From Mobile Strategy to Reality


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The connected revolution and the explosion of social and mobile have profoundly changed the expectations of the customer. To remain relevant and engaged with their customers, financial services companies must be multiple beasts all at once: they must provide the open, modern and efficient user experience of companies like Facebook and Apple while never compromising their core promise of security and integrity.

Information technology is of course core to this challenge. In this session we’ll explore how financial services companies are working with Salesforce to solve this apparent paradox, by unlocking the value held captive in legacy systems and enabling them to connect to their customers in new and innovative ways."

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  • What’s happeningMobile workforceMultiple platformsMobile customer baseGlobal reachLegacy
  • Customer & market behaviour is changing“Partnerships & Service” will increasingly be delivered via DigitalCustomers are increasingly moving online for researchPartners are grappling with the high cost of servicing of micro SME customers and are looking at insurers to deliver low-cost servicingWe need to understand customers as well as partners – customer insights need are becoming a key proposition for our partnersWe need to have a view across the entire value chainCustomers > Partners > CGUWe also need to understand & execute “digital” betterWhilst we focus to the future, we need to “protect” BAU
  • In insurance, mobile has a significant role to play, but it is not as easy as you think We need to focus on 2 key areas with mobile: Eliminating manual linear processes Integrating with business systems
  • CGU were the first Australian intermediated insurer to mobilise our entire sales force with iPads & iPhones The business case for the rollout was simple, faster start up of devices and our employees are always connected...
  • Through this period customer needs have been well-scopedpriorities setrequirements largely definedsolutions compared…and price is often being initially benchmarked…- This is equally relevant in a B2B world
  • Drawing on global best practices in customer service will position CGU at the forefront of delivering an exceptional end-to-end experience for our partners and end insured.CGU Touch empowers our BDMs in the awareness and shopping phases of a typical customer journey, setting us up to successfully move an opportunity through the sales process.
  • These benefits ensure that we keep the funnel flowing… whether that be throughSearch, display advertising and socialeducational content like blogs, whitepapers, videos and eBooksCase Studies and Webinars or even newsletters as part of a lead nurturing campaign
  • We believe that this will keep us in the frame for future recognition and user acceptance as one of the best tablet applications in Australia.
  • From Mobile Strategy to Reality

    1. 1. From Strategy to Reality Mihir Panchal – Practice Lead – Mobile – Salesforce Services Grant Pattison – Director – Sales Technology – CGU Insurance Richard Enojas – Sr. ProgramArchitect – Salesforce Services -ANZ
    2. 2. Mobile challenges in the business environment
    3. 3. Experts from the Word’s Most Innovative Company to Support Your Cloud Transformation Cloud Advisory Services Cloud Transformation Services Envision Mobile-First Solutions Complex Implementation Services Program Architects Customer Success Executives Experience Design
    4. 4. Mobile Practice Innovative solutions to create captivating & scalable mobile customer experiences • Mobile experts focused building applications on the Salesforce1 platform. • Dedicated to helping customers build competitive advantage through mobile solutions • Driving innovation and defining enterprise mobile development best practices. • Closely aligned with the Salesforce1 Product teams
    5. 5. Types of Apps that can be built on the platform
    6. 6. Salesforce1 Platform Salesforce1 Platform Salesforce1 Application Salesforce1 SDK Apps Sales Salesforce1 API’s, UI Components and Mobile Platform Services Cloud Database & Multi-tenant Infrastructure app platform infrastructure Heroku Exact Target, + Others Service Marketing Custom Apps Partner Apps Custom Apps Partner Apps
    7. 7. When to start thinking of a Custom Mobile App • Define a custom user experience optimized for a given business process with the customers own Branding for the user interface for customer-facing exposure. • Distribute apps through theAppleApp Store or Google Play. • Use the Mobile device’s H/W like GPS,Accelerometer, Camera to create a more intuitive / immersive experience for the business process. • Configure and control complex offline behavior. • Use functionality like push notifications • Specific Security Requirements (Good Container / Encryption Requirements)
    8. 8. Technology Options on Salesforce Platform. Quick Actions - Forms - Simple Entry Responsive, fully Branded Visual Force Pages Hybrid Applications with Responsive Design, Native UI using the Mobile SDK Fully Native iOS, Android Applications using the Mobile SDK
    9. 9. When to use what: SF1 vs. Mobile SDK - Simpler Customizations - Complex Business Process Flow - Quick Forms - Needs Offline – Large data - Quick Actions - Customer Facing – Very Responsive - Online Only - Need to distribute via App Stores - Visual Force Pages / Responsive Design will suffice - Access to Device Hardware
    10. 10. Digital Sales Aid Platform • Salesforce Services Digital SalesAid is a Platform that enables organizations efficiently deliver compelling sales presentations while on the go. • The Solution can be further scaled & enhanced to: – Add offline CRM capabilities – Custom business processes – Change the interface based on business requirements.
    11. 11. CGU – Customer Story
    12. 12. New Business Strategy – Goal 2016
    13. 13. Mobilised Workforce
    14. 14. Disrupting the Sales Process Source: CEB Marketing Council
    15. 15. Typical Customer Mobile Journey Aware Shopping Purchasing Initial Use Transacting Servicing Retaining uSurvey Application eForms CGU Touch Mobility Transaction System Integration STEP 1 LEAD GENERATION STEP 2 QUICK QUOTE STEP 3 QUOTE & BIND STEP 4 FULL LIFECYCLE
    16. 16. Keeping the Funnel Flowing
    17. 17. Be Part of the Evolution… in/grantpattison @grant_pattison