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  1. 1. /ConnectMembers @ConnectMembers Visit Sign up for free today and get 2 free contacts!
  2. 2. HIRING FOR THE MODERN SDR Ralph Barsi Sr Director, Sales Development in/ralphbarsi @rbarsi #connectwebinar
  3. 3. 75% of employed Americans are actively looking for another job Source: Jobvite, @rbarsi#connectwebinar
  4. 4. 75% of employers struggle to attract the top people they need Source: OfficeVibe, @rbarsi#connectwebinar
  5. 5. What you seek is seeking you Quotes: Rumi, Ralph Barsi @rbarsi#connectwebinar Work hard to be the best, and you will attract the best
  6. 6. @rbarsi#connectwebinar Carolyn Betts Team up with the best (to find the best) @BettsCEO Set expectations in the recruiting phase
  7. 7. #connectwebinar @rbarsi Reputation must precede you Constantly build the brand: company, SDR’s, & you Another great quarter! Go Giants!
  8. 8. @rbarsi#connectwebinar Once you find them, SDR’s want to grow ~2 years! So much to do, such little time (Onboarding & Development) 1. Assign a mentor (senior rep) AND a buddy (peer) 2. Illustrate inbound & outbound, through a playbook 3. Provide enablement tools that help SDR’s win 4. Continually train the team (certifications rule!) 5. Send SDR’s to the field (sales calls w/ AE’s, events) 6. Elect a “shop steward” – this breeds leadership 7. Team meetings: Weekly + agenda + brief (<30 min) 8. Show them a CAREER PATH (Ding! Ding! Ding!)
  9. 9. @rbarsi#connectwebinar Show SDR’s a lighted path… Year 1 Master Sales Development Year 2 Prepare to become an AE One-year anniversary meeting! ~ *Retrospective* *Hat in the ring?* *Dialogue* Month 1-6 Month 7-12 Month 13-18 Month 19-24 Hit ramp-up goals Complete formal onboarding Connect w mentor & buddy Learn ICP, competitive landscape Get certified on deck Strategize w AE’s (territory plan) Learn sales enablement tools Build social brand & presence Learn inbound & SLA Learn outbound cadence Work w sales intelligence tools Apply methodologies (JB, Challenger) Hit monthly goals Shadow 3 different depts Social selling cadence Plan field events Develop business trip acumen Articulate pricing Participate in forecasting calls Attend x Discovery calls per month Receive certification on customer stories (min of 5) Prepare & deliver QBR’s Join 2 industry associations or groups Read Exceution, Good to Great, & Agile Selling Comprehend RFP components Tighten alignment w AE’s - 2 onsite visits / month - Complete 1 co-piloted deal Coordinate 1 territory event / qtr. Work w Sales Enablement - Forecasting - Territory assignments Lead 4 or more lunch ‘n learns Mentor 1 SDR that achieves qtr. goal Get certified on 10 customer stories Demonstrate proficiency in: - Qualification - Discovery - Objection handling - Pricing discussions - Negotiation - Territory management - Coordinating field events - Presentation (1:1, group) - Inbound, outbound - Branding, social selling This is an example for a hybrid SDR
  10. 10. @rbarsi#connectwebinar If you STILL struggle to find ‘em This tweet got referrals within 1 hour. 3 weeks later, the role was filled. Out of frustration over candidates, this article was published. Source:
  11. 11. Thank you! Ralph Barsi Sr Director, Sales Development in/ralphbarsi @rbarsi #connectwebinar