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Salesforce Chatter: The Engagement Playbook


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Now that you've successfully rolled out Chatter, and employees and execs are well educated and excited -- comes the fun part! How do you keep engagement going? How do you get even more people to join Chatter? How do you make sure that the community keeps meeting members' needs? How do you create meaningful change with what you learn?

Read this engagement playbook to find out!

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Salesforce Chatter: The Engagement Playbook

  1. 1. Engaging Your Chatter Community Make Chatter a place where people want to work and can be productive
  2. 2. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn We Created This Playbook To Help You Engage Your Chatter Community In A Sustainable Way What community manager does This short Playbook is for those who want to •  Sets strategy and measure make their Chatter community a success. It’s for community managers – formal and informal – for change agents in their organizations. What you’ll get out of this Playbook… You’ll learn how to encourage user participation, build a community of action, roll out and enable key stakeholder groups. To make it easier, we’ve broken down the whole process into five main phases or steps: Engage Interact Celebrate Empower Learn During the rest of this book we’ll follow these steps as we learn how to engage your Chatter community. 2
  3. 3. What community manager does 1 •  Sets strategy and measure ENGAGE: HELP MEMBERS PARTICIPATE AT THEIR OWN LEVEL You got your employees onto Chatter – now what? Now the fun starts! Learn how to build engagement and create a space where people choose to spend their time and participate. 3
  4. 4. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Onboard New Users – You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression What community manager does The user’s firstand measure is key to their future engagement. Your – and your Chatterati’s job is to help them experience •  Sets strategy understand the purpose, mutual expectations, how they can contribute and get them started. Just as important is the first interaction – so make you’re set up for speed of response. Onboarding Package •  Getting started guide •  Getting Started / Best Practices public group Welcomes •  Identify new members •  Create a “welcome wagon” of Chatterati •  Welcome them privately •  Vision, expectations •  Reduce “newbie” anxiety •  List of suggested groups •  Get to know them so you can connect them better •  Code of conduct •  5 activities to start with •  Publicly connect to relevant people, groups and content” v Recruit Champions and SuperUsers to the “Welcome Wagon” -connect them with new members based on expertise and interests. To Do 4
  5. 5. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Ease Anxiety Through Private Channels What community manager does This may soundmeasure •  Sets strategy and counter-intuitive… while it’s all about working out loud – private communication is key to building community Private Groups •  Deep collaboration increases trust •  Truer and more varied things are shared •  Creates comfort zone, eventually encouraging public posting 5 Private Messages •  Great for onboarding •  Get to know people, build trust •  Draw “lurkers” out •  Send interesting posts for members to comment
  6. 6. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Understand Your Members’ Participation and How it Evolves What community manager does Not everyone participates the same way – and 5.  Chatterati: Group Owners and •  Sets strategy and measure SuperUsers: Cream of the crop, these that’s OK! Oftentimes people go back and forth guys lead the community, developing between profiles. Make sure you know where on and encouraging others the continuum each member falls. 1.  Readers: A nicer way of saying lurkers. While sitting on the sidelines, they may still be benefitting. 2.  Active Readers: Like readers, they haven’t yet participated, but are actively learning and using what they learned. 3.  Curators and Commenters: actively engaged with content by commenting and sharing. Not producing original content. 4.  Content Creators: Hard at work creating artifacts for your community. Lifeblood of your innovation. 6.  Founding Champions: You should know these guys well by now! They are building the community with you. 6 5 4 3 2 1
  7. 7. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Draw People In With Events and Programming What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure Monthly Engagement Event Purpose Of Events and Programming •  Event designed to drive short term engagement Top Tips: Weekly Activity Monthly Engagement Event Examples: Events: •  Live townhall with an exec •  Help pull in people who haven’t participated •  Innovation jams •  Helps develop leadership of Champions Content & Programming •  Raise awareness •  Create A-ha moments 7 •  Contests •  CEO weekly “blog” •  Wednesday Welcomes, Thursday Tips, Friday Fun Engagement events aren’t substitutes for daily commitment to engagement. You need both! Conduct events at a regular cadence: if community comes to expect it, engagement will increase Don’t try to run all the events: give Champions an opportunity to own them Make it meaningful, but be careful to keep barrier to participation low. Blend online and offline: online builds loose ties, offline builds trust
  8. 8. o  o  Interact Interact o  o  Celebrate o  Empower Learn How To Run Successful Events What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure •  •  Goals Increase awareness, communicate value Share success of your early community •  •  Get people to try Chatter and experience A-Ha moments Create connection across geographies, levels & functions Event Formats Digital Events •  All-Company real-time “ChatUp” with an exec •  On value of Chatter and vision •  •  On any relevant topic w/broad appeal Physical Events •  •  •  •  Tie Chatter to an existing event and use it as a discussion channel Townhall / All-hands events Internal conference External conference Things to Do •  •  Take questions ahead of time Take questions in real time and continue conversation afterwards Mixed formats: Webinar & Q&A via Chatter •  . Top Tips: Calm execs’ fears by taking questions ahead of time. Prepare them on process and help them anticipate. During event, be in the room with them, helping moderate, identify questions and help answer them 8
  9. 9. What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure 2 INTERACT: MASTER THE ART OF CONVERSATION Like shots of adrenaline, engagement events and programming supercharge your Chatter network. But it’s not enough. What happens on a daily basis is just as important – interactions need daily investment of time and effort. 9
  10. 10. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Energize and Engage People. Do it Daily. What community manager does Promote Storytelling Strive for Balance •  Sets strategy and measure •  Make it easy to share •  Promote member contributions, help them build on each other •  Ask really good questions •  Share insights from others and credit them •  Lead by example and narrate your work •  Questions vs. answers vs. statements vs. articles •  Big picture vs. tactical •  Work narration vs. results •  Public vs. private •  Be responsive but don’t dominate •  Make it about members •  Connect people •  Make sure every question is answered by the right people •  Draw people into the conversation (sometimes in other channels) Business talk vs. friendly banter •  Get Out Of The Way
  11. 11. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Facilitate, Don’t Dominate What community manager does Facilitate conversations – don’t dominate them! Promote storytelling by asking •  Sets strategy and measure really good questions. Help provide that push and encouragement to members, but avoid being the top contributor yourself. •  At first you’ll start conversations. Ask specific questions – “tell me a story” is not specific enough. •  Over time, encourage your Champions to take on those roles •  Challenge to take conversations out of private groups and email chains, when appropriate •  Connect people to the right information and people to answer questions – sometimes, you may need to take it to another channel •  Make sure there’s always current and thought provoking content that aligns to vision of community
  12. 12. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower Encourage Narration of Work What community manager does Sharing work after it’s done is great. Sharing •  Sets strategy and measure work and thoughts in progress make it better by including diverse viewpoints and accelerating knowledge transfer. •  Share your daily plans in the morning •  Brainstorm ideas, share questions and thoughts •  Share your outstanding projects weekly •  Focus on why as well as what •  Post an unfinished draft for feedback •  Check out what others are doing •  Close the loop with results o  Learn
  13. 13. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Don’t Suppress Social Banter What community manager does Even in business communities, social banter is good. Not only is it good – it’s a must! Humans •  Sets strategy and measure are social creatures, and healthy social communication is evidence of community’s health. Social Banter Is Healthy: But Should Still Be Focused On Business: •  It builds relationships, which build trust •  Encourage social banter to occur in groups •  Trust accelerates knowledge transfer and deep collaboration •  Help direct conversations there •  People are social creatures •  Lines between personal and professional digital lives are blurring 13 •  Designate group leaders •  Ensure that they adhere to standards of your code of conduct
  14. 14. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Deal with Negativity Quickly and Effectively What community manager does Communities are messy because they are made up of humans. Make sure you are ready and •  Sets strategy and measure can channel negative energy into something constructive. The best cure for negativity is proactively creating the conditions where it’s less likely to happen. But when it does, then… Do: Don’t: •  Reach out in private and really listen •  Get defensive •  Understand the cause: habitual trolling vs. legitimate complaint •  Take it personally •  Try to resolve; involve the right people •  Acknowledge right away, but take time for right solution •  Close feedback loop privately and publicly •  If necessary, get execs involved and ask to engage publicly and privately •  Treat root cause •  Consider it an opportunity to learn and improve Be Proactive: •  Best way is to be proactive & treat problems •  Have an escalation plan •  If someone is habitually affecting health of community, take necessary action •  Encourage and enable Chatterati to flag things to you Idea: create a public group for “airing of grievances”
