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  2. 2. Are you too nice to close the deal? by Connie Kadansky, MA, PCC Helping salespeople get their “ask” in gear!
  3. 3. 70%
  4. 4. Mindset Process Skills
  5. 5. Current Reality Desired Result Point A Point B
  6. 6. Superficial Details Facts Opinions Feelings Insights Meaning
  7. 7. Mental response to a perceived threat.
  8. 8. Yielder Call Reluctance
  9. 9. Account Manager Vs. Account Developer
  10. 10. Leave appointments without getting firm commitment from the prospect for the next step. Have unanswered questions they are afraid to ask. String out closing the sale.
  11. 11. Expectation Belief/Mindset Think Feel Do
  12. 12. They’ll be upset that I interrupted them. I hate this.
  13. 13. If I’m too pushy, they will not take my phone call.
  14. 14. Awareness
  15. 15. Assessment Not assertive in making recommendations or asking for the business. No response to “let me think it over” Engages in excessive amounts of visiting or chit-chat
  16. 16. Goes off on irrelevant, ‘rapport- building’ and time-consuming tangents. Appears excessively friendly or folksy so as not to sound push or close-oriented Does not take control of the call Does not have pattern interrupts planned out when they are prospecting.
  17. 17. Admission
  18. 18. Inner Dialogue Change I am frustrated because I am not meeting my goals. CHANGE TO: I am experiencing frustration in this moment, however, frustration is NOT who I am.
  19. 19. I am afraid to ask for the sale. CHANGE TO: I am experiencing fear when it comes to asking for the sale. However, fear is not who I am.
  20. 20. 1. Answer this ?: What is your current mindset about your ability to close business? Is it serving you or not serving you? What can you do to learn about creating a more open/learner mindset? What is your process? If you don’t have one or are not following one, I beg you to do something about Summary
  21. 21. 3. Admit to yourself and your manager/trainer where you are yielding in your prospecting activity and your selling activity? Role-play those specific areas. 4. Monitor your inner dialogue of what you are saying after the words “I am” – if the words are negative – shift to “I am experiencing…”
  22. 22. 5. Do the power stance with hands on hips 60 seconds a day.
  23. 23. 6. Consultation $197 to take the assessment, personal consult with me and one of the world’s best selling business books:
  24. 24. ConnectCon 2014 Las Vegas: The Inner Game of Business: Why Optimists Do Not Fail
  25. 25. Questions?
  26. 26. Connie Kadansky 602-997-1101