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  • Beating The Odds Has Never Been Easier ... Watch how he does it ... ◆◆◆
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  1. 1. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   /ConnectMembers   @ConnectMembers   Visit     Sign  up  for  free  today  and  get  2  free   contacts!  
  2. 2. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk @NaThomson #DataConnectTalk         Social  Media   Business  Tac;cs              @NaThomson      Marke;          Natascha  Thomson        CEO,  Marke;ngXLerator    
  3. 3. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Today’s  Agenda                         #DataConnectTalk   1.  Social  Media  Strategy  101     2.  Hands-­‐On  Tips  &  Tricks  for   – Facebook   – TwiHer   – LinkedIn   3.  Q&A  
  4. 4. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk @NaThomson Social  Media  Strategy     Starts  With  Your  Brand    
  5. 5. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   …in  160  Characters  
  6. 6. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk @NaThomson
  7. 7. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk  
  8. 8. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Natascha  Thomson     @NaThomson   +1  (925)  519-­‐8111     Over  15  years  of  marke;ng   experience  in  Global  2000  and   startup  companies.     Customers  include  SAP,  EMC  &     Polycom.   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  9. 9. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Natascha  Thomson     @NaThomson   +1  (925)  519-­‐8111     Over  15  years  of  marke;ng   experience  in  Global  2000  and   startup  companies.     Customers  include  SAP,  EMC  &     Polycom.   Get  25%  off  with   promo  code  ADD12: hHp:// b2bsocialmediamarkePng.php     Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  10. 10. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk   #DataConnectTalk @NaThomson Impact:  How  do  You  get  Your   message  to  Your  audience?   n  IdenPfy  channels   ̶  Email   ̶  Social  Media   n  Define  tacPcs   ̶  Webinars   ̶  SEO   n  Create  Content  (Calendar)   ̶  Blogs   ̶  Videos     Deliverables:     -  Detailed  Plan   -  ExecuPon         The 3 Marketing Pillars     Brand   Posi;oning  /  Message   Promo;on   Portray:  Who  are  you/  your   company?   n  IdenPty   n  Promise/DifferenPator   Deliverables:   CreaPve  Brief  For   n  Look  &  Feel   n  Style   n  Colors   n  Fonts   n  Pictures   Convince:  Why  does  it  ma]er?   n  Clear  understanding  of  target   audience  and  needs   n  Unique  Selling  Point   n  DifferenPators   n  Products  &  Services   Deliverables:   n  Copy   n  Assets     Awareness, Engagement, Conversion Copyright  by  MarkePngXLerator.  
  11. 11. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   5  Key  Elements   to  Crea;ng  Brand  YOU   1.  ExperPse  &  Passion   2.  (Unique)  IdenPty   3.  ObjecPve(s)   4.  Clear  Target  Audience(s)   5.  Consistent  ExecuPon     >  Based  on  your  brand,  people  decide  if  they  want  to   connect.   >  Based  on  your  content,  people  decide  if  they  want  to    stay  connected.                                     Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  12. 12. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Example:  Self-­‐Branding   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  13. 13. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Example:  Global  B2B  Brand   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  14. 14. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Example:  B2B  Product/Category   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  15. 15. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Ignore  (Social  Media)  at  Your  Own  Risk   1.  LISTENING   2.  PULLING     3.  FISHING  WHERE  THE  FISH  ARE   4.  CUTE  ANIMALS       Picture:  Boo  –  The  Cutest  Dog  in  the  World.  
  16. 16. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Buyer’s  Journey:  Has  Changed   •  70-­‐90%  of  the  buyers  journey  complete  prior  to   engaging  a  vendor  (Forrester)   •  Consumer  engages  with  11.4  pieces  of  content  prior   to  purchase  (Forrester)   •  Consumers  5x  more  dependent  on  content  than  5   years  ago  (Nielsen)   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  17. 17. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Buyer  Cycle:  Past   Source:  Robin  Grant:  The  purchase  funnel  is  no  more.  
  18. 18. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Buyer  Cycle:  Present   Source:  Robin  Grant:  The  purchase  funnel  is  no  more;  via  McKinsey.   Loyalty  Loop:   Post-­‐Purchase  Experience  is   More  Impacmul  Than  Ever   Before.  
  19. 19. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk @NaThomson Strategy      
  20. 20. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   The  5  Key  Elements  of  a  (Realis;c)   Social  Media  Strategy   1.  Objectives 2.  Target Audience 3.  Watering Holes 4.  Tactics 5.  Metrics, Tools, Fine-Tuning Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  21. 21. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Objec;ve  Selng   1.  Tie  them  back  to  business  goals   2.  Know  what  success  looks  like   3.  PrioriPze  (ruthlessly)     Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  22. 22. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   e   Defini;o n  
  23. 23. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Example:   Who  is  Your  Target  Audience?   Customer base Market SegmentsIndustries Geos Line of Business (LoB) Net New Install Base Titles, Roles SMB, Medium, Enterprise Retail, Financial Services etc. North America EMEA etc. Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  24. 24. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Watering  Holes   Where  does  your  audience  get  their   informaPon?     5  Examples:   1.  Trade  shows   2.  Online  searches   3.  Reports/Analysts   4.  Social  Media  &  Blogs   5.  Peers/Thought  Leaders       Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  25. 25. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   25  
  26. 26. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Owned  vs.  Earned  vs.  Paid   •  Owned   –  @NaThomson, m,  Linkedin  Profile   •  Earned  (Organic)     –  LinkedIn  groups,   external  blogs,   comments  on  blogs   •  Paid   –,  Forbes   advertorial,  LI  ads,   TwiHer  promoted   accounts   Source:   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  27. 27. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Tac;cs   For  each  watering  hole   •  Define  objecPves  &  metrics   •  Determine  resources   •  Create  a  content  calendar   •  Choose  tools  &  infrastructure   •  Create  an  executable  plan     Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  28. 28. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Metrics   Only  Measure  Things  You  Intend  to  Base  Decisions  On   1.  Be  clear  what  success  looks  like  so  you  know  it  when  you   achieve  it  J   2.  Can  be  qualitaPve  or  quanPtaPve   3.  More  open  than  not,  growth  rate  %  is  more  important  than   the  total  numbers       Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  29. 29. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   5  Small-­‐Scale  Tools   TwiHer:   1.  Bufferapp  +  Applet   2.  Hootsuite  +  Hootlet   3.  Crowdbooster   4.  Bitly   5.   29  
  30. 30. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   30  
  31. 31. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   5  Large-­‐Scale  Tools   1.  Hootsuite   2.  Sprinklr   3.  Sisymos   4.  Radian6  /  Salesforce  MarkePng  Cloud   5.  Tracx       31  
  32. 32. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk     Hands-­‐On:      Op;miza;on  &  Tac;cs  
  33. 33. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Op;miza;on   1.  Choose  what  type  of     presence  makes  the  most   sense  for  you     2.  Complete  your  profile   3.  List  informaPon  to  other   channels,  e.g.  website,   TwiHer,  YT   4.  Let  the  audience  engage     Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  34. 34. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   34  
  35. 35. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   10  Key  Facebook  Tac;cs   1.  Tell  an  emoPonal  story  via  a  mix  of  content  types,  e.g.  pictures  &  videos     2.  Remember,  few  people  will  visit  your  actual  FB  page  –  create  posts  that   make  sense  in  somebody  else’s  news  feed   3.  Know  the  Pmes  your  audience  is  on  FB,  e.g.  mothers  vs.  students   4.  Include  CTAs  into  at  least  70%  of  your  posts   5.  Run  contests  –  reward  your  audience  with  your  products/services   6.  Leverage  influencers  and  partner  to  share  your  message   7.  Capitalize  on  big  events  and  holidays   8.  Post  consistently  and  respond  to  everybody   9.  Buy  ads  to  reach  exisPng  and  new  audiences   10.  Make  it  fun       Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  36. 36. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Source:  Social  Media  Examiner.  
  37. 37. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk   Twitter Optimization 1.  Pick a memorable handle 2.  Complete your profile –  Solid description –  Quality picture(s) –  Location –  URL to company, blog or LinkedIn profile 3.  Create lists
  38. 38. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk   How to Create a List
  39. 39. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk   Create a List
  40. 40. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk   10 Key Twitter Tactics 1.  Listen before you tweet 2.  Don’t follow just anybody 3.  Don’t use all 140 characters (enable RTs) 4.  Add insights to RTs 5.  Don’t just amplify but engage 6.  Vary content types 7.  Participate in TweetChats & events via # 8.  Mention others in your tweets 9.  Be authentic and don’t argue online 10. Pay for promoted accounts/tweets to increase reach & following
  41. 41. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk   Example Success Metrics 1.  Follower growth rate (%) 2.  Retweets / Mentions / Comments 3.  Conversion Rates 4.  # Leads 5.  Cost/Lead 6.  Revenue, Revenue/Lead 7.  Influence
  42. 42. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk          Op;miza;on   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.   1.  Complete your profile •  Quality picture(s) •  Customized headline •  Key contact details •  Excellent summary •  Work history, projects etc. 2. Build meaningful connections 3. Add URLs & content 4. Customize your URL
  43. 43. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk  
  44. 44. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk             Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  45. 45. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk  
  46. 46. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk             Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  47. 47. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk          10  Key  Tac;cs     Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.   1.  Post regular status updates 2.  Join groups & participate 3.  Comment on updates & blogs 4.  Solicit & provide recommendations 5.  Share LI content 6.  Create a company Page 7.  Update your profile periodically (notification on) 8.  Publish a blog 9.  Leverage the LI ad tool for segmentation 10.  Advertise
  48. 48. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   LinkedIn  Segmenta;on   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  49. 49. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   5  LinkedIn  Social  Selling  Tips   Build  and  nurture  rela;onships   1.  Find  relevant  informaPon  on  prospects  &  their  connecPons   2.  IdenPfy  influencers  /  decision  makers   3.  Ask  for  introducPons  and  referrals   4.  Leverage  context:  social  media  posts  give  insights  on  things  like   buying  intent,  moods,  challenges  or  preferences   5.  Establish  yourself  as  a  trusted  expert  =  relevance     49  
  50. 50. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Food  for  Thought:   Social  Media  &  The  Law   1.  Who  owns  your  accounts  /  followers?   2.  LegislaPons  is  catching  up  w/technology   3.  Corporate  Social  Media  Guidelines           Source:  my  blog.  A  big  thank  you  to  Paul  Cowie,  Partner,  Sheppard  Mullin.   Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  51. 51. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Recap:  Strategy  Crea;on   Ask  these  quesPons:   1.  What  is  the  objecPve?  How  will  it  be  measured?   2.  What  are  the  resources?   3.  Who  is  the  target  audience?   4.  What  else  are  we  doing?   5.  Is  social  media  the  best  route?   6.  Do  we  have  the  tools  to  listen?     Copyright  by  Marke;ngXLerator.  
  52. 52. MarketingXLerator #DataConnectTalk  #DataConnectTalk   Natascha  Thomson     @NaThomson   +1  (925)  519-­‐8111     Over  15  years  of  B2B  marke;ng   experience  in  Global  2000  and   startup  companies.     Customers  include  SAP,  EMC  &     Polycom.