  15. 15. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower Caveat: Have a Light Touch What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure You want to make sure conversations don’t run off track, but don’t be too top-down in dictating what goes where and what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Focus on your culture and giving your champions agency. 15 o  Learn
  16. 16. What community manager does 4 •  Sets strategy and measure CELEBRATE: KEEP UP MOMENTUM AND RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS Celebration is key to maintaining momentum. Observable wins and successes also make other people want to participate – so spread the word about great things people are doing with Chatter and on Chatter. It also makes people feel good when their good deeds get noticed, encouraging them to do more of it. Shining the light on desired behaviors serves as a guide to participation guidelines. 16
  17. 17. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower Keep Drumming the Drum What community manager does Your community is humming along – but this •  Sets strategy and measure is no time to rest on your laurels. Keep on drumming that drum and making sure everyone knows how awesome it is – execs, managers and employees. Your Community •  Include “teasers” in email newsletters •  Create exclusive content, move key activities •  Move key activities to Chatter; keep demonstrating value and orchestrating Aha moments •  Grow Champion network; encourage them to evangelize across their teams o  Learn
  18. 18. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Share Success; Celebrate Members What community manager does Success is a great motivator and is key to •  Sets strategy and measure habit formation. It helps people believe that they can do it too. Encourage sharing things like the success of community, individual success, team success, and do it in stories and numbers. Amplify what users are sharing as it builds momentum, advocacy and goodwill. Tips for Success •  Share in all-company communications across mediums •  Highlight member of the month in community and other channels •  Share with execs and managers •  Create quarterly success booklets capturing momentum and user stories Success
  19. 19. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Gamification, Rewards, and Recognition What community manager does Keys strategy and measure to Success •  Sets •  Be careful of cheap thrills •  Gamifying for sake of gamification leads to destructive behaviors •  Measure and incentivize the right behaviors •  Balance extrinsic with intrinsic motivators •  Remember: not everyone values the same things
  20. 20. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Curate and Reuse; Codify Your Knowledge What community manager does As members engage and share, look for ways to codify knowledge, make it accessible and •  Sets strategy and measure reusable. Encourage people to search, reuse and update. Encourage users to tag and develop tagging guidelines. Conversation, story, file, business object, customer record Curate, tag, collate, categorize Reusable knowledge, artifacts Make new stuff
  21. 21. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Use Topics To Categorize, Store and Access What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure Encourage all members to add topics at •  the time of posting •  Encourage Chatterati to tag all posts in groups they look after – after the fact
  22. 22. What community manager does 4 •  Sets strategy and measure EMPOWER: DECENTRALIZE AND GIVE AGENCY TO MEMBERS The community manager answering to every post doesn’t scale – and it’s inauthentic. Increase engagement and reduce stress by giving your Chatterati agency. 22
  23. 23. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Decentralize; and Empower Chatter Champions What community manager does The most important job for you as a •  Sets strategy and measure community manager is to develop leaders from your champions. Decentralize Leadership to Effectively Empower Champions •  Scales infinitely and globally •  Doesn’t depend on any one person •  Users own the community •  Users are empowered to act Top Tip: continue to recruit Champions from across the company: vary by job function, department, expertise and geography. Continue to work with them in a private group.
  24. 24. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Develop Your Chatter Champions – Your “Chatterati” What community manager does Founding champions SuperUsers •  Sets strategy and measure •  •  To Do They are at the core of the community – a council that participates in major decisions. This is an aspirational group that other SuperUsers should work towards becoming. Give them some special privileges – figure out what’s important to them. •  •  These members are actively helping others, drumming up excitement, onboarding new users. They post actively and with purpose, respond to others’ posts. Help them help other members. Help them own parts of community; give them deeper insights into community roadmap Group Owners •  These members have stepped up to lead groups. They are mini community managers •  Help them by developing a guide to group ownership (check out Guide to Groups) and work with them in a “group owner” group v Keep a dynamic list of most engaged and useful contributors and new group owners. Resource them properly – really invest your time in these groups, so they can invest in others. Create a regular cadence of events just for them.
  25. 25. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Develop A Brief Guide To Help Group Owners. Like This.. What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure 1.  Be clear about purpose: which use case it supports, what’s the goal? Who is it for? 2.  Search for possible duplicate group – if exists, join forces 3.  Seed the group with useful info, keep info tab current 4.  Stoke the fires of conversations. Draw people in via @ mentions. Make sure to draw in execs as needed 5.  Design regular engagement events / programming: Thursday Tip, monthly meeting, etc 6.  Onboard and welcome new members 7.  Ensure that members needs are met and questions are answered 8.  More on this in the Guide to Groups
  26. 26. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower Empower Ordinary Users Too What community manager does Whilestrategy and measure respond to each post •  Sets you can probably (especially when the community is small) – doesn’t mean you should. •  It’s more authentic when an answer comes from another user or an subject matter expert. •  Maintain an active channel of communication so that you can reach out to these SMEs. You may have to use other channels, if those users aren’t active in the community – and that’s OK. “Never miss a good chance to shut up” – Phoebe Venkat, ADT o  Learn
  27. 27. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Continue to Educate Users; Have An Open Door Policy What community manager does •  •  Sets strategy and measure of constructive use and Highlight examples success stories •  Be clear about governance and terms of use •  Continue to drive relevance and connection to business process •  •  Through managers to shift team activity •  Through execs connecting across the organization •  •  through champions to evangelize and find new use cases Through technology integrations Address objections
  28. 28. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Continue to Demonstrate and Reinforce WIIFM What community manager does One Question everyone cares about: •  Sets strategy and measure Why and how should I use Chatter? •  Why should I do this? What’s in it for me? •  What do I do when I get there? •  What’s considered appropriate? What if I make a mistake? •  How do I make it part of my day? •  What does it mean to my identity? Everyone’s listening to their favorite radio station: WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) Top Tip: Don’t assume that everyone understands @ mentions, #hashtags and other power user features. What may be basic to you, may not be basic to all 28
  29. 29. o  o  Engage Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn And Overcome Objections What community manager does Manager Objections User Objections •  Sets strategy and measure Objection Assurance Objection Assurance Time wasting Share success Don’t get social Enablement, success Information leaks Governance plan No one responds Early use case results Losing control of conversation Active community management Boss will think I’m slacking Team Roll out Negativity Community mgmt People will copy me They can help you Employee harassment Terms of service, governance Someone will debate me publicly We’ll help you stay on track. Debate is good What to post? Use cases What to post? Enablement, use case Not relevant to my job Use cases, success Not relevant to my job Enablement, use case Too busy Too many @ mentions Don’t want others to know my plans Time savings Others can answer Benefits of collaboration Too busy Too many messages Don’t want others to know my plans Time savings Others can answer Benefits of collaboration Top Tip: Most objections stem from lack of understanding and can be resolved education. Share your plan openly and educate. Understand real vs. perceived fears. 29
  30. 30. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Continue the Conversation About Chatter.. On Chatter! What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure With training, it’s not “set it and forget it.” Enabling people takes daily commitment. Top Tips: •  Create a “Best Practices” Chatter group to continue the conversation in public, and cut down the back and forth •  Involve your Champs in the process of educating others •  Be proactive and post tips and tricks. Make it a destination •  Be patient: behavior change doesn’t happen overnight •  Keep investing in Champions to enable their groups 30
  31. 31. What community manager does 5 •  Sets strategy and measure LEARN: MEASURE AND LEARN Just because you can measure it, doesn’t mean you should. Learn how to measure the right things, convert data to insights and create change with those insights. 31
  32. 32. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Engagement Leads to Business Value What community manager does What strategy and measure exactly is business value? Remember •  Sets those use cases? Try to measure the community’s impact with regards to these initial business goals. Example: •  Community Goal Adoption & Engagement if the goal was to decrease time it takes to close a deal – then measure that! But don’t get too stuck on business value only. Without solid adoption and engagement numbers, members won’t use it, and your value won’t be met. Business Value
  33. 33. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn What to Measure What community manager does •  Sets strategy and / Health Engagementmeasure Adoption Metrics Business Value How deeply are people engaged? How widespread is the use of the community? What’s the value to my business? Some things to consider Some things to consider Some things to consider •  Posts per active contributor •  Posts with comments vs. posts without comments •  #of comments per thread •  Activated users as % of total users •  Contributors as % of total users •  # of likes per thread •  Readers (lurkers) as % of activated users •  Avg speed of response •  # of groups •  Private vs. public group posts •  # of active groups as % all groups •  Comments vs. thread starters •  Avg group membership •  Avg people followed •  Avg files uploaded •  # of contributors per post 33 •  Posts by new members vs. posts by existing members •  Revisit your use cases •  Map business value derived back to the use case. Example •  Use case = use “Customer Content” group to reduce sales people’s time spent creating customer-facing decks •  Value = reduction in time and increase in sales pipeline
  34. 34. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Sample Dashboards From GoodData: What Does The Data What community manager does Tell Us? •  Sets strategy and measure
  35. 35. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Use Data to Formulate Actionable Insights What community manager does Data strategy and measure are better. Make is good; insights •  Sets sure you: Understand what healthy looks and feels like for your community. In addition to capturing metrics and value, track so you can take action on a weekly basis: •  most active and helpful members •  members at risk of defecting •  trending content and groups •  groups at risk of being orphaned / inactive
  36. 36. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Check Back in with Original Design What community manager does Are you stilland measureto meet your original •  Sets strategy on track goals? •  Are your use cases still working or do you need to redesign them? •  Is your community’s infrastructure built to meet these goals and use cases? Are your users still getting value? •  Have regular surveys for members to fill out. Share results back to the community. Have discussions 1:1 and in small groups. Uncover trends by listening to feedback in the community. •  Is the technology still working? How can you further build it into existing processes? Make sure the community is integrated with critical business processes – otherwise, it will be a silo with limited reach and business value.
