Powerful Prospecting: Cold Calling Strategies for Today's World by @wendyweiss for @connectmembers


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Nothing beats having a real conversation with a prospect. But the game has gotten harder. Prospects are hard to reach; they have tight budgets, little time and more and more choices. With less than 30 seconds to gain your prospect’s interest and engagement there’s no room to make a mistake and there are no second chances. In this powerful, information-packed session with Wendy Weiss, you will learn: what works in today’s tough selling environment, why prospects say they are not interested, how to get them to return your call, and how to get results on each and every call.

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Powerful Prospecting: Cold Calling Strategies for Today's World by @wendyweiss for @connectmembers

  1. 1. Powerful Prospecting: Cold Calling Strategies for Today’s World Keynote with Wendy Weiss The Queen of Cold Calling™  www.queenofcoldcalling.com  © 2013 Wendy Weiss
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  3. 3. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers We will Talk About: ®  Why cold call at all? ®  What works today? ®  Why prospects say, “I’m not interested” ®  Getting your calls returned ®  4 Keys to filling the sales pipeline © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  4. 4. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers The Queen of Cold Calling © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  5. 5. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers Generating Opportunities ®  Marketing activities ®  Referrals ®  Networking/Web 2.0 ®  Cold Calling © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  6. 6. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers What’s Happening Today? Prospects: ® Stressed out ® Doing more with less ® Don’t want to rock the boat ® Super busy ® Attention span of a gnat © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  7. 7. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers What is Happening Today? ® Information ® Technology ® More ways to reach prospects ® Leverage © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  8. 8. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers Prospecting …is a business process © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  9. 9. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers #1: Target ® Who is the Ideal Prospect? ® Definition of “Qualified Prospect” ® Concrete parameters © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  10. 10. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers #2: Skill ® Gatekeepers ® Conversations with the decision- makers ® Responding to questions and/or objections ® Getting prospects to return phone calls © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  11. 11. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers #3: Process ® Lead qualification ® Best Pursuit ® Following-up ® Voice Mail & Email ® The Future © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  12. 12. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers #4: Organization & Metrics “What’s measured, improves.” --Peter Drucker © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  13. 13. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers Prospecting Metrics ® Dials ® Conversations ® Appointments © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  14. 14. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers The Real Numbers Game ® Ratio of Dials to Conversations ® Ratio of Dials to Appointments © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  15. 15. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers Powerful Prospecting ® Targeting ® Skills ® Process ® Organization & Metrics © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  16. 16. #connectvip @connectmembers facebook.com/connectmembers Questions Thank You