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ExperienceMakers - User Personas


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Creating quality user personas and helping your company embrace them

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ExperienceMakers - User Personas

  1. 1. }@expmakers #expmakers #indyuxtour #salesforce
  2. 2. “We are a community of experience designers, graphics designers, urban planners, video game creators and makers from different industries, forming a creative collective to inspire, educate, and design a better Indianapolis. We are a gathering focused on learning from creative leaders from around the city.” MISSION STATEMENT #expmakers #indyuxtour #salesforce
  3. 3. FORMAT Speaker Series Book Club Series Our Speaker Series spotlights creative leaders from around Indianapolis and let’s them share industry knowledge. Join us each quarter in reading and discussing a book about design, experience making, usability and the like. #expmakers #indyuxtour #salesforce
  4. 4. 2016 EXPERIENCE MAKERS TOUR #expmakers #indyuxtour #salesforce
  5. 5. SPEAKERS #expmakers #indyuxtour Sarah Flamion Sr. UX Research Manager Salesforce #salesforce
  6. 6. User Personas Sarah Flamion Senior Manager of User Experience, Salesforce @sflamion Creating quality user personas and helping your company embrace them
  7. 7. A Brief History o’ Me Why Enterprise UX?
  8. 8. Then I Found My People
  9. 9. A persona is a realistic character sketch representing one segment of a targeted audience. GREAT PERSONAS CAN… ● Bring focus ● Build empathy ● Encourage consensus ● Create efficiency ● Lead to better decisions From ‘The User Is Always Right’ by Steve Mulder with Ziv Yaar. “Most exploration in support of creative work is solution-focused. There is a need for more person-focused exploration.” - Indi Young
  10. 10. But….
  11. 11. I already know who my customers are.
  12. 12. Demographics vs. Personas ● Male ● Born in the UK in 1948 ● Successful ● Multiple marriages ● £1 million+ income ● Multiple children ● Loves dogs ● Holidays in the Alps This comparison has been around for awhile. Displayed version courtesy of @ThisisZone UX Design Team. “There are unknown unknowns… things we don’t know we don’t know.” - Donald Rumsfeld
  13. 13. We know what we have to build.
  14. 14. Perception vs. Reality Cartoon via Paul Noth at the New Yorker Image by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  15. 15. This is just made up information.
  16. 16. Perfect Users vs. Real Users Image by Syntagm Ltd Image by Merrill College of Journalism
  17. 17. Crafting Personas
  18. 18. Great... Everyone’s On Board With The Idea. Now What? Gif by
  19. 19. Identify Representative Participants
  20. 20. Identify Data Needs, Craft Your Script Surveys Contextual Inquiry Site / Product Usage Customer Service Records Feedback From Social Networks Examples of complementary data sources
  21. 21. Hit the Road ● 30+ hrs of interviews ● 23 companies ● 27% conducted in person
  22. 22. Collect Artifacts
  23. 23. Divide and Conquer
  24. 24. Let the Analysis Begin!
  25. 25. Spectrum Profiling: Initial Pass
  26. 26. Spectrum Profiling: Full Pass
  27. 27. Spectrum Profiling: Affinity
  28. 28. Personification ● Include representative stakeholders ● Strike a balance with granularity ● Be authentic ● Solicit lots of input “Information is processed more deeply and remembered longer if it has an emotional hook.” - Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D Image by Procsilas Moscas
  29. 29. Meet the Marketing Cloud Personas Roger, 42 Director of Marketing Trisha, 30 Marketing Manager Heather, 25 Social Media Coordinator Karen, 32 Marketing Specialist Alek, 28 Marketing Designer/Developer Justin, 36 Senior Engineer
  30. 30. Trisha Marketing Manager I have my hands in all areas of our marketing efforts—and I don’t like doing anything halfway, so spinning plates is just a necessary skill.
