5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make Marketing Smarter


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Internet of things is more than a buzzword. It has the potential to change everything about the way we do modern marketing.

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5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make Marketing Smarter

  2. 2. The internet of things (IoT) may sound like a buzzword, but in reality...
  3. 3. It’s a technological revolution that will impact everything we do.
  4. 4. It’s a wave of new possibilities that is destined to change the face of technology as we know it.
  5. 5. what exactly is it? so...
  6. 6. IoT is THE GLUE between techonolgies using wireless communication
  7. 7. And not just smartphones and computers… IoT refers to everyday devices that are able to automatically exchange information over a network.
  8. 8. cars, refrigerators, cattle, etc WE’RE TALKING
  9. 9. You can outsource tasks like having your sprinklers check local weather before turning on or locking your doors with your tablet.
  10. 10. marketing? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH
  11. 11. IoT lets you easily exchange one of the most valuable commodities in any business… 1
  12. 12. ...sales data!
  13. 13. Connected devices can collect data and supply it back to you in real time, without the need for humans to direct and monitor the interaction.
  14. 14. This allows you to create informed marketing strategies and improve ROI on future sales.
  15. 15. provide useful feedback instantaneously. AND YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BE ABLE TO
  16. 16. So you’ll know quickly if a product isn’t living up to expectations or if adjustments need to be made.
  17. 17. instantly analyze your customers. IoT WILL WORK WITH YOUR CRM TO 2
  18. 18. We’re not talking just collecting and organizing customer data...
  19. 19. We’re talking data analysis with actionable results regarding your consumer base!
  20. 20. You can quickly understand where your client is in the buying journey…
  21. 21. ...So you can make every second count towards nurturing them and closing the deal.
  22. 22. know when they’re dying. DEVICES AND PRODUCTS 3
  23. 23. Smart devices perform their own diagnostics.
  24. 24. This means you’ll always know when it’s time for a repair or replacement well before it’s needed.
  25. 25. Smart-enabled devices could even place orders for replacement parts or refills themselves.
  26. 26. your social media as well. YOU CAN COMPLETELY AUTOMATE 4
  27. 27. When Facebook and Twitter first hit the scene several years ago, most marketers were less-than convinced that these new“social media”sites would be worth targeting.
  28. 28. Well, we all know how that turned out…
  29. 29. To date, 74% of brand marketers report a noticeable increase in traffic after investing just 6 hours a week in social media marketing efforts. 20,000 40,000 20,000 40,000 10,00010,000 VISITS
  30. 30. The IoT is already optimized for use with social media.
  31. 31. are regularly generated by devices themselves. AUTOMATED POSTS AND RESHARES
  32. 32. Next, new online communities will be developed that center around users of particular devices.
  33. 33. IoT devices, when coupled with social media, will allow marketers to identify and take advantage of new emerging trends.
  34. 34. In 2014, the impact of connected smart devices will add $1.9 trillion to the global economy, $ $ $ $ $ and disrupt every aspect of business. - Gartner
  35. 35. (click through rate) IMAGINE A 100% CTR 5
  36. 36. All these factors point to one final goal…
  37. 37. Smarter, more relevant marketing!
  38. 38. Objects are now being fitted with sensors and given constant network accessibility.
  39. 39. This is changing the face of advertising for both marketers and consumers.
  40. 40. will no longer rely on… MARKETERS
  41. 41. ...banner ads or pop-ups...
  42. 42. ...based on a cookie from a website someone visited on Tuesday.
  43. 43. most IoT devices won’t even be able to process or display such crude ploys. AFTER ALL,
  44. 44. The age of interruptive, irrelevant ads will finally come to the end.
  45. 45. AND IN IT’S PLACE...
  46. 46. ...A whole new world where advertising is beneficial and 100% relevant!
  47. 47. Advertising that aligns with interests, behaviors, and IoT devices they already own.
  49. 49. Imagine a light bulb is dying in your“smart”home.
  50. 50. note of the need for a replacement… THE HOME COULD NOT ONLY MAKE A
  51. 51. It could also send you a coupon for a new bulb on your phone.
  53. 53. … If it could tell you how many hours the bulb had left before burning out.
  54. 54. This type of marketing would reach the consumers when it matters most.
  55. 55. And it would save marketers from wasting thousands of dollars on irrelevant advertising.
  56. 56. Marketers would need to have a detailed understanding of their consumers in order to take advantage of the new opportunities being made available.
  57. 57. But those who are able to make the transition will find that the IoT allows them the opportunity to stop being marketers…
  58. 58. …And to finally start being valuable business resources!
  59. 59. the Internet of Things isn’t going anywhere IN CONCLUSION
  60. 60. There is expected to be 75 billion connected devices by 2020.
  61. 61. becoming smarter WITH BILLIONS OF THINGS
  62. 62. ...Don’t let your marketing strategy fall behind.
  63. 63. Think about how you currently interact with your products and apps.
  64. 64. Start thinking about how your marketing can leverage smart devices.
  65. 65. gives a new meaning to the old adage... THINK ABOUT HOW THE IoT
  66. 66. not harder. WORK SMARTER.
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