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  1. 1. How to Deal Effectively with the Influencer Email:
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  3. 3. What You’ll Learn Today * What an influencer is – and how much power they have * How to understand the buying process and your influencer’s role * How to isolate the “committee” objection and get buy in from the influencer * How to close the influencer
  4. 4. Q: What is an Influencer? A: Anyone who you have to pitch who doesn’t have the final authority to purchase your product or service, and yet, they weigh in on the decision in some way. Could be: a manager, C-level executive, a director or V.P., a business partner or spouse, an office manager or assistant, etc…. Influencers are usually standing in between you and the final decision maker….
  5. 5. What You Need to Know about Every Influencer Who else is involved in the decision process? What that process is and how long it takes What their role in that process is How much influence they have over that process and decision
  6. 6. Identifying and Qualifying the Influencer A crucial step is first determining that you are dealing with an influencer! This begins during the qualification stage You must ask a series of questions to determine uncover, in the beginning, who you are dealing with and what their role and influence is.
  7. 7. Qualifying Questions for an Influencer “And ________, besides yourself, who else would weigh in on this?” “And how does that (the decision) process work?” “What is your role in that process?” OR
  8. 8. Qualifying Questions for an Influencer (cont.) “And how much influence do you have in that process?” “What generally happens when you recommend something like this?” (“Do they generally go with your recommendation?”)
  9. 9. You Need to Know this Information Before Your Presentation If you didn’t get it, then you open your presentation by getting it before you begin your presentation! Try: “Before we begin, I just wanted to make sure of a few things….” Then re-qualify!
  10. 10. Closing the Influencer Once your presentation is finished, end with either a: Trial Close: “Does this sound like it would work for you?” OR A Real Close: “So from what we’ve gone over, it sounds like this would be a great fit for you – let’s go ahead and get you started today.” Ask this even if they told you they had to run this by someone…
  11. 11. Dealing with the Objection Influencer: “Well, I’m going to have to show this to the committee.” Get buy in to isolate this objection: You: “I understand, and just out of curiosity, based on what you’ve seen here today, do you personally think this would work for you (your company, department, etc.)?”
  12. 12. Getting Buy-In from the Influencer If the Influencer says: “Yes, it looks good.” You: “Great, then I take it you’re going to recommend it to the committee?” Influencer: “Yes I will.”
  13. 13. Qualifying for the Process After you get buy in, you have to Qualify the Process! You: “Good. Just out of curiosity, what generally happens when you take something to the committee that you personally recommend?” OR You: “Good. Just out of curiosity, when you take something to the committee that you personally recommend, what do they tend to do?”
  14. 14. Getting Final Buy-In from the Influencer Continue qualifying for their level of influence: You: "And how much influence do you have with what they’ll end up doing?” OR You: “Great! And how often do they go with your recommendation?”
  15. 15. Closing the Influencer If you get buy in that they generally go with what they recommend, then close!: You: “Wonderful! Since they usually take your recommendation, and since you’re on board with this, here’s what I recommend we do: I’ll go ahead and get the contract out to you and schedule an install date. Once you get the approval, we’ll already have much of the work done to get you going. Now, what is a good time for the installation of this?”
  16. 16. Two Results Here (1) Some will be ready to go and they will commit (2) Others will stall you and this gives you an opportunity to get a firm commitment to follow up
  17. 17. Review of working with the Influencer While Qualifying: Get clarity over how much influence your influencer actually has over the final decision. While Closing: Get buy in – Confirm that the influencer is sold on your product or service first Then ask if they’re going to recommend it and how much weight their recommendation carries,. Then go for a close! If you want to learn MORE closing techniques
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