  31. 31. Trisha oversees all things related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud at her company. She juggles multiple responsibilities due to her small team and, while she is making strategic decisions, she sometimes still has to do production work. She is motivated more by marketing than by loyalty to her company, which is a music-related start-up with international customers. Trisha lives in Austin, TX with her husband and enjoys checking out new restaurants and music venues. She has a degree in Marketing from Texas A&M. Trisha Marketing Manager Time per day spent in Marketing Cloud Interest in Marketing Marketing Tasks Measurement of Success 3 hrs Spends time doing non-repetitive, strategic tasks High interest in all aspects of marketing Tactical Strategic In charge of strategic direction but needs to execute some tasks herself due to her small team Team Coordination Increased Revenue Metric Results PREDICTIVE BEHAVIOR PERSONA PROFILE BLAST Digital Marketing Sophistication Size Type Growing Start-Up with Int’l Team 250Trisha, Marketing Manager Age 30 None Developer/ Designer Copywriter Manager High Company Overview
  32. 32. General Learning Interest Career Aspirations Technical Marketing Knowledge Number of Channels Work/Life Balance Company Loyalty Is interested in increasing her marketing knowledge and learning new skills, but has her hands full managing and executing campaigns. Very high aspirations for her career. Would like to become a Director of Marketing at some point in the near future. Can execute technical tasks if she needs to (e.g. dynamic content, retargeting), but is more interested in looking at click-through and open rates. Basic Advanced Is more passionate about marketing than her company–would be happy doing her job anywhere as long as it’s challenging and she’s progressing her career. She is in charge of cross-channel optimization for email, sites, mobile, and social. Single Omni Takes her work home with her at the end of the day, and is constantly checking that her campaigns are running correctly. Work Life Trisha Marketing Manager Low High Low High Low HighAge 30
  33. 33. Trisha People like her from our research said… At this company we have a specific set of yearly goals that I have to maintain. I either want to grow revenue or enhance our customer experience, I want to make sure that we are multi-device compatible, anything like that. So it’s kind of a mix between the two, whether we’re really performance-driven, like we have to make these numbers, or we want to make sure we’re upgrading our service for customer usage. We are also really focused on becoming a global company, multilingual, multi-currencies. We recently announced a Japanese partnership and so now we really need to make sure our databases are set and ready to go for when we start accepting all those different transactions. Making sure all of our emails are translated and that we have a multilingual email that’s ready to go out that can switch based on whether a customer is English in the US or Japanese in Japan or even French in Canada. I absolutely love working in email but I know that I’m going to have to progress my career beyond that, I know email is not the long term… You can build up to be a retention director, VP of a specific part of your customer database but I know that I’m also going to really need to brush up on my skills as a social manager as well as a social channel person as well as paid natural search display, getting the entire breadth of skills under my belt to really take that next step and become the overall marketing manager or director, whatever else for the team. JA “ At a small company, especially with a smaller marketing team and a growing company, it's sort of in startup mode where everyone has to wear 10, 20 different hats. Even if you don't have that skill, even if you don't really know how to do it or have any experience doing it–email marketing, analytics–you just have to say, "Hey, you have to go figure it out on your own because we have this need. You're the only person that can help us out. So, please go do it." I would say I was the primary [influencer of using ExactTarget] because I was closest to it. I was the one who was implementing it, finding out exactly how it would work with our current marketing campaigns. So, while I wasn't the person that wrote the check, I was the person that said, "Yes, write the check." From the get-go we always say, especially with health insurance and this marketplace, we know that we want to email, but what does the email look like, what does the cadence look like, how often do we email [customers] in a certain time period? That's all me. [My manager is] connected to all of these things in so much as the beginning of the process and the results. He relies on me to do a lot of the middle stuff. So, he's certainly worried about all of it as well. But, because I'm the one that does everything, as far as execution goes, he'll mostly evaluate based on performance. Mostly evaluate based on the analytics. But, he's worried about all those other things in between. I think that since we're really trying to move from start-up to big company, there are growing pains that we're experiencing right now. MK “
