Saba empowers sales and                    marketing with data they can trustSaba is a premier provider of what it calls “...
Better yet, because is natively                                       Challengeintegrated with Salesforce, Saba’s...
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Saba (@sabasoftware) empowers sales & marketing with data they can trust @datadotcom


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“With in Salesforce, our pipeline is at an all-time high.”

With a healthy product line of “people systems,” Saba was ready to expand its customer base to small and midsize businesses. The company needed better data to keep its growth going strong. instantly cleaned and completed thousands of records, and sales reps could access millions of new leads right in Salesforce.

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Saba (@sabasoftware) empowers sales & marketing with data they can trust @datadotcom

  1. 1. Saba empowers sales and marketing with data they can trustSaba is a premier provider of what it calls “peoplesystems”—technology focused on helpingemployees transform the companies they work for.With a healthy and growing product line, Saba isworking hard to cross-sell to its midmarket andenterprise customers, and to expand its customerbase to include small and midsize businesses.Highly targeted marketing “With in Salesforce,Saba has been a happy Salesforce customer for our sales pipeline is atyears, but relied on third-party lists for new leads. an all-time high.”The lists were rife with outdated, incorrect, andmissing emails and phone number—and many —Brian Adam, Director of Marketing Operationscontacts were duplicates of data Saba alreadyhad. Simply put, the company needed betterfuel to keep its growth initiative going strong.When Saba turned on in Salesforce, Improved sales productivitythe benefits were both immediate and ongoing. Empowered by deeper data and instantly filled in missing emails for tens targeting tools, marketing now provides sales withof thousands of records, and backfilled industry, better-qualified leads that are eagerly acceptedemployee counts, titles, and other key information into the pipeline. And, with access to 30+ millionfor many more. Suddenly, Saba’s marketing team contacts from Jigsaw and millions of companycould effectively segment its audience, pinpoint profiles from D&B, the growing sales team canthe new accounts it was seeking, and send highly easily find new titles for cross-sell opportunitiestargeted messages to accurate email addresses. and new accounts to expand into different markets. “With, we saw a growth in new opportunities and in dollar value.” —Brian Adam, Director of Marketing Operations CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT
  2. 2. Better yet, because is natively Challengeintegrated with Salesforce, Saba’s sales pipeline • Cross-sell new products to existing accountsis at an all-time high. “With, sales • Expand sales into new market segmentsreps can go into the application they’re already • Find high-quality, highly detailed contact andusing and quickly and easily find and add new account datacontacts,” explained Brian Adam, Director of • Give easy data access to sales and marketingMarketing Operations. With real-time clean • Clean up existing database and keep it clean todata in the cloud, the sales team no longer increase productivitywastes valuable time dialing bad numbers and Solutionoperations no longer has to clean and de-dupe • D&B and Jigsaw together in Data.comlow-quality lists. • Instant access in SalesforceMomentum for growth • Complete contacts and deeply detailed accountsThanks to enthusiastic adoption of • Automated cleansing, de-duping, and backfillingwith its high-quality data, Saba is seeing • Real-time clean data in the cloudopportunities grow in both number and size. Results“Our biggest win from is the • Made incomplete leads instantly actionable byincreased confidence we have in our database,” appending accurate emailssaid Adam. “We know the data is accurate, and • Backfilled missing industries and employee countswe know it’s in the hands of the people who • Better targeting and delivery of messagesreally need it.” • More qualified leads • More opportunities and bigger deals “Our biggest win from is the increased confidence we have in our database.” —Brian Adam, Director of Marketing is more than data; it is business DNA. recognizes that clean, accurate business datais no longer an option, but a requirement. By bringing together the innovation of Salesforce, the cloud,and leading sources of clean data, helps companies connect with customers faster, increaseoperational efficiency, and grow their business. Visit Or call, inc. The Landmark @ One Market, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA, 94105, United StatesGeneral Enquiries: 415-901-7000 | Sales: 1-800-NO-SOFTWARECopyright ©2012,, inc. All rights reserved. and the “no software” logo are registered trademarks of, inc.,and owns other registered and unregistered trademarks. Other names used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT