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Slide deck from Salesforce Essentials UK Roadshow - June 2013. Become a Customer Company. Connect to Your Customers in a Whole New Way.

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  • Hello, my name is ____. I am going to take you on a journey and show you how to become a customer company. I want to show you how to connect with your customers in a whole new way.To do this, I am going to tell you a little about, and then I am going to show how our customers are making a transformation in their business using social, mobile and cloud technologies to connect better with their customers.
  • Before I begin, just a word from our lawyers.  This is our safe harbor statement which if you cannot read, you can find on our website.  Any purchasing decisions you make should be made based on currently available technology.
  • The question is: How do you become a customer company?
  • When you harness these revolutions, you can become a customer company and connect with customers in a whole new way.Customer companies are not only connecting their customers, they are connecting employees together so they collaborate around customer accounts, problems, and ideas. Connected employees can solve problems faster and leverage expertise across your company.Customer companies are also connected with their partners, distributors, and suppliers so they can share customer information and better sell and service customers.Customer companies even have connected products. By connecting your products to your employees, your customers, and social networks, you can better service your customers. You can use product data for maintenance, marketing promotions, and sales opportunities.This is what a customer company looks like. You need to be more deeply integrated with your customers than ever before because that’s what they want, and it’s more possible and more exciting today than it ever was before.
  • For fourteen years, has been a driver for enterprise cloud computing.With cloud computing, we are helping the world shift from mainframe and client-server to cloud computing.Cloud computing is a delivery model that allows you to access any application over the Internet. It provides enterprises the fastest path to success. Unlike client server and mainframe, you don’t have to buy or manage hardware, software or infrastructure. With a subscription model, you pay fixed predictable monthly payments with no large, upfront capital expenditures. And with automatic upgrades, we automatically upgrade you three times a year. These means that you are always getting the latest innovation so you can focus on your business, not technology.
  • Enterprise cloud computing is fast, easy, open, flexible, and trustedfor every sized business.Let me explain how…Fast: the cloud doesn’t require you to install or configure any hardware or software.Easy: the cloud allows easy upgrades and has a pay as you go subscription model. Open: the cloud means that all of your applications are immediately accessible on any device, and your logic is portable.Flexible: the cloud includes a app marketplace that allows you to extend your applications using third party applications that you can add on to your deployments to make them even more effectiveEveryone: the cloud scales with your business, making it affordable for the smallest of businesses, but also for the largest enterprises.
  • Our customers have responded to our offerings with lots of enthusiasm. Our customers and their success have propelled us to be the #1 enterprise cloud computing vendor according to IDC and Gartner.And while we’re excited about our business momentum, our ongoing focus is grounded on a firm commitment to innovation and leadership. This is why in addition to being pleased with industry analyst recognition from IDC and Gartner, we’re particularly excited to be cited by Forbes Magazine as the world’s most innovative company for two years in a row.
  • Now, has always been about a new technology model and a new business model, but we've also created a new philanthropic model. This model is a 1:1:1 model where we give 1% of our equity, employees time, and product to non-profits.Our 1:1:1 model has been so successful that companies like Google have also adopted it.We’ve given over 400,000 hours of community service, $40 million in grants have come out of the foundation, and 16,000 non‑profits use our product for free.Personally, I am involved in…
  • We love our industry. We love our industry because it's constantly changing, it's constantly evolving. And look at this. [Click]
  • Every decade brings a major revolution in computing.We’ve seen the world shift from mainframe, mini, and client-server computing systems to cloud computing in the 1990’s. Companies like Amazon and Google, led the way in cloud computing and enabled companies like to bring cloud computing to the enterprise. In the 2000’s, we saw a groundswell of activity insocial media and social networking technologies. We saw how people are connecting with other people on Facebook, or connecting with jobs on LinkedIn, You see it in how people are getting educated and finding out what’s most important to them by who they follow and the lists they subscribe to on Twitter. We call this the social revolution. But social was just a start.Today, we are seeing a major shift in how people access information from the cloud and how they share with social applications. Today, everything happens on mobile devices. Mobile is no longer a ‘nice to have.’ It is now a ‘must have,’ and not just for consumers but for businesspeople as well. Let’s look at how these transformations are changing the way people communicate, collaborate and share.
