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  2. 2. How can I get the ATTENTION of more leads? How can I get those leads to READ or WATCH or LISTEN to my Lead Gen messages? How can I CONVERT those leads so they RESPOND to my messages?
  3. 3. Erik Luhrs
  4. 4. 3 Steps to Create High Conversion Lead Generation Messages!
  5. 5. THANK YOU!
  6. 6. 1 – The element that is missing from your headlines that gets qualified leads to immediately engage your message! 2 – Why telling prospects what you sell can lose you the sale instantly!! 3 – A lesson from the Chinese on how to guide your audience through a message! 4 - The system that causes the human body to respond to messages and how to activate it! 5 – How to go further!
  7. 7. A Decade in Corporate America Four Years as a Management Consultant Three Years Starting Home-Based Businesses Two Years Studying My Mentors
  8. 8. ‘90% of Sales issues can be handled during the Lead Generation process!’
  9. 9. Let’s Test Your Knowledge of Lead Generation • What is the smallest component of your overall lead generation? • What is the purpose of a lead generation message? • What has to happen for a lead generation message to be effective? • The Lead Generation Message • To get leads to contact you • Get attention, Be observed to the end, Create a desired response
  10. 10. C #1
  11. 11. No one cares what you sell - They care about what they care about You are sending your message into the “I already know what that is and I don't need it" box in their brain Worst of all – Your message is totally ignored
  12. 12. The REAL Problem The Opening of your lead generation message makes NO impact on the prospect. It gets NO attention. Their "what is important to me" filter kicks the message out of their attention instantly
  13. 13. C #1 = Context Context = The parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning We must establish MEANINGFUL Context
  14. 14. We Want Somatic Impact “Body Impact”. Their body-brain responds to your message headline/opening. How many do you have? Enteric Nervous System •As many neurons and neurotransmitters as in the first brain •Can learn and remember •Creates ‘gut feelings’
  15. 15. BENEFITS TO YOU! • You have their total attention • They know what you are talking about • They are in heightened feeling state • They are already looking for resolution
  16. 16. PROOF
  17. 17. C #2
  18. 18. • Confusion because usually does not flow from headline • Looks long and people think they will look at it later, but don't • Prospect loses interest and signs off
  19. 19. The REAL Problem You may have captured their attention with your opening, but then you instantly let go of it.
  20. 20. C #2 = Content Content = The presentation of information for a purpose to an audience through a medium We must have LOGICAL progression of Content
  21. 21. Ancient Chinese Secret
  22. 22. BENEFITS TO YOU! • Keep their attention to end • Build rapport • Build credibility • Deliver them to the 3rd "C“ (get to that next)
  23. 23. PROOF Client Story
  24. 24. C #3
  25. 25. The flow is broken because they have been receiving / learning up to now • Now they don't know what is coming Mind is inherently resistant to action • Subconscious is looking to break away Why should I?
  26. 26. The REAL Problem You dropped the ball when it matters most!!!
  27. 27. C #3 = Call To Action Call To Action = Words that urge the viewer of a lead generation message to take an immediate action We must have a DESIRABLE Call To Action
  28. 28. BENEFITS TO YOU! • Immediate desire • More likely to act • More leads in pipeline • Differentiator
  29. 29. PROOF My Story
  30. 30. Summary 1. Make sure your message opening sets a Context for the prospect 2. Make sure your message Content guides the prospect logically 3. Make sure your CTA creates desire in the prospect
  32. 32. What You Get
  33. 33. And Because You Need It
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