ExactTarget Marketing Cloud The Future of Marketing the platform of choice for CMO’s


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ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Presentation by Helene Ackermann @Salesforce Essentials Johannesburg 2014

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ExactTarget Marketing Cloud The Future of Marketing the platform of choice for CMO’s

  1. 1. The Future of Marketing the platform of choice for CMO’s Helene Ackermann Director Channel Sales Central & South EMEA
  2. 2. 2005 2013
  3. 3. Consumers are hyper connected and engaged Marketers are challenged to stay relevant Marketing Transformation Marketing spent is changing from offline to online
  4. 4. 1:1
  5. 5. The 1:1 Customer Platform Email Mobile Social Web Data & Analytics Marketing Automation Platform
  6. 6. Customer Platform for 1:1 Real-Time Marketing Email Apps Social Web SMS Product Television Store Your Customer Your Company
  7. 7. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Melissa’s Consumer Journey • 36 years old • Married with 2 kids - daughter 4, son 1 • Sales person at Fortune 500 company • Long-time catalogue customer and Facebook Fan but not a current subscriber • Has a monthly ’book club night' which is really just a reason for Melissa and the rest of the ladies to drink wine and catch-up • Lives in Cape Town Meet Melissa
  8. 8. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Purchase and Initiate Melissa purchased some new face moisturiser on a retail partner's site. When the shipment arrives she notices that the packing materials contain a post card publicising a makeover sponsored by the brand. She types in the url for the landing page and redirects her to the brand's social page on Facebook. Enter our giveaway! beautyinside.com/enter
  9. 9. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Capture Melissa enters the contest and selects the option to opt-in to promotional messages from the brand so that she can be the first to find out about similar offers and new products. Email Address: melissa@slough.net Thanks for entering! Tell us more about you! Then receives a triggered message from the brand that thanks her for entering and asks her for more information about herself.
  10. 10. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Cross-sell Since Melissa entered a contest relating to makeup, we drop her into the makeup and skincare section of the site. Makeup The email drops Melissa into the brand's site where she uses guided selling tools to give insight into her skin and complexion to determine her perfect skin care regimen. Discover Beautiful Skin 1. How would you describe your skin type? She browses items, even adding new eyeliner to her cart Add to cart Liquid Eyeliner But decides not to purchase Discover Beautiful Skin 2. What is your age? Discover Beautiful Skin 3. Choose which best fits your goals to improve your skin and complexion.
  11. 11. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Re-engage Triggered email sends a remarketing message for the makeup based on Melissa’s web behaviours Remember this? Promo Code Liquid Eyeliner Melissa reads the email at work……but accidentally deletes it
  12. 12. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Re-engage Melissa Jones @MelissaJones @BeautyInside I accidentally deleted my coupon. Can you help? Beauty Inside @BeautyInside @MelissaJones Sorry to hear that Melissa, we have resent the email. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.
  13. 13. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Purchase Melissa is out of foundation so she stops by the mall and uses an in-store kiosk with a guided selling tool to help her determine her perfect shade and recommends other products that might also be good for her skin tone and eye color. The eReceipt contains a bounce back offer with upsell opportunities. eReceipt 12.99 Foundation Thanks for your purchase! Have you seen these? She buys the foundation as well as some blush with her promo code. She requests an eReceipt.
  14. 14. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Re-Engage & Get Feedback 7 days after her makeup purchase, Melissa receives an automated rating/review email She is also invited to join the Beauty Inside Club Review your purchase Foundation Triggered Send +7 days Join our Beauty Inside Club! Triggered Send +14 days She joins and adds her mobile number to her profile so she can receive mobile alerts about events in local stores Melissa Jones’ Profile
  15. 15. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud scrapbooking Channel Preference Based on her preferences Melissa may receive an SMS alert about an upcoming local event Or receive an email about an upcoming event Beauty Inside Club Newsletter November baking music reading Beauty Inside Club Event Slough this Friday. bit.ly/a5q4
  16. 16. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Melissa’s Consumer Journey Email Address: melissa@slough.net Add to cart Liquid Eyeliner @BeautyInside Review
  17. 17. Retail & CPG Travel & Hospitality Communications & Media Internet & eCommerce Technology Financial Services & Insurance The platform for 1:1 marketing
  18. 18. Hautelook Drives Flash Sales with ExactTarget• Leading online retailer – subsidiary of Nordstrom • Send 4 million emails every morning at 8:00 am • Able to operate at massive scale: 200 campaigns/month driven by a team of 2
  19. 19. Transformed the airline into a socially-driven, customer-led business• Intelligently and efficiently collect, track and analyse all social conversations • Measure brand sentiment on the Web • 1 hour response and 24-hour resolution time
  20. 20. Nikita Achadinha Social Media Specialist at BMW South Africa
  21. 21. Gordon Geldenhuys Exacttarget Marketingcloud Specialist Social Social Listening – Radian6 demo
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