  • Collectively, the shift to social, mobile, and cloud computing have given companies entirely new ways to connect to customers. These computing shifts have given birth to major technology revolutions that change how we can connect to customers.Let me walk you through how the shift to social, mobile, big data, community, apps, trust, and cloud are revolutions are changing how we connect with customers.
  • With 4.5 billion people connected to social networks today, social has become the new way for sharing what we are doing and what we care about in our personal lives. And for businesses, there are over 150 million daily conversions happening that are related to products and companies. People are talking about your products and your company. This is how your brand is being created. You need to be able to connect with these customers.Companies like Coca-cola recognize this and use social media to engage with customers. Coca-cola has built facebook apps, mobile apps, games and all kinds of apps to engage customers. Coca-cola has over 50 million fans on Facebook today.
  • Secondly, how people connect and interact is changing, too. Today, people use touch apps to access what they need. Touch apps makes it easy and intuitive to find information literally at the swipe of a finger. For many companies like Kimberly Clark, they let their customers sign contracts right on a tablet device. It’s amazing. For a sales person, it’s a simple and fast way to get contracts completed.And every mobile device is location-enabled. It revolutionizes how companies can interact with customers. By using this technology, companies can know exactly where their customers are at any given time if they are using your mobile apps. Smart companies use mobile apps to deliver targeted promotions to customers and relevant information to employees at the right time.For example, Caesar’s Palace Casino, a customer, delivers targeted promotions to its high rollers. When a high roller enters a competing casino, Caesars can deliver the high roller a promotions for $1,000 in free chips if they come back to Caesars. That’s local intelligence.
  • All this data from mobile devices, touch applications, and social apps creates an enormous opportunity to gather more insight about customers. The key is being able to find the insight and take action.GE Aviation is a great example of this. GE gathers maintenance data from its jet engines to make decisions on service issues for the engines. By sharing this information across GE engineers, maintenance people, and the airlines, they provide proactive customer service. This is important for GE because service is their most profitable part of their business. Understanding big data, gives GE a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Connecting with customers, though, is more than just big data, it’s about connecting people. Your customers want to be a part of a community. They want to hear from other customers. They want to share with your employees their ideas and questions. Communities give opportunities for experts to share their advice and for people to build relationships. You need to open up your company to create a community. With communities, customers and employees can collaborate together to solve problems and brainstorm on ideas.The World Economic Forum is a good example of a global community. The WEF has created a community of business leaders around the world that collaborate on critical world issues. In their community and the associated groups, world leaders can brainstorm on ideas, offer suggestions, and build momentum from dispersed areas around the world. It’s been a huge success for the World Economic Forum as they try to continue global collaboration beyond physical meetings.
  • A critical component for connecting with customers today in communities, on mobile devices, and on social networks, is building the applications that customers use to connect with you. Today, every company is becoming an apps company. Apps are changing the way we do just about everything and is the #1 way to connect and interact with your customers. Apps, and in particular, mobile apps are an amazing way to connect to customers because you can reach them wherever they are. In the store, on the road, at the airport, in your hotel are all places that companies can provide relevant promotions, sales, or service interactions with customers. And customer love it. There’s nothing like having an app that knows what you want and can help you get what you want immediately.
  • You can’t have any of this: community, mobile, apps, social – you can’t have any of these revolutions without the cloud. The cloud provides a single place for all the data and applications to reside. And the best part about it is that you don’t have to manage any of it today. Companies like will manage the data center for you. That’s why is a $111 billion industry growing faster than any other part of technology.
  • When you add all of these things up, this customer revolution is also a trust revolution because when you combine greater access and information (privacy, identity, money) on your customers, it must be built on trust. Customers are more than just numbers or accounts, they are unique human beings with a distinct set of needs. You must build a relationship on equal terms and they expect to be at the center of your world.
