Get It Right the First Time: User Administration


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Struggling with the best way to set up your user profiles, role hierarchies, and sharing rules? We've got the answers you need. Join us for this nitty-gritty session on key considerations and best practices for user administration.

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Get It Right the First Time: User Administration

  1. 1. Get It Right the First Time: User Administration<br />Administrators<br />William Lem:<br />Adam Torman:<br />Bud Vieira:<br />John Almeida: Pyramis Global Advisors<br />
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  3. 3. Agenda<br />Introduction<br />William Lem –<br />Record Sharing Modeling – from Requirements to Fitting It All Together<br />Adam Torman & Bud Vieira –<br /> Customer Testimonial – Real World Use Case<br />John Almeida – Pyramis Global Advisors<br />Questions & Answers<br />CHATTER your questions to the Get It Right the First Time: User Administration Session record in the Dreamforce org<br />
  4. 4. Adam TormanSr. Product ManagerBud Vieira Sr. Product Manager<br /><br />
  5. 5. Where do I begin?!<br />Teams<br />Public<br /> Groups<br />Role Hierarchy<br />Manual Sharing<br />Apex ManagedSharing<br />Sharing Rules<br />Queues<br />Profiles<br />!<br />Org Wide Defaults<br />Territory Management<br />
  6. 6. Profiles & Sharing – Perfect Together!<br />Profiles<br />What objects can I access<br />Read/Create/Edit/Delete<br />Sharing<br />What records can I access<br />Read/Write/Transfer/Full<br />
  7. 7. How does it all fit together?<br />Sharing RulesPer Object<br />Role Hierarchy<br />Manual SharingPer Record<br />Wider Access<br />Sharing Conflict? The MOST permissive wins!<br />Org Wide DefaultsPer Object<br />Profile CRUD Per Object<br />!<br />Security is aboutother peoples records.<br />You will always see your own (and your employee’s) records.<br />
  8. 8. In the beginning ...<br /><ul><li>Every user has a profile
  9. 9. First user in every org is always the System Administrator Profile
  10. 10. One user in an org = open security
  11. 11. Multiple users = birth of security
  12. 12. Create profiles with less access than Admin
  13. 13. Controls more than object access</li></li></ul><li>Profile Best Practices<br /><ul><li>Create / assign custom profiles
  14. 14. Mass edit using Enhanced Profile List Views
  15. 15. Troubleshoot using Setup Audit Trail
  16. 16. Remove unused profiles
  17. 17. Limit total # of profiles</li></li></ul><li>Profile Roadmap<br /><ul><li>Enhanced Profile User Interface
  18. 18. Permission Sets – Multiple profiles per user
  19. 19. Granular Login-As permissions</li></li></ul><li>Org Wide Defaults<br /><ul><li>For any object, ask yourself:
  20. 20. Should all users have at least Edit access?
  21. 21. Should all users have at least Read access?
  22. 22. Should only certain users have access?
  23. 23. Example: </li></ul>“We need everybody to be able to view Leads to avoid duplicates”<br /><ul><li>For each object, set the right default sharing model – Public Read/Write, Public Read, or Private</li></ul>!<br />Org Wide Default<br />
  24. 24. Manual Sharing<br />Manual Sharing<br /><ul><li>Initially, Private data will be visible only to record owners and Admins
  25. 25. Record owners can share data to other people, Roles and Groups
  26. 26. This is the simple model you see on Facebook or Google Docs
  27. 27. For most companies, this kind of owner-driven sharing is not sufficient to meet business needs</li></li></ul><li>Role Hierarchy<br />Role Hierarchy<br /><ul><li>All but the smallest companies have concerns about management visibility and control
  28. 28. Building a Role Hierarchy puts all the management structure in place ...
  29. 29. Managers see subordinate’s data
  30. 30. Reporting roll-up and drill-down
  31. 31. Forecasting hierarchy
  32. 32. Filtering for views and reports – “My teams”</li></li></ul><li>Example – Role Hierarchy Scenario<br />SFDC Demo Org has a PRIVATE Org-Wide Default for their Accounts, and CONTROLLED BY PARENT default for their Contacts<br />Vanessa Central and Kasey Central are both in the Central Sales role<br />Vanessa just got a promotion to VP of Central Sales and now needs visibility to all Central Sales’ Contact records<br />
  33. 33. Roles, Groups, and Queues<br />Public Groups<br /><ul><li>Roles give you a lot for free, but what about overlays and matrix roles?
  34. 34. Public Groups allow you to create an arbitrary collection of people and share records to them
  35. 35. You can include Roles and other Groups as members of Public Groups
