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This year at Dreamforce 2013, we tracked over 136,000 mentions at the Dreamforce Social Media Command Center during the 4 day event and over 200,000 in the month of November. That's a 45% increase in conversations over Dreamforce 2012.

Read this social media recap of Dreamforce 2013 to learn more about the social conversations around this big event.

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  • Albert Einstein's Relativity Theory does not contradict with the theory of Pagumetropics.His relativity thoery confirms that space and time are inseparable. We uses a period of 4 years to develop new theory. The source of origin for three categories of four years (series of 3 ordinary years and one leap year) is the day Pagume 6.
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  • Well done
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  • Pagumetropics of Ethiopia
    August 15, 2012 //
    Abdiwahid Botan
    it is fact that when someone is poor, no one listens. the same applies to countries, therefore, how on earth could pagume be introduced to outsiders. kkkkk
    Like · · Unfollow Post · July 12 at 7:03pm

    Fassil Tassew Tadesse Are you agianst time? Is there any one who can stop rotations of earth and its revolution to make a year? Don’t you know that 3 categories of 4 years because of the day Pagume 6?Are you against the science you have learnt? Are you beliver of English is time? etc.
    I think You don’t favour all of the above questions. So that we must partipate to own our univrese.
    July 13 at 12:51am via mobile · Like

    Ashraf Ahmed ‎Abdiwahid Botan It might take time but the discovery is wonderful. You can raise the income of tax payers and at the same time benefit the government thro more tax revenue. Great Economist like Keneyes and Hicks didn’t even propose such a theory. We have to give credit to Mr.Fasil who contributed a theory which is regarded as a paradox by non-economists
    July 13 at 8:16am · Like

    Abdiwahid Botan you now that everyday there are thousands of theories produced in almost every discipline, some are fake, some manipulated, some real; and the ultimate test to test a given theory is know as “FALSIFICATION TEST”- that is producing at least one way that your theory can go WRONG. Has any one tried this let alone producing it. and by the way, a theory is not an established scientific fact, it can go wrong terribly.
    July 13 at 7:47pm · Like

    Fassil Tassew Tadesse My Student Abdiwahid Botan I went you to be specific about the issue of the universal subject which is called Pagume of the Tropics.
    July 14 at 12:03am · Like

    Fassil Tassew Tadesse You must aware that one of the most potential young real economist of the present time namely Ashraf Ahmed has testified the empirical validity of new income tax theory of Ethiopia ” Broadening income tax bases yield not only more tax revenue to the government but also more disposable income to the tax payers”.
    July 14 at 12:17am · Like · 1

    Fassil Tassew Tadesse Therfore, Abdiwahid Botan , we wish you, if you can, to disprove or falsify the new universal theory of Pagumetropics that requires practical implementation.
    July 14 at 12:26am · Like · 1

    Fassil Tassew Tadesse However, I love your participation for the fact that one of the objective of Pagumetropics of Ethiopia is to bring any discussion or debate about Pagume.
    July 14 at 12:33am · Like · 1

    Ashraf Ahmed Am ready to answer any question pertaining the validity of the Theory, we can have a debate anytime.
    July 15 at 9:23am · Like

    Abdiwahid Botan As a matter of fact, i don’t think that your combined answers touched the core of my question,-that is what makes the so called ” Pagume Theory” of yours a part form the crowd? to answer this question in a scientific way, your “theory” must pass the falsification test just like Albert Einstein’s Relativity Theory which took a period of 6 yeas to test his claim. And for
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  • congratulations on a fantastic #DF13
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