  • Today, your customers, your employees, your partners are connecting by taking advantage of these revolutions. They are using mobile, touch devices, they are on social networks, participating in communities. But what about your company? Are you connected? Are your products connected? Are your back-end systems connected to this new world? Do you have all the information your sales, service, and marketing employees need, all connected in the cloud?Most companies don’t.
  • When you harness these revolutions, you can become a customer company and connect with customers in a whole new way.Customer companies are not only connecting their customers, they are connecting employees together so they collaborate around customer accounts, problems, and ideas. Connected employees can solve problems faster and leverage expertise across your company.Customer companies are also connected with their partners, distributors, and suppliers so they can share customer information and better sell and service customers.Customer companies even have connected products. By connecting your products to your employees, your customers, and social networks, you can better service your customers. You can use product data for maintenance, marketing promotions, and sales opportunities.This is what a customer company looks like. You need to be more deeply integrated with your customers than ever before because that’s what they want, and it’s more possible and more exciting today than it ever was before.
  • Based on the success of our customers, we see five key steps in becoming a customer company. You don’t have to do these in any particular order, but they do build on each other, so the more you do, the more successful you are.Now, let me walk you through each of these steps and explain in some detail what I mean.
  • Of course, it’s critical that once you’ve listened and engaged with customers, that you close business with them. Sales today is a team sport, the most successful sales people today leverage their entire company to close deals. They create private communities to collaborate with product experts, finance, and executives across the company on their deals. For example, Trunk Club leverages the sales cloud to collaborate across their company in real-time. Every interaction with a customer is tracked right inside of Salesforce so stylists can leverage previous insight, social conversations, purchases, returns & even customer sizing charts to deliver an awesome experience. In contrast, if you walk into a major department store, one that you have visited hundreds of times before, will likely have no idea who you are.Trunk Club Video: Additional story: NBC sells as a team across all its media properties. For NBC, it’s easy for their account executives to sell an ad on Mad Money or CNBC because they are full visibility across these properties in Salesforce, and they can collaborate across their company using Chatter. For NBC, it’s easier and faster to close business because they sell as a team.
  • With the popularity of Facebook & Twitter and the explosion of mobile devices, the world is shifting to social collaboration with feeds, profiles, and new ways to share. This is transforming the way that we work & collaborate among employees and with customers. Today at work, employees except the next generation of collaboration.Salesforce Chatter is the #1 enterprise social collaboration application, letting you safely and securely manage private social networks for your employees, customers and partners. You can share feeds, files, and collaboration across your business.GE Capital is a great example of a customer that has built a partner and customer community called GE Access. GE Access, that you can see here on this screen shot is a community of CFOs from mid-market companies that share information with each other about their industry that helps them with questions and new ideas. GE Access has been a huge hit for GE, helping them build deeper relationships with their customers and partners.GE Video:
  • Okay, you’ve closed the sale, what’s next? You need to help service your customers and turn them into evangelists for your company. They have questions about your products and today those questions might come through your website, a mobile app, Twitter, or from your products or services. You need to service your customers everywhere, across all these channels. Companies that do this well, in real-time, create lifetime relationships with their customers and deliver superior customer service.The Salesforce Service Cloud is the #1 customer service and support application in the marketing today. It helps customers resolve customer issues faster, while provide consistent customer experiences across service channels.For example, Activision is really delivering amazing customer service through the use of the Service Cloud. Customers can not only ask for help right inside of Call of Duty, but can also engage with Activision employees and other gamers through a custom community, through social networks or just about any channel, Activision manages it all from one place. They are now able to resolve 60,000 cases per month and have achieved a 36% increase in customer satisfaction.Salesforce customers that provide these types of experiences are improving customer satisfaction by an average of 37% according to third party research.Activision video:
  • First, becoming a customer company means that you need to market to customers wherever they may be. This is more difficult than ever before because there are so many conversations happening in social media and customers are heavily relying on mobile devices. Your customers are out there talking about you and your products. You need to listen and join the conversation. You need to publish content that is relevant and engaging and you need to be able to promote that content using insight from across your business. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the #1 Social Marketing Application in the industry today. It helps you listen, publish and advertise on social channels. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can improve how you listen and engage with customers and improve how well you monitor your brand.For example, there is no better way to listen to your customers than by building a social media command center. Customers like Dell, Gatorade, and Chase have all done this, even events like CES and the World Economic Forum. And, they are not only listening, but they are engaging with these customers and responding to their questions and comments. For the end customers, it is sometimes surprising when a Tweet to a company is actually answered, but it is also important to let them know that you are listening.