  37. 37. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower Apply What You Learn What community manager does How will you feed things you learn back into •  Sets strategy and measure the organization to create meaningful change? This is where open dialogue and process with relevant teams is critical: •  Identify things that aren’t working •  Convert data to insights •  Inform the right stakeholders with insights •  Agree on a plan •  Create a feedback loop back into the community with steps you’re taking o  Learn
  38. 38. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower Embrace Failure What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure is key to becoming a Embracing failure •  learning organization •  It makes it “ok” to fail – helps unlock others to act and not be afraid to take action •  Sharing failures and what you learned from them helps increase trust, which increases ability to collaborate •  A culture that rewards smart risk taking is a culture that will do well with community building o  Learn
  39. 39. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower Let’s Collaborate! What community manager does Join us in themeasure •  Sets strategy and Salesforce Success Community •  ENGAGE Group [] •  Community Management Group [] •  Official Product Group [] Help us write this playbook! •  Post your stories, quotes and screenshots to the ENGAGE Group to be included in the next version [] 39 o  Learn
  40. 40. What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure Appendix: Community Manager Checklists and Worksheets 40
  41. 41. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Daily Community Management Checklist What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure all posts are Check to make sure •  answered •  Connect questions to the right employees, SMEs, execs •  Identify and ask execs to answer key issues •  •  Check for new joiners and welcome them •  41 Check in to make sure Champions haven’t flagged anything Post a question, share news, praise / highlight someone
  42. 42. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Weekly Community Management Checklist •  community manager WhatCheck weekly metricsdoes •  Sets strategy and measure •  Trending content •  •  and groups Helpful and influential people Identify and welcome new joiners •  •  •  Get the list to champs to welcome based on expertise Welcome them privately or via email Track new groups being created, identify duplicates •  Identify owners of duplicate groups and introduce them to each other •  Lay out programming for next week •  Check with key internal groups to get updates and update them •  Make sure execs are posting and addressing issues in public •  Curate and collect most important posts and success stories; publish weekly recap •  Proactive outreach to members with low engagement •  Thank highly engaged Chatterati 42
  43. 43. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  Learn Monthly Community Management Checklist What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure Measure all engagement and adoption metrics •  •  Explore any sudden changes •  •  •  Groups at risk of dropping off People at risk of becoming unengaged Get a list of everyone joined in the past 30 days and haven’t contributed •  •  Take action to reach out Share success with other members and internally •  Anecdotes •  Dashboard to members: good for some competition •  Highlight top level engagement metrics and business value impact to execs •  43 Design monthly engagement event •  Check in with key internal groups for major updates and update them
  44. 44. o  Engage o  Interact o  Celebrate o  Empower o  1+ Time Per Year What community manager does •  Sets strategy and measure Member survey •  •  Understand how people feel about community •  Attempt to capture value qualitatively and quantitatively •  Close the loop on actions you took on previous survey’s results •  Recap all happenings in a quarterly Success report •  •  Publish quantitative results: engagement metrics and business impact •  Publish qualitative stories of how Chatter made someone’s job’s better •  44 Highlight remarkable users, use cases and groups Distribute to all users and executives – through Chatter and newsletters Learn
  45. 45. Thank Youmanager does What community •  Sets strategy and measure Credits: Maria Ogneva, Director of Adoption Marketing, Salesforce Phoebe Venkat, Director, Enterprise Collaboration & Community Management, ADT Bay Creative