Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls by @wendyweiss for @connectmembers


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It’s harder than ever to reach prospects. Todays super busy, stressed out prospects don’t answer their phones and instead hide behind voice mail. Your emails all seem to be lost in cyberspace.

How can you sell successfully when you can never speak directly with prospects?

In this information-packed, live training session you will learn:

· The Voice Mail Formula: Use this proven method and see your prospect response rate jump

· The voice mail message that almost always gets a return phone call

· 2 email tactics to avoid like the plague because they send your emails directly to spam

· And much, much more!

PRESENTER: Wendy Weiss, Business Development Specialist

Wendy Weiss is known as The Queen of Cold Calling™. An author, speaker, sales trainer, and sales coach, Wendy is recognized as one of the leading authorities on lead generation, cold calling and new business development.

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Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls by @wendyweiss for @connectmembers

  1. 1. Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls Presented by: Wendy Weiss The Queen of Cold Calling™ © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  2. 2. Send your questions 3 ways: @connectmembers Questions Box The Corner!
  3. 3. Do you wonder…? © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  4. 4. We will Talk About:  Eliminating frustration  One word can make the difference  Get prospects calling you back now  How to go further © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  5. 5. The Queen of Cold Calling © 2013 Wendy Weiss
  6. 6. What is the goal…  Voice mail?  Email? © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  7. 7. What has to happen to be effective?  Message arrives  Attention  Listen/Read  Contact information  Respond © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  8. 8. Problem #1: No System “What’s measured, improves.” --Peter Drucker © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  9. 9. Solution: Voice Mail Campaign + Email  Builds rapport  Increases credibility  Increases response © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  10. 10. Problem #2: Message Makes No Impact  No one cares what you do or sell  Your message = Commodity = Delete  Too much information = Confusion = Delete © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  11. 11. Solution: The Voice Mail Formula  Say your name and telephone number at least twice, slowly.  Lead with the value, benefits, outcomes and/or results  Give an example  Ask your prospect to call you back © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  12. 12. Problem #3: No Call to Action  The goal  Direct  Indirect © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  13. 13. Indirect Call to Action: The ‘Move On’ Message  The last message in the sequence  Some prospects are in the market  The most returned message  Recycle the lead if you do not hear back © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  14. 14. Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls  Problem #1: No System Solution: Voice Mail Campaign + Email  Problem #2: Message Makes No Impact Solution: The Voice Mail Formula  Problem #3: No Call to Action Solution: Compel Prospects to Action © 2013, Wendy Weiss
  15. 15. The Sales Winner’s Handbook 53 Word-for-Word Scripts to Get the Appointment, Sail Through Objections, and Get the Sale... 144 Questions to Qualify Prospects, Gather Critical Information, Gain Agreement, Justify Price and Close the Sale… Claim $227 Worth of Additional Business-Building Audios & Guides - FREE... Next 24 Hours… FREE Priority Shipping in the US. © 2013, Wendy Weiss Next 24 Hours…
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