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Published on Connect presents Bill Rust and Peter Ekstrom - See Into the Future.

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  1. 1. Copyright PLAYER MAP, Inc. All Rights Reserved.. See into the Future
  2. 2. See into the Future Astound your co-workers with amazingly accurate revenue predictions !!!
  3. 3. How accurate are your revenue forecasts? Taking a pipeline x-ray Forecasting revenue in your pipeline Applying a proven formula for success Developing and executing strategies Fine tuning your approach
  4. 4. Why the mystery? Guesswork Overly optimistic predictions Not aligned with Players Not presenting value What are your top challenges when it comes to forecasting revenue?
  5. 5. The cost of failure High cost of sales / Misallocation of resources End of quarter scramble Reputation in company may suffer Worst of all..sales teams become desperate
  6. 6. Why is it on your Forecast? Fast 5 qualifiers to focus your forecast Why? When? Who? $? Competitors?
  7. 7. Simple formula Players + Value – Competitor = SALES
  8. 8. Keys to success Get and maintain visibility Focus on difference makers Get rid of dead deals
  9. 9. See Your Pipeline Analyze Client Project Client Criteria Our Position Our Competitors Client Players Value Package
  10. 10. Basic strategies Push: you are strong, so push to win now! Piece: key competitors are very strong, so focus on securing a piece of the solution Plus: change the ground rules by adding “plusses” for the client to consider Which strategy should you use most often?
  11. 11. Accelerate, Brake or Cruise What pace are you setting in top pursuits? Are you reacting or controlling the pace?
  12. 12. Fine Tuning your Approach Create a culture of coaching
  13. 13. QUESTIONS Copyright PLAYER MAP, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Player Map X-Ray Patent Pending Taking a pipeline x-ray Forecasting revenue Formula for success Executing strategies Fine tuning your approach
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