  • In order to truly become a customer company, you need a customer platform. A platform in which sales, service, marketing & applications, even products can leverage shared customer data and processes. A platform that is easy to build applications that connect customers and employees in new ways. The Salesforce Platform is the #1 Customer Cloud Platform, letting you manage all your customer data and applications in one place. With the Salesforce Platform, you can easily build and customize applications for your business. makes it fast to build employee apps, Heroku is ideal for customer apps, and with the AppExchange, our enterprise marketplace for partner applications, you can pick any application for your business.Burberry is a great example of a company taking advantage of the Salesforce Platform. Burberry is “blurring the lines between mobile, physical and digital” by delivering a consistent experience across the web, social, service and in the store. Their store associates have touch devices that they can use to look up customer accounts using a clienteling app from Salesforce that helps them manage all their customer data in the cloud. With this app, the store associate has the same information that the website and call center all have about customers. They are even enabling connected products, like RFID tags in their coats and handbags, when you pick up a garment, you can see where and how it is made, the craftsmanship and history.Burberry video:
  • The Salesforce Platform lets you not only manage all your customer data and processes in one place, but it also lets you build the next generation of applications that will help you connect your employees, customers, partners, and is the fastest way to build applications that can be deployed on any device. Any business analyst or programmer can build and deploy apps instantly. And has collaboration built into it, so every app can meet the needs of today’s social world.Heroku lets you build apps in your choice of language: Ruby, Java, Node.js, Clojure, Python and Scala. And of course, just like, it all runs in the cloud.With the AppExchange, you can extend your success in the cloud even more. The AppExchange is the leading apps marketplace for business applications. With the AppExchange, companies can instantly deploy apps for project management, ERP, and accounting.
  • To deliver the next generation of social and mobile computing in the cloud, we've completely rebuilt our architecture. We offer applications for sales, service, marketing and our AppExchange marketplace for partner applications. All of these applications use Chatter for social collaboration, for sales performance management and are supported with customer and account data in or course, it all runs on the Salesforce Platform with, Heroku, and communities. All of it runs in the cloud, with social and mobile capabilities built into every application. It's an incredible new vision for all of you and we're really delighted that you have inspired us to this incredible new place.
  • If you can do this and act on these five steps, you can become a customer company. You can connect with your customers in a whole new way..
  • Salesforce essentials uk roadshow

    1. 1. Salesforce Essentials UK Roadshow June 2013 Connect With Your Customers In A Whole New Way
    2. 2. Safe Harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of any litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter. These documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
    3. 3. Small businesses are driving the economy 13+Million People in the UK
    4. 4. 69% of customers have taken their business elsewhere over the past year due to a poor customer experience Source: Accenture, “Defining Customer Experiences that Enable High Performance” And customer focus has never been more important
    5. 5. But tech & budget limits Small Business’ ability to connect Limited IT Resources Disconnected Systems Lack of Business Insight Uninspiring Customer Experiences
    6. 6. How can small businesses deliver engaging customer experiences AND grow your business?
