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How To Turn Likes To Leads


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Published in: Business, Technology
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How To Turn Likes To Leads

  1. Turning Likes Into Leads Jennifer Burnham Director of Social & Content Marketing @jennydburnham
  2. “What s the value of social media?
  3. Where We Were 2 Years Ago
  4. We Started By Listening
  5. Managing Conversation Volume 80,000 # @ ? Brand Mentions Each Month 26,000 1,200 Read by the Community Team ! Actively Engaged
  6. Early Success Metrics 1 Engagement Coverage 2 Brand Mentions & Sentiment 3 Customer Service Case Deflection
  7. We Created Content That Delights Re-Tweets Comments Likes Positive Sentiment Shares Embeds
  8. Turning Likes Into Leads 1,000,000 Subscribers Content & Conversations Form Completes Nurture Sales
  9. 1 Channel Alignment Map Your Channels Consistent Branding No Broken Windows
  10. 2 Grow Subscribers to Reach Critical Mass Subscriber Growth Leaderboard Top Tactics: Content Calendar, Like Gate Campaigns, Advertising
  11. 3 Build Compelling Offers Landing Page Sample Offers: ü  Webinar ü  E-Book ü  Gated Video
  12. 4 Use Owned and Paid Media To Promote Suggested Cadence 1 Big Offer / Month 4 Blog Posts / Month 4 FB Posts / Month 16 Tweets / Month
  13. 5 Track Your Campaigns http://na1.salesforce.c
  14. 6 Align Content To Audience 1 Personas Personas and Audiences 2 Influencers 3 Relevant Content
  15. 7 Create Content At Each Buyer Stage Top of Funnel Mid-Funnel Core Offers
  16. 8 Clicks on a Tweet Nurture Content Marketing Leads Watched a Video SEM Posted a Question Read a Post Free Trial Viewed a Presentation Contact Me Became a Fan Liked a Post Re-Tweeted a Post Event Registration eBook Offer 1 Lead Scoring Marketing Automation 2 Personalized Journeys 3 Campaign Attribution Brand Mention
  17. Optimize Your Content Marketing Funnel # Views / Quarter % Click-Through Content Promotion Optimization Soft Offer % Form Completes Landing Page Confirmation Page % Qualified Leads % Close Rate $$$Avg. Deal Size ACV Lead Nurturing Sales Follow Up Sales Effectiveness $$$ Pipeline +Pipeline Influenced +SEO +Subscribers…
  18. Results: Lower Cost Per Lead SMB Customer target 50% Lower Cost Per Lead Social drives repeatable, meaningful ROI for SMB and Sales audiences
  19. Results: nd 2 Highest Pipe To Spend Pipe-to-spend ratio for Paid Social averaging 5:1, close to channel averages
  20. New Sources of Leads New email addresses go into marketing automation system Users are cookied for ad re-targeting Shares, likes, and comments influence search rankings Campaign ROI P +Inbound Links Impression SEO (Google Search) Impacts Our Existing Pipeline Engines Search Results Click (Organic Results) +Ad Dollars Lead Quality Impression SEM Search Results (Google Search) Click (Google AdWords) Hard Offer +Ad Dollars Display Advertising (Ad Networks) Landing Page A (Free Trial, Demo) Qualified Leads Impression 3rd Party Sites Click (Display Ads) Click P Social Adds Two New Pipeline Engines Soft Offer +Email Addresses Social Profile Email Drop (Heart of Marketing) Leads by Source (eBook, Contest, App) Impression Email Marketing Landing Page B Social Requires More Soft Offers Click (Newsletter, Offer) Top Content Click Content +Social Media Subscribers Content Marketing (Social Heart of Marketing) (Blog Post, Video, Website) Impression Social Post (Facebook, Twitter...) Content Click Subscribers Fuel the Viral Loop Great content & engagement earns subscribers Sharing, Likes +Ad Dollars Social Advertising (Social Heart of Marketing) Impression Social Ad Promoted Content Engagement (Facebook, Twitter...) Advertising is the fastest way to grow subscribers Capture new subscribers with reveal pages, great content, & website integration Conversation Volume
  21. What We re Measuring Today 1 Inbound Traffic to Website 2 Form Completes 3 Valid Leads 4 Pipeline $$$
  22. Four Apps We Use Every Day 1 2 Sales Cloud 3 Marketing Automation 4 Chatter Jennifer Burnham Director of Content Marketing @jennydburnham