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Speakers: Andy MacMillan (, Beth Cossette (CenturyLink)

Research shows that more people use social media than email. Social has changed the marketing landscape forever. In this new marketing world, customers’ expectations and the rate of communications have all changed. In addition roles of individuals in an organization are changing. In this presentation we will discuss the changing landscape for marketers, how social is accretive to pipe generation, and how they can harness new tools achieve social success.

Original keynote presentation, Marketo User Summit 2012, May 23, 2012.

Andy MacMillan
Senior Vice President of Products,

Andy MacMillan is Salesforce’s Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing, where he is responsible for the product strategy and marketing of the leading cloud-based business data solution. In this role, he is focused on delivering data and insights that allow companies to transform into social enterprises by better understanding and engaging with their customers.

Prior to, Andy was Vice President of Product Management at Oracle, where he was responsible for the product strategy for Oracle’s Social Network and web experience products. Andy is also a Member of the Board of Directors for AIIM, the association for information management professionals. Andy holds a BA from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

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  • Because of the social revolution, we’re seeing a fundamental shift in marketingIt used to be about interruption marketing, but now it’s about invitation marketing. Companies ask customers to “Like” them on Facebook and “follow” them on Twitter. Your brand is the sum of conversations about it--your customers shape your brand.And the social revolution is also a trust revolution.We trust what companies say less and less…now we trust what our peers say more and more.Companies need to have a consistent experience across all their channels; companies have to listen to wherever those conversations are taking place because consumers expect it.
  • Marketers are doing a better job of listening, but how do they loop that back into demand generation? Social is still not driving campaigns. It requires more strategy, which is what we’ll be going over today.
  • Andy MacMillan (@apmacmillan) of (@datadotcom) on Transforming Lead Generation To Social

    1. 1. Transforming Lead Generation to Social Andy MacMillan SVP Products and Marketing,©  2012  Page  1   Marketo,  Inc.  Marketo  Proprietary  and  Confiden>al   ©  2012  Marketo,  Inc.         #mus12  
    2. 2. Succeeding as a Marketer is Not Easy in Today’s World Executives Key Roles for Marketers Sales Innovator ROI Driver Brand Steward Marketing Technologist R&D Crisis-Manager Service Data Analyst Customer Advocate Recruiting Recruiter
    3. 3. Social Media Has Changed Marketing ForeverThe Power of the Individual The Power of a The Intersection of Service The Speed of Change Movement and Marketing
    4. 4. People are Social, But Most Enterprises are Not Your customers and What about employees are social. your company?
    5. 5. Social Expectations Create a Fundamental Shift in Marketing Traditional Marketing Social Marketing Interruption Marketing Invitation Marketing Company controls brand perception Community shapes brand perception Trust company messages Trust Friend Recommendations Eyeballs and ears Hearts and Minds Centralized presence (www) Distributed presence Buy a list of names to email Social Listening & Engagement
    6. 6. The Service World is Starting to Adapt to Social 1,100 tweets per day handled by agents Automatic conversion of tweet-to-case170,000 Twitter followersNow resolves cases in first hour
    7. 7. Corporate Marketers Are Harnessing Social PowerGain Insight Engage Socially Deliver Brand Adapt Quickly Consistency
    8. 8. The SocialEnterprise
    9. 9. Campaign Marketers Are Adopting Social Too Social media marketing on its own does generate leads, yet it is becoming an key part of every campaign.
    10. 10. Social Changes the Campaign Tactics Pre-Social Interactions Social InteractionsSeller Buyer Seller Buyer Offer Respond Engage & Fulfill Fulfill
    11. 11. Being Social Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Your Practice Customer Engagement Lead Generation Success Social Marketing Traditional Marketing One Way Communication Leveraging the right mix will expand your ability to deliver more leads
    12. 12. Social Needs to Be A Key Theme Across B2B Channels “80% of business technology buyers engage in some form of social activity for work purposes.” – Forrester ResearchThe image cannot bedisplayed. Your computermay not have enoughmemory to open the image,or the image may have beencorrupted. Restart yourcomputer, and then open thefile again. If the red x stillappears, you may have todelete the image and theninsert it again.Events Website Email Blogs SEM Video Webinars SOCIAL
    13. 13. Delight Your Customers in a Whole New Way Employee CustomerSocial Network Social Network Social Collaborate Profile Market Work Service Extend Sell
    14. 14. Salesforce Delivers Social Tools for Marketers Radian6 Data.comListen & Engage Brand Consistency Connect & Convert
    15. 15. Beth CossetteSenior Manager,Social Media
    16. 16. CenturyLink is Revolutionizing Business TelecomCenturyLink Business is a choice of Fortune 500 companies, enterprises of all sizes,government agencies and educational organizations nationwide offering acomprehensive portfolio of data and voice networking communications solutionsthrough its high-quality network and multiple data centers. 2011 People’s Choice Award Best Social Media Campaign
    17. 17. CenturyLink’s Playbook for Social Campaigns 1 Listen & Analyze 2 Engage Influencers 3 Build Social-First Content 4 Enable Micro-Decisions 5 Make Your Customer a Hero 6 Clean with Good Data
    18. 18. It Starts with Listening to the Customer State of Mind What are your customers saying? 110 million tweets/day 1.5 billion Facebook posts/day Billions of blogs & communities
    19. 19. Identify and Engage Your Influencers Leverage the network Share information Don t push product
    20. 20. Build Content with an Eye Toward Social Need to Deliver Fresh, Relevant Content Across Multiple ChannelsCorporate Sites Social Sites Mobile Sites Micro Sites
    21. 21. Turn Your Advocates into Social HerosTell The Customer StoryMake Them A HeroGive Them a PlatformPush the Story Widely
    22. 22. Design Offers that Maximize Micro-decision Making Subject lineConvinces reader to open email Headline Lead with the value Customer success Shows social proof Body Short and snappy Call to Action #1
    23. 23. Clean Your Social Leads with Clean and Complete Data Increase social conversions by asking for less and backfilling the data
    24. 24. Drive Social to Conversions and Happy Customers1 Listen & Analyze2 Engage Influencers3 Build Social-First Content4 Enable Micro-Decisions5 Make Your Customer a Hero6 Clean with Good Data