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Four Tips to Gamification Success


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Use gamification to gather data in a better way. Tricia Gellman of shares tips for involving your community to increase engagement and drive towards business results.

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Four Tips to Gamification Success

  1. 1. Four Tips to Gamification Success Tricia Gellman Sr Director, Product Marketing /tricia.gellman @triciagellman in/gellmansfmarketingsfdc_ppt_corp_template_01_01_2012.ppt
  2. 2. Gathering Data from the Crowd is Effective Wikipedia Yelp xxx xxx Millions of Contributors Millions of Reviews 12,568,906 users made… 15 million reviews 395,177,595 edits… 1 million photos 20,676,516 articles 45 million visitors
  3. 3. Jigsaw Uses the Crowdto Gather Business Data a Better Way Old New Hard to find. 2 Million Members Time consuming. Costly. Share info on millions of business professionals Out of data. Make updates in real time Business data goes bad quickly. 36,000 adds, 25,000 updates a day Expensive. Free Limited to those who can pay. Members add information to get information
  4. 4. And This Data Helps Power Companies People
  5. 5. Most Companies Strugglewith Community Involvement Marketing Channels Web site MobileCampaigns Email PR Social
  6. 6. Gamification Providesan Incentive for Involvement Marketing Channels Web site Mobile Campaigns Email PR Social
  7. 7. Benefits of a Gamified Community Engagement Addiction Loyalty The Community Your Community will wants to experience be come your biggest The Community your message all day doesn’t just consume fans—communicating all the time your message outside your message, they experience it of your site
  8. 8. Four Simple Steps to Success 1 Define User Motivations 2 Apply Incentives Create Expert Evangelists 3 Have a plan for when people get angry 4
  9. 9. Step 1: Define User Motivations Status Connections Incentives
  10. 10. Step 2: Apply Incentives
  11. 11. Step 3: Create Expert Evangelists
  12. 12. Have a plan when people get angry1.  Make the Rules of the Game Clear2.  Provide a place to ask questions3.  Have people on call to deal with the disgruntled..
  13. 13. The Litmus Test: Are You Set up for Success? I can describe in one sentence what motivates my community. My incentive model helps grow the results in my key business goals I know who my expert evangelists are and they know additional ways they can help support my business goals I have an emergency plan for dealing with angry members