How 3 Brands Used Webinars to Drive New Business by @WebinarReady for @connectmembers


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Are you delivering webinars that engage with prospects and meet or exceed your lead generation objectives? If you're looking for a new take to attract prospective buyers, you'll want to attend this complimentary webinar and learn how 2 emerging and 1 global brand used webinars to reach new customers.

We'll highlight each company's goals, target audience, metrics, and great commercial results, and you'll see how webinars result in the gift that keeps on giving. You will hear how:

- A training company used a webinar to find and close a $1 million deal
- A new thought leadership category emerged for a technology company
- A web based analytics firm generated 774 on demand viewings

This webinar will be presented by Mike Agron of WebAttract. Follow Mike on Twitter at @WebinarReady and on the LinkedIn WebAttract Thought Leadership Webinars & Webcasts Group.

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How 3 Brands Used Webinars to Drive New Business by @WebinarReady for @connectmembers

  1. 1. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTCase Studies:How 3 Brands Used Webinars to Drive New BusinessMike AgronCo-FounderExecutive Webinar ProducerWebAttract,
  2. 2. Send your questions 3 ways:Tweet: @connectmembersVia The Corner! in the Question’s box on your screen
  3. 3. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTWhat We’re Going to CoverBrandProfileChallenges ObjectivesBusinessOutcomesRole ofMetricsSuccessFactors
  4. 4. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTWhat We Want You To Walk Away With• Webinar effectiveness on business impact• How a proven methodology optimizes outcomes• Role of metrics & benchmarks• Challenge the status quo with new ideas• Have your questions answered• Resources to get started
  5. 5. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTThen - Reaching B2B Buyers
  6. 6. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTToday - Reaching B2B Buyers is Done Online
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  9. 9. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTThink of a Radio Show With Pictures
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  11. 11. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTThe WebinarReady Life Cycle
  12. 12. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTGather Life Cycle IntelligenceBEFORE EVENTGather profile dataInterestsSocial Media DURING WEBINAROnline pollsLive QuestionsSocial MediaSurveysAFTER EVENTSurveysOn-Demand ViewsSocial MediaLead Nurturing
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  14. 14. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTCommercialOutcomesValue to Your AudienceHigh Value – High Impact
  15. 15. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTWebinar Demand Generation ChallengesAttractEngageConvert
  16. 16. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTPoll #1Which of the following are your biggest webinar challenges?(Please select one) Attracting the right audience and more of them Engaging your audience Converting them from a prospect into a customer Other
  17. 17. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow a training company used a webinar tofind and close a MILLION dollar deal
  18. 18. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTChallengesGo beyond traditional channelsRepurpose 30 years of contentNeeded fresh new prospects
  19. 19. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTObjectivesReinforce HJF thought leadershipPromote brand to a broader base1:1 conversations with decision makers
  20. 20. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTWebinars Are Magnets for Attracting ProspectsThat Are Ripe To Become Your CustomersDisruption – Pain PointsBetter OutcomesActively Looking for a SolutionOR
  22. 22. thefriedmangroup.comShake Up Your Company, Your Store, Your PeopleAnd Sales Increases Will FollowUnited States · Brazil · Argentina · Chile · India · New Zealand · AustraliaSouth Africa · Colombia · Central America · MexicoWelcome To The Webinar!Wednesday, September 22, 201011 am - noon Pacific noon - 1 pm Mountain1 pm - 2 pm Central 2 pm - 3 pm EasternAudio is available via landline or VoIPFor VoIP: You will be connected to audio using yourcomputer’s speakers or headset.For Landline: Select Use Audio ModeUse Telephone after joining the Webinar.US/Canada attendees dial 516- 453- 0014Webinar ID: 113-306-419
  23. 23. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTA Time for Story Telling
  24. 24. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTBusiness Outcomes• Closed a Million Dollar sale• Achieved 3 key objectives• Started Webinar Wednesdays• Offering a suite of eLearning modules
  25. 25. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTWhat Does It Measure? What Does It Predict?Percent of PeoplePeople who RegisterClick to Registration PageRegistration - AttendanceRegistration landing pageMessage and value propThe #1 Predictable MetricClick Thru Ratio (CTR)
  26. 26. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTMetricsKey Metrics ResultsRegistered 501 = 39% CTRAttended 270 = 54% ARSatisfaction – Response Rate 91% - 31%
  27. 27. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTSuccess Factors• Matched value prop to recruitment targets• Used daily tracking to measure progress• Informed rather than sold• Gave valuable content to get interest• Leveraged disruptive nature of retail to gobeyond the status quo• Clear call to action via tips & resources