  34. 34. Anybody or anything that touches ExactTarget or should touch ExactTarget, I'm the point person to help make it happen. So it's everything from integration to email campaigns, different newsletters, there are about 10 different ones that I have my hands in. I've trained people and they are good and they know exactly what to do but I still have to set up the infrastructure and get their templates all together and that sort of thing. A lot of supporting the email campaigns, a lot of reporting, a lot of deliverability watching... I would hope that there is the possibility of setting up [a fundraising page] inside of ExactTarget. It’s been something that I've known a little bit about but because of the complexities of our systems, I've kind of learned what I need to know to get my job done, not necessarily all the other bells and whistles that go into it, because my hands are full. I'm in both strategy and technical stuff. There's a lot of people on the marketing team that get content and so I've been the one that had the technical chops that could come in when they were needed, and then because I'm good at it, that became what I was doing more of. But, I still help when the content editor gives me the outline and it's like, here's what we have for the newsletter and I'll be like, that's good, that's bad, we need to work on this. Making sure that it applies to the vast majority of our desktop users, like, is this a good story? I enjoy the technical bit. I know HTML but I am not a developer. I can speak developer. JN “ I'm a marketer. I am a marketer through and through. Everything that I do is based on what a customer needs from us in order to purchase our products. How do we make it easy for a customer. How do we touch them. What's the message, what's the channel. That's where I live and breath. All these things that I do all boil down to putting our company in front of the customer in the right way at the right time. I am very guilty of getting into ruts and using functionality that I'm familiar with and not getting out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, it takes time. For what we are doing now, it's adequate. I manage the concept strategy of our marketing department. We have an editorial meeting and maintain our editorial calendar pretty well. It starts at that point, what is our content, what have we written and how do we want to use it, what is appropriate for the newsletter what's appropriate for the blog. And what's appropriate for China and what's appropriate for the UK, what's appropriate for our Mexico audience. KM “ I think what I like least is that I got my hands into too many things and not enough resources to do any of them very well. If my job was straight up product management for the email infrastructure that would be awesome. If my job was straight up email content and strategy and with a bit of reporting then that would be great but I think, I don't like doing any job half-assed and so spinning plates is a necessary skill. Trisha People like her from our research said…
  35. 35. Socializing and Using Personas
  36. 36. Persona Socialization
  37. 37. Storyboarding
  38. 38. Storytelling Through a Flow (Wireframes)
  39. 39. Storytelling Through a Flow
  40. 40. Adding Context to Designs
  41. 41. Maturing and Evolving Personas
  42. 42. Completion of Personas is Not a Mic Drop Moment Image by Robert Bejil Image by The All-Nite Images
  43. 43. Identifying Missing Personas As I want to so that Also consider: ● Secondary personas ● Provisional personas
  44. 44. Lessons Learned ● Use role descriptions rather than discrete titles ● Clearly articulate representative primary and secondary tasks ● Consider stakeholder audience when personifying Gif via
  45. 45. Summary of Process Identify Need Define Approach Recruit Participants Conduct Research Analyze Data Personify Share Broadly Use and Refine v
  46. 46. Questions?
  47. 47. Gif by
  48. 48. Hands On Activity
  49. 49. thank y u
  50. 50. Reference Materials ● The Inmates Are Running The Asylum or The Origin of Personas or Perfecting Your Personas, by Alan Cooper ● Understanding Your Users or A Closer Look at Personas, by Shlomo Goltz ● The User Is Always Right, by Steve Mulder with Ziv Yaar ● Interviewing Users, by Steve Portigal ● Practical Empathy, by Indi Young ● Understanding Your Users, by Kathy Baxter and Catherine Courage ● 7 Core Ideas About Personas, by Jeff Sauro ● Storytelling for User Experience, by Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks ● Communicating Design, by Dan Brown For additional learning...
  51. 51. ACTIVITY: STEP 1 Look for a survey card with a number from 1-10 on your seat #expmakers #indyuxtour #salesforce
  52. 52. ACTIVITY: STEP 2 Move to side of the room with your team’s number - Necessary activity materials will be available at each station: personas, flip charts, sharpies, storyboard scratch paper #expmakers #indyuxtour #salesforce
  53. 53. ACTIVITY: STEP 3 #expmakers #indyuxtour #salesforce Scenario: As a volunteer opportunity, Marketing Firm has been asked to help leverage the Indy Star to market the next Experience Makers speaker event. Roger, the Director of Marketing, has requested that Karen and Alek create a proposal for this and deliver it to him by end of week. Task: Create a storyboard (on your flip chart) for Karen and Alek’s proposal process, ensuring that each step reflects the persona & their unique perspective(s).
  54. 54. ACTIVITY: STEP 4 #expmakers #indyuxtour Pick a spokesperson in your group to share highlights. 2 minutes will be given per team. #salesforce
  55. 55. ACTIVITY: STEP 5 #expmakers #indyuxtour Ready. Set. GO! 30 minutes #salesforce
  56. 56. ACTIVITY #expmakers #indyuxtour Takeaways... Reflection on Activity #salesforce
  57. 57. SEPTEMBER'S BOOK CLUB #expmakers #indyuxtour Designing with the Mind in Mind Like to be part of the book club? It’s not too late! - Weekly digests - Chapter summarizations - Book Quotes via Twitter - Quarterly book club Email: #salesforce
  58. 58. DON’T FORGET... #expmakers #indyuxtour Meetup Survey #salesforce