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Future of Sales Performance


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Published in: Marketing

Future of Sales Performance

  1. 1. Future of Sales Performance CAROL Fong – Director for Commercial Sales, Salesforce
  2. 2. The Way Customers Buy Has Changed CEB: “The Challenger Sales: Driving Growth by Taking Control of the Customer Conversation.” 2014 Through buying cycle before engaging with salesperson Suspect Prospect Lead Opportunity Order Close % 57
  3. 3. Effects of Being Disconnected Not enough pipeline Reduced time selling Poor performance “79% of marketing leads at most companies are not pursued.“ “68% of a sales rep’s time is spent…not selling” “…72% increase in the timeline for their typical sales cycle in the last 5 years” Source: Gartner
  4. 4. Engage Early: Key to Impact in the 57% Follow up on the best leads faster Engage sales earlier in the buying process Give sales their own automated marketer Email Website Social Media Community References Customer
  5. 5. “Salesforce has completely changed the way we do business. The more we use it, the more opportunities we see arising from it.” Mark Hobson, CEO Salesforce delivers gold: a single view of the customer Started seeing the benefits of Sales Cloud within two weeks of implementation. Instantaneous visibility into customer interactions – which opens the door to new opportunities. Telemarketing team can slice the data to extract a call list that segmented down to a few hundred people who do a specific task Journalists can approach users of specific technologies to get direct insights and commentary
  6. 6. Connect: The Age of the Digital Native Connect the enterprise, the customer and the ecosystem Right information, on-demand, anywhere Repeatability, consistency and accuracy Create an experience they will love Sales Force Automation “Mobile sales app usage will more than double in the next two years” 2015 State of Sales: Insights on success from over 2,300 global sales leaders
  7. 7. “Our sales team has used Salesforce capabilities from anywhere in the world; and our customers have been given complete control over their accounts.” Sundi Balu, CIO Telstra Global Enterprises & Services Telstra: connecting a global network of customers Connecting Everything Telstra does is inspired by the customer Deliver end-to-end connectivity to every part of the business, in every part of the world, to the customer Improved connectivity makes it quicker and easier for the customers; and more cost-effective Decreased development cycles from months to weeks for some applications Improved the book-to-bill ratio .
  8. 8. Aggregate your data around the customer Keep data current Mine the data for better, faster and more accurate decisions “High performing teams are 3.5 times more likely to use sales analytics” 3.5 Your Customers Apps Service Sales Communities Marketing Monetise Your Data X 2015 State of Sales: Insights on success from over 2,300 global sales leaders
  9. 9. “Salesforce gives us the ability to make an intelligent assessment of our markets, which is the key to continued growth.” Scott Avirett, Director of Sales Johnson Controls connects Asia sales community and targets strategic growth Reports and analytics deliver critical insights into the performance of the Asia business. Equipped with a clear view of market potential, it is able to make justified and targeted investments. Sales managers reap the benefits by knowing when something changes on key opportunities. Phase one build took only six months. Results have already superseded expectations.
  10. 10. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast" Peter Drucker Performance Coaching: Scaling a Culture of Success Align sales around the customer Shared goals and real-time coaching Recognition and real rewards Fast and easy performance summaries Amplify winning behaviors “ “
  11. 11. Spotify drives sales success with social goals Low organisational alignment, no easy way to assess performance and key talent, and minimal feedback between managers and teams. 80% of employees use Employees focus on what matters Real-time recognition has increased 10x; Improved transparency of goals across the company “My main focus is to connect all the people inside the company.” Martin Lorentzon, Founder and Chairman
  12. 12. Four Capabilities to Breakthrough Sales Growth Monetise your Data Embedded Culture of Performance Connect Engage Early $ $