It's All About the Content by @bhattibytes for @connectmembers


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Take your social presence to the next level by learning how to leverage content marketing to clearly establish your expertise and grow your influence.

Originally presented at the 4th Annual Connect Rainmaker Event in Las Vegas, NV. June, 2013

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It's All About the Content by @bhattibytes for @connectmembers

  1. 1. Social Media: It’s all aboutthe ContentBy: Jason BhattiDirector of Sales at Zemanta
  2. 2. #connectvip @connectmembers - Video
  3. 3. #connectvip @connectmembers
  4. 4. #connectvip @connectmembers more traffic come from company blogs.
  5. 5. #connectvip @connectmembers of marketers say blogs are the mostvaluable content type for marketing
  6. 6. #connectvip @connectmembers are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines
  7. 7. #connectvip @connectmembers is Social Media?Social media - refers to the means of interactions amongpeople in which they create, share, and exchange informationand ideas in virtual communities and networks.
  8. 8. #connectvip @connectmembers social network for your personal lifeSocial Network for your personal life
  9. 9. #connectvip @connectmembers of Professionals
  10. 10. #connectvip @connectmembers
  11. 11. #connectvip @connectmembers +Google’s answer to Facebook
  12. 12. #connectvip @connectmembers
  13. 13. #connectvip @connectmembers
  14. 14. #connectvip @connectmembers Your Brand“Choose a job youlove and you’llnever have towork a day in yourlife.”- Confucious
  15. 15. #connectvip @connectmembers “Crush It”
  16. 16. #connectvip @connectmembers§  Erik Qualman’s – Socialnomics; takesan in-depth look at social media andits role on our ever changing world.
  17. 17. #connectvip @connectmembers CircleQuestions? Comments?
  18. 18. #connectvip @connectmembers YOU