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Our MVPs Are Amazing!


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Section four of the Community Keynote at Dreamforce 2012.

Published in: Business, Spiritual, Education
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Our MVPs Are Amazing!

  1. 1. OUR MVPs AREAMAZING!Erica KuhlMVP Program @ericakuhl
  2. 2. Characteristics of an MVPKnowledgeableSalesforce Ninjas Accessible Actively Engaged 9+ days a monthLeaders Embody the Characteristics of the Salesforce Community
  3. 3. A Big Thanks To Our MVPs Winter’12 MVPs  Javier Gonzalez    Matt Bertuzzi    James Hemsley    Chris O Davies    Nebojsa Zgonjanin    Courtney House    Dave Manelski    Daniel Hoechst   78Active MVPs  Hannes Ellerbrock    Natalie Regier    Francis Pindar    Syed Talha Spring’12 MVPs Andrew Gross    Scott Hemmeter    David Pier    Jason Atwood    Jared Miller   2012  Deepa Patel    Jason Paquett
  4. 4. Fireside Chat with MVPsCommunity @DF12Erica Kuhl Michael Farrington Rebecca Dente Matt RingLead Achievers Appirio @ericakuhl @michaelforce @sfdc_nerd @SFDCMatt
  5. 5. Thank You