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Sales Prospect: How to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan


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Sales Prospect: How to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

  1. 1. - were . 3 Plan your Work andmfihr ' “V -. _ A ' _—. . RALPH RSI Sr. Director. Sales Developinent Achievers
  2. 2. Planning the work The risk of n_o*t working the plan Prospecting is more s$nce than art Get lmown in your mar ietplace Know the ioleal buyer ancl buying process Use a playbook Use tools that make life easy @rbarsi 1 in/ ralphbarsi Ti
  3. 3. Planning the work at Achievers SALES DEVELOPMENT RESPONSIBILITIES Sales Development creates revenue pipeline SDR role is a hybrid (inbound and outbound) Measured / comp’d on meetings and opportunities Each SDR supports AE's in the field Instrumental in territory ownership HOW TI-IEY CONTINUE TO WIN They help prepare Quarterly Business Reviews They know our ideal customer profile They understand the buying process They study the competition They get certified on company messaging They reach out to prospects with relevance ‘Ttyey always know where they are against plan They take rielentl sactiont _; -1', » rrw-. .¢-. . k: t ‘. . _*
  4. 4. "l“""'“‘9 the ""°"l‘ SALES DEVELOPMENTTACTICS at Achlevers Measure progress (weekly goal cards, dashboards x2) Inbound: SLA, 10 touches in 20 days, work 3 S's* Outbound: Ridiculous branding 5 key contacts per account Up to 25 touches per Contact Goat ~30 completed meetings, ~15 opportunities per quarter Each SDR supports up to 3 AE's in the field SDR's prospect into ~600 accounts” 20% — high—value targets (Tier 1 81 2) 40% — solid targets (Tier 3) 40% — targets ‘Lead Source. Lead Score. Lead Status - , "Reconciled against rigorous market analyses ‘ @rbarSl ' in/ ralphbarsi ii
  5. 5. . . .. —.? r': : ""”. “"°‘M working the plan a . 1 - L - . - « ' Not invited to participate in RFP's; Engage key prospects, but contribute zero value Completely miss important networking events Critical activities slip through the cracks Give up after a few touches Search results on you turn-up empty Prospects can't learn anything about you Lose multiple deals to competitors Miss the goal Lose your job Wonder why nothing's going right
  6. 6. ‘: ”;l' L‘ Ralphaarsr I prospect every single day. and I've got a FAT pipeline. Johnlv1Barrows lrisidtmu. -.' dflct openlounge _ John Barrows 0 l ‘ iii. l Congratulations to the SDR team l Acme sears for getting J. Barrows Certified! ‘ Excellent work, everyone! .( l I “Au F“ John Barrows Download SalesFromTheStreets. com
  7. 7. Get known in your marketplace Dial-in your Linkedln profile | bit. ly/ KokaSextonEpicList Get referred by your contacts | bit. ly/ JillKonrath_JoanneBlack When prospects Google you, show up | on. mash. to/10aXllE Get better at networking I bit. ly/ NetworkingDoesntSuck Become an active user of social media | bit. lyNaynerchukSXSW Attract new business by hosting an event | bit. ly/ WhyHostAnEvent Become an expert in your industry | bit. ly/ Become_An_Expert @rbarsi in/ ralphbarsi ifi
  8. 8. Know the ideal buyer and Know I , ' _ t Territory at—large Major metro areas Top 5 industries Know when to In Most B2B’s buy in Q1 8: Q2 Most execs talk on Tues & Thurs Call between 10am 8: 4pm Find relevant trigger events Similar companies, similar pain There's no bait like yours Sources: onforb. es/1wgyfSD, bitly/ UnbreakableCh15, bit. ly/1t9XLJS Know who to invite Ask senior leaders for intros Leverage channel partners t Bring a customer on your call § ‘Know what at . need , , . I, , , , E . I ! 1 Sales Intelligence tools Q“ _ ' CRM Short, concise messages Demand Generation ROI analyses Auto—dialer Know what mg of fish yg u. want Company size (employees, revenue) Exact titles, roles @rbarsi in/ ralphbarsi illfij
  9. 9. Use a playbook! Wait. Why? Hmm. How? It's scalable & repeatable Choose your stakeholders and author(s) It consolidates disparate, decentralized info Get support from senior leadership lt Standfldlles m°5539l"9 Establish a deadline for getting it done lt helps qlfiddy 'amPs'“P “aw hire‘ Fix one problem (prospecting qualifying closing) It reinforces struggling reps Know it's an ever-evolving document It reminds seasoned reps _ _ _ _ , Make it accessible from anywhere It increases productivity It drives corporate initiatives Find and talk to organizations already using one It prevents stuff from falling through the cracks seawh #5al°5Pl3Yb°°k5 on Twitter | t influences behavior Tie it to the organization's goal It pushes YoY growth in multiple areas Map key areas of the playbook to your CRM @rbarsi '7 Sources: The TAS Group. bit. ly/ BenefitsofPlaybooks. bit. ly/ BenefltsofPlaybooks, bit. ly/ AberdeenPlaybooks in/ ralphbars. ‘ T6
  10. 10. b'it. ly - shorten, share, and track your links Evemote - the workspace where everything gets done III‘I / IFTTT — put the Internet to work for you n -1 Tripit - keep all your travel plans in one spot rr/ p" Klout - helps you be great at social media Hootsuite — enhance your social media management Ea Buffer - an easy way to share what you're reading lnsideview ~ stay informed about your prospects 4 Salesloft — helps you find the exact prospects you want , MailTester. com — test the validity of email addresses l l'L; Relsci -— identify contacts who may not be online larlr= ll, alrl; —.’. ~ [E]
  11. 11. Continue the conversation. .. Follow me on Twitter | @rbarsi / hi‘ lnviteme to connect on Lin ecllww/ ralphbarsi Visit my blog | ralph Ersucom Send me an email | rbar‘si@grriaiLcom Learn about Achievers | achievers. com Sr. Director, Sales Development ’= ::‘. ;;; §: Achievers