  28. 28. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow a well known technology companyused thought leadership toestablish a new category
  29. 29. © 2012 Intel-GE Care Innovations LLC. All rights reserved.*All other third-party trademarks referenced herein belong to their respective owners.Monitoring Technology Provides Vital Information to HelpBoost Community Service Levels and Occupancy RatesTuesday, June 26, 2012DHF-XXXX, Rev. 0.09 am – 10 am Pacific 10am – 11 am Mountain11 am – noon Central Noon – 1 pm EasternAudio is available via landline Or VoIPFor VoIP: You will be connected to audio using your computer’s speakers or headset.For Landline: Please select Use Audio Mode Use Telephone after joining the Webinar.US/Canada attendees dial +1 (832) 225-5864 Access Code 232-327-683Need Technical Assistance?Submit a question via your “Questions” pane,or contact GoToWebinar at: 1-800-263-6317 Select options 2,1,1
  30. 30. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTChallengesTarget Multiple Decision MakersLow awareness of category & brandTight economy impacting budgets
  31. 31. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTObjectivesExplain technology beyond sound bitesElegantly introduce brand without sellingTest efficiency of a webinar
  32. 32. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACT47%22%18%13%Which type of business best describes your community?Assisted LivingCommunityOtherCCRCSenior RetirementCommunityMetrics - Validating Audience Profile
  33. 33. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTMessage Shaping IdeasDuring registration “always” ask “What would you like to learn”?
  34. 34. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTBusiness Results & OutcomesRaising AwarenessEstablished ThoughtLeadershipROI Case StudyIncrease Downloads& Web ActivityOn Demand ViewsNew Sales Prospects“Hot List” for AMsBucket #1 Engaged withSales (15 – 20%)Bucket #2 NurturingSales Funnel (80%)Bucket #3 Non-qualifiedor opted outData MiningInsight for EstablishingNew ConversationsInstant Add of HighQuality ContactsWebinar Now a SalesTool - #3 Go Live!6.5.13One Deal Will More Than Pay For the Webinar Investment
  35. 35. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTSuccess Factors• Featured a well known editor as a panelist• Used subject swaps to optimize registration• Balanced needs of professional caregivers concerns• Resisted pitching product or overt sales tactics• Professional moderator drove sound checks,dress rehearsals and go live!
  36. 36. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow a web based analytics firmgenerated 774 on demand viewings
  38. 38. NOTE: For Internal Use Only The Audience Won’tSee This. Last Updated 10.14.10 mhaWelcome toDesigning and Verifying SafetyInstrumented SystemsModerator: Mike Agron, Executive Webinar ProducerWednesday December 8, 201011 am – noon Pacific noon – 1 pm Mountain1 pm – 2 pm Central 2 pm – 3 pm EasternAudio is available via landline or VoIPFor VoIP:You will be connected to audio using your computer’s speakers or headset.For Landline:Please select Use Audio Mode Use Telephone after joining the Webinar.US/Canada attendees dial +1 323 417 460Webinar ID 310885130
  39. 39. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTChallengesRise above noise to create visiblityReach a niche targetFeed the demand gen funnel
  40. 40. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTObjectivesShow thought leadershipAchieve 500 registrantsIntro audience to online reference tools
  41. 41. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTKey MetricsOn Demand Viewings431 viewings in first 45 daysViewing # - % Total ViewingsTotal Registrations 666 (CTR = 45%)Total Attendance 353 (51%)Registered – Did Not Attend 90 viewings - 12%Attended – Repeat Viewing 59 viewings - 8%Fresh New Leads - Viral 617 viewings – 80%Total On Demand Viewings 774 viewings = 116% Reg.
  42. 42. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTSuccess Factors• Created must have vs. nice to have topic• Used subject matter experts to create story arc• Promoted thought leadership, no selling• 97% of attendees said it met or exceeded• Had a clear internal call to action to schedule40 post webinar meetings
  44. 44. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTCommercialOutcomesValue to Your AudienceHigh Value – High Impact
  45. 45. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTWebinar Demand Generation ChallengesAttractEngageConvert
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  48. 48. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTTo Continue the ConversationWebAttract Thought Leadership Webinars and or @WebinarReady+1.916.804.4703Best Practice Videos - Case Studies – Blog - eBooksCustomer & Thought Leadership WebinarsSeptember 9-11, 2013Cleveland,OhioLunch n’ Learn Series – Wed. Sept. 11“How to Develop a Webinar Series that Works”
  49. 49. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTPoll #2To learn more and continue the conversation(Please select all that apply) Send me my complimentary download ofWebinarReady™ - How to Host SuccessfulWebinars I’d like to arrange a complimentary follow onmeeting with WebAttract
  50. 50. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTYour Turn – Questions & AnswersCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTMike AgronCo-FounderExecutive Webinar ProducerWebAttract,