    7. 7. Become A Customer Company: Connect with Customers and Grow Your Business With Salesforce Connected Products Connected Employees Connected Partners Connected Customers
    8. 8. Our Mission: Cloud Computing Driver, Catalyst and Evangelist Mainframe Today1960s Client/Server 1980s No Hardware/Software Subscription Model Automatic Upgrades Constant Innovation Enterprise Cloud Computing
    9. 9. Cloud computing is unlocking amazing value Fast Easy Open Flexible Trusted No Hardware No Software Automatic Upgrades Scalable Any Device Data Portability Transparency Real-time Status App Marketplace Extensible Enterprise Cloud Computing
    10. 10. #1 in Cloud Computing and CRM #1 World’s #1 CRM Cloud Computing Innovation 2011, 2012
    11. 11. 1% Time • Equity • Product 445,000+ Hours Service 17,500 Non-profit organizations $40M+ Grants
    12. 12. Expanding Our Presence in Europe Salesforce European Data Centre Signed Agreement with NTT Support for Our Fastest Growing Region Opening in early 2014 Located in United Kingdom ADD INNOVATION CHALLENGE! 5M€ Challenge for European Start-ups
    13. 13. The Customer Revolution
    14. 14. A Technology Revolution 1960s Mainframe Computing 1970s Mini Computing 1980s Client Server Computing x 10x 100x 1,000x 10,000x 100,000x 2010s Social Revolution 1990s Cloud Computing 2000s Mobile Computing
    15. 15. Social New ways to connect Trust New ways to build relationships Mobile New ways to reach customers Big Data New ways to discover insight Community New ways to collaborate Apps New ways to build apps Cloud Computing New ways to connect everything New Ways To Connect With Customers
    16. 16. Social Revolution Customer Companies Engage on Social Channels Share Feeds, Profiles, Groups, and Files 4.5 Billion Aggregate Social Users
    17. 17. Touch Revolution Touch & Local Aware Apps Reach Customers Anywhere 1.7 Billion Touch Devices Shipped in 2012
    18. 18. Big Data Revolution Collect Customer, Product and Usage Data Gain Customer Insight 450 Billion Business Transactions / Day by 2020 (IDC)
    19. 19. Community Revolution For Customers, Employees, and Partners Private & Public Communities Single Sign-on with Secure, Portable Identity
    20. 20. Ecosystem Revolution Every Company is Building Mobile Apps Customer Companies Use Apps to Interact with Customers Requires a Customer Platform
    21. 21. Cloud Revolution $111 Billion Industry in 2012 18% YOY Growth #1 Enterprise Cloud Vendor
    22. 22. Cloud Revolution Earn Customer Trust Build Relationships on Equal Terms Respect Privacy, Identity & Money
    23. 23. Companies are Disconnected from their Customers Your Customers, Employees, and Partners are Connected… Is Your Company Connected?
    24. 24. Become A Customer Company: Connect with Customers and Grow Your Business With Salesforce Connected Products Connected Employees Connected Partners Connected Customers
    25. 25. Five Questions To Become a Customer Company: 1. How do you sell as a team with your customers? 2. How do you transform the way you work? 3. How do you service customers when they are everywhere? 4. How do you market to customers when they are everywhere? 5. How do you build a customer platform? Connected Products Connected Partners Connected Employees Connected Customers
    26. 26. 1. How Do You Sell as a Team with Your Customers? World’s #1 CRM Chatter: Collaborate on Deals Enrich Your Profiles Motivate and Align Sales Teams
    27. 27. 2. How Do You Transform the Way You Work? #1 Enterprise Social Network Build Employee, Customer, & Partner Social Networks Create Private and Public Social Networks
    28. 28. 3. How Do You Service Customers When They Are Everywhere? #1 Customer Service & Support Application Create a Consistent Service Experience on Every Channel 37% Improved Customer Satisfaction with Service Cloud
    29. 29. 4. How Do You Market to Customers When They Are Everywhere? #1 Social Marketing Application Listen, Publish & Advertise 94% Improved Brand Monitoring with the Marketing Cloud
    30. 30. Customer Profile Sales Marketing Product Service 5. How Do You Build a Customer Platform? #1 Customer Cloud Platform Fast and Easy to Build Mobile and Desktop Apps Heroku for Customer Apps for Employee Apps
    31. 31. Salesforce Platform: #1 Customer Cloud Platform Customers: Customize Sales & Service for your specific business needs Build custom apps to increase speed and efficiency Plug & Play 1,800+ cloud apps on
    32. 32. Salesforce: Customer Company Architecture Any Social Network Any Device Back End Systems Any App AppExchange Apps ERP Finance Public or Private Apps Connected Products Connected Partners Connected Employees Connected Customers
    33. 33. Become A Customer Company: Connect With Your Customers in a Whole New Way Connected Products Connected Employees Connected Partners Connected Customers