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Amazon Killed the Call Center & Reasons Your Contact Center Belongs in the Cloud


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If your enterprise contact center isn’t in the cloud yet, you can’t afford to miss this session. Contact center industry expert Sheila McGee-Smith will discuss the explosion of cloud infrastructure and applications available to enterprise contact centers. Matt Zemon, CEO of American Support, and Chad Rycenga, CIO of Cobridge Communications, will join Sheila to talk about the innovative value of their Salesforce integration and why they moved to a cloud contact center as fast as possible. This session is brought to you by LiveOps, a proud sponsor of Dreamforce.

Presented by: Sheila McGee-Smith, President, McGee-Smith Analytics; Chad Rycenga, CIO, Cobridge Communications; Matt Zemon, CEO, American Support

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Amazon Killed the Call Center & Reasons Your Contact Center Belongs in the Cloud

  1. 1. Amazon Killed the Call Center &Reasons Your Contact CenterBelongs in the CloudSpeakers: Sheila McGee-Smith, President, McGee-Smith Analytics Chad Rycenga, CIO, Cobridge Communications Matt Zemon, CEO, American Support
  2. 2. How to Find This Session in the Dreamforce MobileApp Chatter Feed: Session View Touch the Session Name
  3. 3. Why Contact Centers Belong in the Cloud  Learn why and how companies decided to move their contact centers to the cloud – Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm – Health Plan Provider and Outsourcer – Service Provider  Hear about American Support’s cloud-based contact center service based on LiveOps applications  Understand the benefits Cobridge Communications is realizing using American Support cloud-based contact center services  Ask your questions about cloud-based contact centers
  4. 4. The Amazon Effect 63.7% of consumers who shopped among 20 leading e-commerce sites in December 2010 say they shopped at, up from 55.1% a year ago. -Kantar Retail ShopperScape survey
  5. 5. Working Definition of Cloud Model for enabling convenient, on-demandnetwork access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, platforms, applications, talent, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.
  6. 6. The Application Cloud Journey Open Hybrid Standards Cloud Public Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Private Cloud Brick & MortarC97-541444-00 © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 6
  7. 7. Contact Center in the CloudWhy have companies gone cloud?1) Complex environments2) System needs major overhaul3) Fluctuating capacity needs4) Zero tolerance for downtime5) Driving out cost6) Multi-channel Mobility
  8. 8. Innovative Financial Services• Existing solution – Complex multi-vendor, multi-site routing solution with a host of best-of-breed adjunct applications• Why Cloud? – Taking Plugs Out of the Wall: across the business – Lighten IT Resource Demand: multi-vendor exacted a heavy integration toll• Approach – Internal trial followed by broad deployment
  9. 9. Health Plan Provider and Outsourcer• Existing solution – ACD and IVR based on 1990’s technology required complex, proprietary, programming• Why Cloud? – Technology refresh $5-$10 million CAPEX – Too easy to fall behind technology curve – Variable demand of outsourcing business• Approach – Ability to embed telephony controls into internally- developed desktop, HIPPA Support
  10. 10. Communications Service Provider• Existing solution – Internal solutions required technology upgrade to keep up with client demands• Choosing a Partner, Not Just a Technology – Marketing and business development as well as sales and sales support – Agent resources
  11. 11. American Support: Matt Zemon, CEO• Existing Solution• Why Cloud?• Why LiveOps?• Experience to date?
  12. 12. Cobridge Communications: Chad Rycenga, CIO • Existing Solution • Why Cloud? • Why American Support/LiveOps? • Experience to date?
  13. 13. Questions & Answers Sheila McGee-Smith President, McGee-Smith Analytics Chad Rycenga CIO, Cobridge Communications Matt Zemon CEO, American Support
  14. 14. What Should You Be Doing?  Remain current about your company’s approach to data center use, virtualization and cloud-based applications  Continue to educate yourself about what your application vendors offer with respect to cloud applications  Consider a pilot, e.g. home agents  Start thinking about the synergies of multiple cloud- based applications
  15. 15. Cloud Is Not About Technology It Is About Allowing IT to be More Efficient and More Responsive to the Business
  16. 16. LiveOps EMBRACE THE INEVITABLE Achieve the Extraordinary CUSTOMER INTERACTION HUB 31 August 2011 | LiveOps® Confidential 16 16
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