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Mike Brooks - The 5 Keys to Winning Presentations


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Mike Brooks - The 5 Keys to Winning Presentations

  1. 1. /ConnectMembers @ConnectMembers Visit Sign up for free today and get 2 free contacts!
  2. 2. The Five Keys to Winning Presentations (Everything you need to close a sale!) Email:
  3. 3. What You’ll Learn Today * How to successfully present your product or service over the phone * What NOT to do during your presentation * Five Keys to making your presentations more effective * Specific examples to begin using on your next call
  4. 4. Winning Key #1 * Re-qualify at the beginning of the presentation * Don’t make the mistake that someone is interested or qualified just because they agreed to a presentation… * This is especially dangerous if you are handed a lead by an appointment setter * Re-qualifying reveals buying motives AND potential objections…
  5. 5. Winning Key #1 – Sample Statements to use “__________, before we begin, can you refresh my memory and tell me what you’re hoping to accomplish using our new lead generation system?” Or “So I can tailor this demo to the points that are most important to you, let me just start by asking you a few quick questions…” Now re-qualify for interest, decision maker, decision process, etc.
  6. 6. Winning Key #2 * Use a trial close before you start your presentation. * Always start by taking the pulse of your prospect. * Great way to get an idea of the objection or stall that will come at the end of your presentation * When you know what it is, you gain the leverage to deal with it better at the end
  7. 7. Winning Key #2 – Soften your trial close to sound professional Instead of asking, “If you like what you see today, is this something you’d act on?” You should ask, “_________, at the end of this presentation, if you think this would actually help to bring you those extra leads you’re telling me you need, is this something that you’d be able to make a decision on today?” OR - “What would the next step be?
  8. 8. Winning Key #2 – Use layering questions to drill down If your prospect says: “I’ll have to run this by my boss” Layer with: “And how much influence do you have in that decision process?”
  9. 9. Winning Key #3 Use Open-Ended Tie Downs Tie downs are a great way to evaluate how your presentation is going (crucial in inside sales) Problem is, most sales reps are still using worn out, closed ended tie downs This not only gets you zero information, but you also sound like a used car salesman Better tie-downs are open ended and encourage your prospect to engage with you!
  10. 10. Winning Key #3: Open-Ended Tie Down Examples Old tie down: “And that’s a nice feature isn’t it? Better, opened ended tie down: “And many clients use this reporting tool to judge the quality of their leads and measure their closing ratio. How might you use it?”
  11. 11. Winning Key #3: Open-Ended Tie Down Examples (continued…) Old tie down: “That would save you a lot of time, wouldn’t it?” Better, opened ended tie down: “My last client found they saved anywhere from four to six hours using our method. Now let me ask you – if you have an extra 6 hours in a week, what would you do with it?”
  12. 12. Winning Key #4 Build a YES Momentum Too many closers just keep pitching If they do use a tie down, it’s closed ended and actually alienates the prospect If you don’t build a YES momentum, then asking the sale at the end seems inappropriate and you’re just hoping for the best…
  13. 13. Winning Key #4: Build a YES Momentum Examples Ask better tie-downs to build your YES momentum: “Seeing how you do things now, is that something you could use?” “Most people would gladly pay for this if it would produce X, wouldn’t you?” “I know we’re a little more expensive than others, but based on what you’re seeing so far, do you see how the value justifies the spend here?”
  14. 14. Winning Key #5 Ask For the Order More Than Once The sale doesn’t start until the prospect has said no three times! Sales reps these days seem almost relieved to get a no or a stall and then just go away… Don’t be a pesky telemarketer, but do prepare for objections and learn to deal with them And always end your rebuttals by Asking for the Sale Again!
  15. 15. Key #5: Ask for the Sale Examples If your prospect says: “It costs too much,” you can respond with: “I understand that, and let’s face it – price is relative to the results. I mean, if this system generated a 10% increase in leads for you which resulted in $10,000 of additional revenue per month, then the price would be a bargain, wouldn’t it?” [If Yes] “Well that’s been the experience of my other clients, and since I’m sure you like bargains, too, let’s go ahead and put this to work for you….”
  16. 16. Key #5: Ask for the Sale Examples If your prospect says: “I’m just going to have to pass on this,” You can say: “__________, I know this is something you want and need, or you wouldn’t have spent so much time on the phone with me. Think about it: since this is a month to month service, you have everything to gain from this and not much to lose. Let’s do this: go ahead and sign up for our lead service right now, try it out for the month, and if you get the prospects and results I’ve been describing, you’ll be very happy you did! And if you don’t, you can cancel and you still get to keep the leads you do get from this. Here’s what we need to do to get you started…”
  17. 17. Summary of the Five Keys to Winning Presentations Winning Key #1: Re-qualifying at the Beginning Winning Key #2: Trail Closes at the Beginning Winning Key #3: Use Open-Ended Tie Downs Winning Key #4: Build a YES Momentum Winning Key #5: Ask For the Order More Than Once Special Offer to Help You Do All This
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