large part toongoing investment in multi-channel customer engagement22 Spring/Summerwomen’s-wear show, watchedby over one million peopleacross more than 180countries334 250,000 signed up to receivefree samples of Burberry Body4Example: Burberry
    15. 15. 15© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013There are different mechanics across all channels to dominate and todifferentiate at the Moments of Truths in your customers shopping journeysConvenienceGeo-LocationFlash SalesSelect Mechanics to Enable Moments of TruthFlexible Deliveryand ReturnsClientelingPersonalisationRich andEngagingContentSoLoMo*AugmentedRealityLoyalty andRewardsDigital KiosksMobilePayments/CheckoutIn-StoreNavigationPriceMatch/DynamicPricingGamificationSoLoMo: Integration of social, local, and mobile
    16. 16. 16© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013It’s all about organising yourself around your customerJenny SmithSMS: I’m 10 minutesaway Mrs Smith!
    17. 17. 17© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013CustomerManaging a personal andrelevant dialogue withindividual customersContentManaging high-qualityand rich inspirationalcontent across allchannels and touchpointsSingle View of DataUsing the same set of realtime (internal and external) data for all strategic, tactical and operational activitiesDemand Driven Business OperationsCustomer Channel PropositionSeamless convergence of physical and digital channels offering a relevant and personalised experience across all relevant touchpointsCommerceManaging maximised salesconversion leveragingoptimal merchandisingand pricing across allchannelsFulfilmentEfficiently deliveringthe orders across allchannels at thelocation and time yourcustomers preferPerformanceOptimising theperformance of yourbusiness across allchannelsPeople ProcessTechnologyManaginginvolved andmotivated staffwith relevantperformancerewardsOrchestratingdynamic, front-end ITsolutions integrated with acost-effective , reliable ITfoundationManagingstreamlined andcustomer-focussedways of workingacross the companyAll-Channel Experience requires a well-balanced set ofnew and integrated Retail Businesses and IT Capabilities
    18. 18. 18© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Capability Example: Mobile CRM to ultra target consumersClick-to-mobile web.Location and Place targeting• Campaign by JC Penney targettingpeople less then 3 miles awayTime of dayCampaign for Yoplait . Only between12h en 14hActivity & Demographics• Campaign for Greygoose only targetted at 21+years who just leave a discoWeather dependent• Coca Cola Light only in the afternoon when thetemperature rises above 25 degrees.BrandingCoupons (discounts à laFoursquare + discounts onhotels, rental cars etc.)Click-to-callClick-to-VideoStore FinderSMSContent and Interest targeting• The users of Brightkite can subscibe to certainevents (sports, music)• Campaign for CoverGirl only for womensubscribed to Beauty TipsReal World Behavioral targeting• Campaign for Pantène for women at the hair dresserButthis requires significantchangesin customerintelligence,propositions,commercialand operating models!
    19. 19. 19© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Capability Example: Social Media monitoring and engagement19Filter out theNoiseRespondtoCustomerScenario-basedPriorities andResponseSelectionClientSME12 4 51. Collect Data/Conversations2. Filter out Noise3. Identifytypes of conversation4. Build scenario based response model5. Implementmodel6. Continuous improvementcycle for responses withSMEs.Social Media RespondHigh Level ProcessIdentify andClassifyConversations36 Filter the Noise Gather High-LevelSentimentsLeverage Identified OpportunitiesInfluence CustomerBehavior andDrive Outcomes: Improvethe Customer Experience Increase Revenue Lower Cost Filterthe Noise Gather High-Level Sentiments IdentifyKey Influencers UnderstandRoot CausesLISTENANALYZEENGAGEWhatare the hottopics oftheday?How is sentimentchanging overtime?Who is sayingwhataboutus?Whatis being saidaboutourcompetitors?Is the volume ofchattersignificant?Whatare futureissues?
    20. 20. 20© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Capability Example: Agile IT solutionsSingle View of Dat a
    21. 21. 21© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013New breed of IT Solutions: „born in the cloud‟Business is Socialfor RetailListen &EngageConsumerMobileAppsCollaborateCustomerServiceSocialShopppingStoreOperationsMarketing &LoyaltySupply Chain/FinancialsSocialClienteling
    22. 22. The information contained in this presentation is proprietary.It is for Capgemini internal use only.Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini.© 2012 Capgemini. All rights reserved.www.capgemini.comAbout CapgeminiWith more than 120,000 people in 40 countries, Capgemini is oneof the worlds foremost providers of consulting, technology andoutsourcing services. The Group reported 2011 global revenuesof EUR 9.7 billion.Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and deliversbusiness and technology solutions that fit their needs and drivethe results they want. A deeply multiculturalorganization, Capgemini has developed its own way ofworking, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, and draws onRightshore ®, its worldwide delivery model.
    23. 23. 25© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Demonstration
    24. 24. 26© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013Q & A
    25. 25. 27© 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.All-Channel Experience | May 2013