Essential Search Marketing Tips for Aussie Businesses [Webinar by Mark Vozzo]


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Did you want to learn more about Search Marketing (SEO and SEM) and how you can get more customers from Google? Here is a webinar presentation (watch it here - ) by one of Australia’s leading Search Marketing experts who shares tips and tricks that he has learnt from his time working on sites for Fairfax Media, Microsoft and Salesforce.
Mark Vozzo’s presentation includes many links to great resources, infographics, Free Keywords Tools and Video to help you improve and optimise your websites for Search.

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Essential Search Marketing Tips for Aussie Businesses [Webinar by Mark Vozzo]

  1. 1. Essential Search Marketing Tips for your Business Mark Vozzo Presenter Natalie Chrara Host
  2. 2. This webinar is based on Mark’s CeBIT session. "no-nonsense hints and tips“ "The presenter provided valuable information, easy to understand." "This was a complete SEO lesson in 45m"
  3. 3. About Me Mark Vozzo • +10 years in Digital Marketing • Started out as a Web Developer & Designer • Fell in love with search in the late 90’s • Worked in Media, Technology, B2B & B2C Fairfax Media Search Marketing Analyst (News & Media Group) Microsoft Search and Online Analytics Manager, ANZ Salesforce Online Manager, APAC (Inbound & Marketing Ops) @MarkVozzo
  4. 4. Thanks to those who completed my Pre-Webinar survey
  5. 5. The majority are managing their sites in-house. Managed in-house 73% Outsource to agency 27% Who manages your website?
  6. 6. Folks are most interested in Content, Keywords & Crawling 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Analytics Keyword Research Crawl-ability Content Connections & Links ROI Keep Up-to- date Most Popular Topics
  7. 7. Agenda Part 2: Search Marketing Essentials Part 1: About Search Engines – How do Search Engines work – Aussie Search Landscape – What is SEO & SEM
  8. 8. Part 1: About Search Engines
  9. 9. How Google Works
  10. 10. Google Updates (20 algorithm changes in 2011) Source: Tip: For all the latest Google algorithm changes: algorithm-change
  11. 11. Google has over 200 Ranking Factors
  12. 12. Poll Question 2: Which of the following Search Engines do you use the most? (Please select one) A. Yahoo 2% B. Google 98% C. Bing 0%
  13. 13. What’s your favourite Search Engine? “9 out of every 10 searches in Australia happen on Google.” Source: April 2011- Hitwise
  14. 14. What is the difference between SEM & SEO? @MarkVozzo
  15. 15. What is SEM vs. SEO? SEO Search Engine Optimisation (Organic Search): Paid Search (PPC or SEM):
  16. 16. Eye Tracking Study “75%+ of all clicks occur in the Organic (SEO) area, not Paid (SEM) area.” Source:
  17. 17. What’s so great about having 1st Position? Position Avg. Click-thru-rate (CTR)* #1 36.4% #2 12.5% #3 9.5% #4 7.9% #5 6.1% #6 4.1% #7 3.8% #8 3.5% #9 3.0% #10 2.2% x4 “90% of all clicks happen on the 1st page of Google results. If a user doesn’t find what they are looking, they try again with a different keyword.”
  18. 18. @MarkVozzo
  19. 19. Keyword Research Which words do I choose?
  20. 20. Understand your Customers: Know their Frustrations & Questions Source Image:
  21. 21. The Keyword Research Process Keywords entered in the search box Keywords in your content Keywords in link text Blogs Social Networking sites News sites etc... Searchers Search Engines Content External Sites “The Keyword Research process begins with a clear understanding of your customer, their pain points/problems and what solutions/products they are searching for.”
  22. 22. Keyword Research Tools in Action @MarkVozzo
  23. 23. Let’s say you are searching to buy/invest in… “Real Estate” or “Property”
  24. 24. Poll Question 3: Which keyword would you type into a search engine to buy… Please select one A. Property 52% B. Real Estate 48%
  25. 25. Which are the more popular search terms? Features: Compare up to 5 different terms. Filter for local Aussie search trends Filter based on your business industry using “Categories” Discover other related terms that you can add to your keyword list.
  26. 26. What’s the monthly traffic for keywords? Features: You can compare beyond 5 keywords Set Country = Australia Search Volume is here, Local Monthly Searches Discover other related terms.
  27. 27. Keywords Research Tools (Free Tools) • Bing Keyword Tool: • Soovle: • Wordstream: • Wordtracker: 32
  28. 28. @MarkVozzo
  29. 29. Search Engine Spiders . Can only read plain text . Can only follow text links . Image Source
  30. 30. How do I check if my webpages are spider friendly? “Another tool that does a similar thing: ”
  31. 31. How many pages of my site are in Google? Advanced Search Operator - Number of Pages in Google Number of Pages in Bing “Rule to Remember: Zero pages indexed = Zero Traffic from SEO.”
  32. 32. A “Crawl-ability” Story @MarkVozzo
  33. 33. Nice keyword rich content, lovely images, superb portfolio etc. all built in Adobe Flash.
  34. 34. Adobe Flash sites looks great, but not so great for SEO A few issues with Flash sites: 1) Google can’t crawl inside proprietary Flash content 2) Only 1 page listing in Google (no matter how much content you have). 3) Sites won’t work on iPhone/iPad devices This website only has 1 page in Google’s index.
  35. 35. @MarkVozzo
  36. 36. Ask them. Survey them. Spy on them? Source Image:
  37. 37. Look at your “Internal Site Search” data Top Internal Search Keywords: Pricing = 220 iPad = 135 CRM = 126 Careers = 124 MYOB = 103 non-profit = 95 Outlook = 80 API = 76 Make sure you have content to meet customers needs. Use Internal Search data to identify content gaps/opportunities. Setup Google Analytics Site Search.
  38. 38. How to optimise “Content” to improve rankings and traffic.
  39. 39. Anatomy of the Search Result “Snippet” Title Tag – First 68 characters HTML: <title> ... </title> Description Tag – Focus on the first 160 characters HTML: <meta name=“description” content=“…” />
  40. 40. Google Webmaster Tools helps identify issues “A great tool for analyzing HTML Tags to find Duplicate or Missing Titles & Meta Descriptions & more…”
  41. 41. Google Webmaster Tools “If you are doing SEO yourself/in-house, invest time in learning how to use Google Webmaster Tools. It could save you $1,000 in SEO consulting fees.” Watch this video: “Using Webmaster Tools like an SEO ” Give you insights like: - Crawl Error Reports - Page Speed - Broken Link Reports - URL Redirection Issues - And more…
  42. 42. How to manage a SEO project “SEO is Science + Art. Choose keywords that are popular (the Science part), work the keywords in to sentences that read well & entice action (the Art part).” List the pages you want to optimize. Assign Primary & Secondary Keywords Write Keywords in to Titles & Page Descriptions Write Keywords in Page Headings <H1>
  43. 43. Thank You! Presenter: Mark Vozzo Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @markvozzo Host: Natalie Chrara Email: LinkedIn: