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How to Overcome the Stall in Sales by @Top20Percent for @datadotcom


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top being put off by objections that stall your sales - and your income!

If you want to know word-for-word the most effective way to handle the stalls you get every day, then join us for an all new webinar called How To Overcome The Stall In Sales!

This webinar features Mike Brooks, President of Mr. Inside Sales, and in it you will learn proven, word-for-word scripts to help you overcome the stalls and objections you get when you are prospecting and closing sales. Attend today and make more sales, with more confidence tomorrow!

You will effectively overcome stalls such as:

During the Cold Call:
- We aren't interested right now.
- Could you email me something?

During the Close:
- I'll show this to my regional manager/boss.
- We're still looking at a couple of different options right now.

Plus you will get a bonus voicemail script for prospects who are stalling you as well!

Stop being put off by objections that stall your sales and your income.

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How to Overcome the Stall in Sales by @Top20Percent for @datadotcom

  1. 1. “How to Overcome the Stall in Sales!”Visit our Website: Email:
  2. 2. Send your questions 3 ways: Tweet: @datadotcom #jigsawcontactsVia The Corner! in the Question’s box on your screen
  3. 3. How to Overcome the Stall in Sales!• What sales stalls are and why prospects use them• How Top 20% Producers handle and get past them• Why the other 80% of sales reps struggle and get blown off by stalls• Proven Scripts you can begin using now to get past and overcome the stall! An Amazing Jigsaw Thought Leadership Webinar Offer!
  4. 4. What is the Stall and why do prospects use them? A stall is when prospects don’t want to engage with you or want to avoid making a decision. Common stalls include:• “We’re not interested right now”• “Could you email me something?”• “Well I’ll show it to my regional manager…”
  5. 5. Why Prospects Use Stalls:• On prospecting calls, they don’t want to deal with another sales person• They aren’t interested, and it’s just easier to make up an excuse rather than explain• On closing calls they aren’t really the decision maker!• They have other options and simply aren’t ready to make a decision
  6. 6. How do Top Producers overcome the stall or brush off?1) Preparation – they know what’s coming (80% of objections are the same)2) They’ve identified the best scripted responses to handle the stall and they use them over and over (they practice perfection)3) This allows them to get to the real objection and then handle and overcome it
  7. 7. Why 80% of sales reps struggle with sales stalls:1. Most sales reps haven’t taken the time to learn proven responses to the sales stalls they get over and over again2. Because of this, they tend to ad-lib and make up responses to common blow offs and selling situations3. This only makes things worse because their responses are ineffective and they generally answer with something like, “Ah, when should I get back with you?”4. This just causes more and more stalls, and a lot of missed sales!
  8. 8. There is a better way!If you want to be successful at handling and overcoming the stall in sales, then…Do what the top producers do – be prepared in advance with these proven,scripted responses, andPractice and rehearse them, and then use them each time you get these commonobjections and stalls! Let’s start with a stall you get when prospecting…..
  9. 9. “We’re not interested right now”“That’s fine, _________. And one thing we both know is true is that thingschange. All I’d like to do for you now is to let you know of another resource soif you are in need of (another supplier, another quote, etc.), you’ll have someoneto check with. Let me ask you…”“When was the last time you shopped (prices/suppliers/vendors) for this?”“If you found that you could (save $ or increase coverage) with what we have,what would your interest level be?“Who’s the best person to talk to about (your subject area)?”
  10. 10. “Could you email me something?”“I’d be happy to do, and let me ask you something:“If you like something you see in our information, how open are you todiscussing making a change in (how you handle….) this area?”“How about we make an appointment with you now to go over it once youreceive it?”“Sure, and let me ask you – and please be honest with me – what’s the likelyhood that you’d actually (add/change/try) a new company/solution in thisarea?
  11. 11. “Could you email me something?” Cont.“Actually, it’s best to go over this together – tell you what: I can eithertake a few minutes now to go over this, or I can set an appointment withyou tomorrow when you have a bit more time – what’s better for you?”“Who’s the best person to talk to about (your subject area)?”
  12. 12. Stalls during the Close:• This is when a whole new list of stalls can come and kill yoursale.• The secret again is to be prepared for what’s coming.• One big problem comes when you’re not dealing with thedecision maker…
  13. 13. “Well I’ll show it to my regional manager”“What did he/she say the last time you showed them something like this?”“You probably have some insight into what their agenda is – question: howopen are they to buying/investing/adding in something like this?”“And how much input do YOU have?”[If a lot]“And what do you think you should be doing in this area?”
  14. 14. “We’re still looking at a couple of different options on this right now”• “Out of the possible options you’re looking at right now, which one looks best to you?”• “___________, from your viewpoint, what do you think might stand in the way of your company (or you) moving forward with a solution like ours right now?”• “What do you think is going to be the deciding factor on moving forward?”
  15. 15. Voicemail for Prospects who are stalling you by not calling you back:“Hi _________ this is _______ ________ again with (your company). I’m sorrywe haven’t been able to get back together on this – if you’re like me, then I’m sureyou’re being pulled in many different directions and are real busy. Do me a favor,though, when you get this message, just call me back and leave me a voice mailwith what you’ve decided to do about (your proposal or demo or quote). If you’restill interested in it, great, but even if you’ve decided not to move forward with it,that’s fine as well. Either way it would just be nice to know.Thanks in advance for that, and I’ll look for your call. You can reach me at (yournumber). That number again is area code (your number). Thanks again,________.”
  16. 16. Overcoming the Stall in Sales is Easy if…• You’re prepared for the objections and stalls you get all the time• You use proven and effective scripted responses to overcome them• You’re prepared to “Practice Perfection” on each call Here’s a way to do all of the above:
  17. 17. This is the Complete System! Limited Time Offer – Just 25 Sets Available• CD #2: Cold Calling Success • JUST $149 For Both! ($300• How to handle Reflex Objections Value!)• How to eliminate screening FOREVER!• The real definition of a Qualified Lead• How to avoid rejection• How to handle incoming leads• Avoiding call reluctance• How to use Voice Mail and Email to your advantage• And Much, Much More!! AND “The Complete Book of Phone• CD #4: How To Handle The Top Ten Scripts” eBook - $49.00 value Objections• Learn scripted responses to the objections that are blowing you out of the water!• “The price is too high”• “I need to talk to ______”• “I need to think about it”• “I already have a supplier…”• And Much More!
  18. 18. Want to hear about upcoming webinars?Be sure you sign up on! Find more Thought Leadership content and past webinars/recordings on The Corner! us anytime: @datadotcom /datadotcom