Salesforce MVP™ Criteria & Nomination Process


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This our criteria and process for the nomination and selection of our MVP's

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Salesforce MVP™ Criteria & Nomination Process

  1. 1. Becoming an MVPThe General’sMVPs are selected based on their outstanding on-going contribution, expertise and thoughtleadership. It is not strictly formulaic how a customer or partner is selected to become anMVP. It is based on a matrix of community activity, characteristics, and on going quality:
  2. 2. The Specific’s1) We start with a baseline of activity. 10 active days a month in their particular communitychannel: Answers, IdeaExchange, Twitter, Bloggers, User Group Leaders, and/or LinkedIn2) From there we look at their quality and length of engagement3) Then we look at their overall characteristics including leadership, expertise, accessibility,and advocacy4) Then we look at the balance of community channels (heavy on user group leaders vs.twitter etc..)5) And finally we weigh peer MVP nominations since theyre involvement in the nominationprocess is criticalWhen?We do select MVPs with each seasonal release. This is to keep the momentum for theprogram fresh all year round. Each MVP holds their term for a year and then can be re-rewarded based on their prior year’s activity.Nomination Process1) Nominations happen three times a year in conjunction with our release schedule (asstated above). Anyone can nominate including self nomination, salesforce employees,fellow MVPs, etc.2) The nomination form is pushed out via social channels and our blog. It is also posted toour internal chatter as internal employees can nominate their customers and partners too.3) The nomination process is open for 3 weeks then closes for consideration.4) The social/community team reviews the initial nominations and culls the list for the criteria(listed above).
  3. 3. 5) The culled list is then provided to the current MVPs for review and feedback.6) The list is reviewed again by the social/community team and the final list is presentedboth privately to each new MVP and publically via social channels.Here is a current list of MVPs:’s a 4 min video that gives a high-level overview of the program: