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  2. 2. How to Overcome the Price Objection 1) The 80/20 Rule in Sales 2) What to do and what not to do when you get the price objection 3) The best way to handle this objection 4) 3 more proven scripts to deal with what this objection is hiding * Plus: A Bonus Voice Mail Script for prospects who are not calling you back. 5) The Power of being Prepared for ALL objections Special Offer at the end of this call!!
  3. 3. The 80/20 Rule in Sales: The Top 20% of the producers make 80% of the sales and income in any company or industry! 1) Same product, training, leads, hours in a day.. What’s going on? 2) The bottom 80% of sales reps are ad-libbing and making it up. 3) The Top 20% are Prepared in Advance and Practice Perfection. 4) That makes their jobs easy, lets them handle objections with confidence and leads to them closing most of the sales. 5) The good news is that you can do it too!
  4. 4. What NOT to do when you get the price objection: Answer it! - Most of the time this is a Smokescreen! You get ANOTHER objection, then another and another!
  5. 5. What you SHOULD DO when you get the Price Objection: ISOLATE THE OBJECTION FIRST! This is the only way to EXPOSE this as a Smokescreen!
  6. 6. How to Isolate: “We don’t have the budget” Response #1: "I understand. ________, and let me ask you a question. If price weren’t an issue on this, would you move on this today and place an order with me?"
  7. 7. Any answer other than, “YES” means: The price is just a smokescreen hiding things like: They think they can get it cheaper some where else. They can’t justify the cost. They don’t see the value in your price
  8. 8. If they “Think they can get it cheaper somewhere else” then use: “__________ whenever you have options, price is usually the first and easiest thing to compare. But the problem is, in comparing price what usually gets missed is comparing apples to apples. Tell you what I’ll do. Go ahead and send me over the other quote (bid or offer) you have and I’ll compare it directly to what we’re offering you now. If I find that you are truly getting a better deal, I’ll tell you so. If I find that we can match it and even give you a better price or service then I’ll do my best to give you a better overall deal. Either way, you’ll win – how does that sound?”
  9. 9. If they can’t “Justify the cost” then use: “_________ we’re a business as well, and when we look at something, like you, we know that what we spend on our business is really an investment – not a cost. It’s an investment of time, energy, emotion or money. And when you look at it that way, it’s not really about the money, it’s about the return – the results. In other words, if I invest $_____ and this much energy or time, what am I going to get in return? You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, let’s look at this again, and let’s stay focused on the results you’re going to get. (Now list them one by one) You see, this is why my other clients use us for this, and I know that it’ll make sense for you, too. Let’s do this…”
  10. 10. If they, “Can’t see the value in your price” “___________ you can always get it (your product or service) for less money. Heck, we could do a Google search right now and I’ll bet we could come up with a few different options that are even cheaper than what you’re telling me you can get it for now. The question is – why aren’t you going with them? Isn’t it because there comes a time when price isn’t as important as the loss in quality, service and results? And that’s why our clients keep doing business with us. When you begin getting (the results of your product or service), you’ll also understand why our price is worth the value and results you get with us. You can always get it cheaper, but you can’t get our results that pay for themselves over and over again. Let’s do this…(suggest starting with an introductory package).”
  11. 11. The Next Time You Get the Price Objection: • Resist the temptation to answer it! • Always ISOLATE the price objection first. • Then listen carefully to their response and be prepared to use a proven and scripted rebuttal to it. • This is what Top 20% Producers do - they apply these kind of proven techniques to every part of their sales presentation. • In fact, you can use this technique when you get the objection:
  12. 12. “I’m going to have to talk to my partner/boss/manager, etc” “I understand ________, and that makes sense. And let me ask you a question: if after you show this to _______, if he/she says it looks fine and to do whatever you think is best, what would you do today?”
  13. 13. Are you getting a feeling for how being Prepared in advance can make you a Top 20% Producer?? • Once again, it’s no secret why 80% of sales reps struggle while… • The Top 20% of the producers easily make most of the sales, the perks and the bonuses: They are Prepared in advance!! • Preparation can help you in ALL selling situations! For example if you ever have a prospect who isn’t calling you back, why not leave a well prepared VM message like this:
  14. 14. Voice Mail for Prospects who aren’t calling you back: “Hi _________ this is _______ ________ again with (your company). I’m sorry we haven’t been able to get back together on this – if you’re like me, then I’m sure you’re being pulled in many different directions and are real busy. Do me a favor, though, when you get this message, just call me back and leave me a voice mail with what you’ve decided to do about (your proposal or demo or quote). If you’re still interested in it, great, but even if you’ve decided not to move forward with it, that’s fine as well. Either way it will be nice for me to know. Thanks in advance for that, and I’ll look for your call. You can reach me at (your number). That number again is area code (your number). Thanks again, ________.”
  15. 15. How much more effective would you be as a closer If you had and used these kinds of proven sales tools?? • In any economy, you need an edge to succeed! You have to stop ad-libbing and start being Prepared to be successful! • To become a Top 20% Producer, you must apply these kind of proven techniques to every part of your sales presentation. Here’s how you can start doing that today!
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