  36. 36. Queues support teams that work collectively on tasks like sales lead and support case management
  37. 37. Any member of a queue can take ownership of a record while they are working it</li></ul>Role Hierarchy<br />Queues<br />
  38. 38. Sharing Rules<br /><ul><li>Support collaboration and matrix management
  39. 39. Share between Roles in different Hierarchy branches
  40. 40. Share to Public Groups
  41. 41. Set the access level to be granted – Read or Edit
  42. 42. Records to be shared determined by owner (now) or Criteria on the record (coming soon!)</li></ul>Sharing Rules<br />
  43. 43. Example – Sharing Rules Scenario<br />Brenda Support is part of the Billing Support team, and is in the Billing Support role<br />Brenda’s responsibilities is to handle technical issues for the Central Sales’ Opportunities, so she now needs visibility to only those Opportunity records<br />
  44. 44. Advanced Topics<br />Teams<br />Other features support more advanced sharing requirements:<br /><ul><li>Account and Opportunity owners can create Teams
  45. 45. Territory Management automates Account assignment and access
  46. 46. Apex Managed Sharing allows customers to code to their unique requirements</li></ul>Apex ManagedSharing<br />Territory Management<br />
  47. 47. Sharing Best Practices<br />Where should I start ?<br />Keep data Public where possible, restrict where necessary<br />Take full advantage of the Role Hierarchy<br />Create Public Groups and Sharing Rules to fill in gaps<br />Allow Account and Opportunity owners to create the teams they need<br />Contact Support if you have more complex sharing needs<br />!<br />
  48. 48. Sharing Roadmap<br />Criteria Based Sharing<br /><ul><li>Target sharing precisely and regardless of ownership
  49. 49. Define a set of records based on field values
  50. 50. Share to any collection of users
  51. 51. Dynamically adjusts sharing when field values are updated</li></ul>{ IF Industry = Pharma AND Deal Size > $100,000 ... }<br />
  52. 52. How does it all fit together?<br />Sharing RulesPer Object<br />Role Hierarchy<br />Manual SharingPer Record<br />Wider Access<br />Sharing Conflict? The MOST permissive wins!<br />Org WideDefaultsPer Object<br />Profile CRUD Per Object<br />!<br />Security is aboutother peoples records.<br />You will always see your own (and your employee’s) records.<br />
  53. 53. John AlmeidaDirector of CRM and Business Analysis<br />Pyramis Global Advisors<br />
  54. 54. All About Pyramis Global Advisors(a Fidelity Investments company)<br />Pyramis Global Advisors, a Fidelity Investments company, was formed to deliver asset management products and services designed to meet the needs of institutional market investors around the world. We are a multiclass asset manager, offering both traditional long-only and alternative equity, as well as fixed income and real estate debt and REIT investment strategies. While the Pyramis organization was formed in 2005, Fidelity has been managing money for institutions for more than 25 years.<br />Pyramis provides asset management services to 16 of the largest 25 US-based defined benefit plans with a total of $158 billion in AUM.<br /><ul><li>INDUSTRY: Financial Services
  55. 55. EMPLOYEES: 400 Pyramis (40,000 Fidelity)
  56. 56. GEOGRAPHY: Global
  57. 57. # USERS: 135
  58. 58. PRODUCTS USED: Content, Mobile, Custom Apex and VisualForce apps</li></li></ul><li>Use Case<br />Account Sharing Rule<br />The default level of access our users have to each others’ data. For Accounts, it’s Private.Our Accounts are assigned, by territory, to one Relationship Manager each.<br /><ul><li>Sharing requirement:
  59. 59. Allows for any user in the Consultant Relations role (and subordinates) to have access to each others’ Accounts.
  60. 60. All Internal Users is a standard Public Group. Allows for any Account to be shared with users in the Marketing Events role.</li></li></ul><li>First, get the Profile CRUD permissions and Org Wide Defaults right<br />Second, take full advantage of a good, solid Role Hierarchy<br />Third, fill in any gaps using Public Groups and Sharing Rules<br />Finally, there are other advanced sharing features to handle complex requirements:<br />Territory Management<br />Queues<br />Apex Managed Sharing<br />Manual Sharing<br />Key Take-Aways To Get It Right The First Time<br />
  61. 61. Question & Answer<br />William Lem<br />Principal Support Account Specialist<br />Adam Torman<br />Senior Product Manager<br />Bud Vieira<br />Senior Product Manager<br />John Almeida<br />Director of CRM and Business Analysis<br />
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  63. 63. Get It Right the First Time: User Administration<br />
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