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Cold calling for people who hate to cold call, presented by Wendy Weiss for @datadotcom


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Learn how to find more sales opportunities with far less stress and effort and nail down your appointment with a qualified decision-makers. Presented by Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™, is an in-the-field first-hand cold calling practitioner. She's on the phone everyday making success happen.

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Cold calling for people who hate to cold call, presented by Wendy Weiss for @datadotcom

  1. 1. Cold Calling for People Who Hate to Cold Call Presented by: Wendy Weiss The Queen of Cold Calling™
  2. 2. Created Exclusively for ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  3. 3. •  Why cold call at all?•  Preparing for rejection-free calls•  Warming up your calls•  The Performance Model•  3 steps for effective calls•  The Law of Action ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  4. 4. ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  5. 5. ©2011 Wendy Weiss
  6. 6. •  Marketing activities•  Referrals•  Networking/Web 2.0•  Cold Calling ©2011 Wendy Weiss
  7. 7. ©2011 Wendy Weiss
  8. 8. •  Open the phone book and start making calls•  Make 100 dials/day and someone will eventually say, “yes.”•  “Every call is different so I can’t use a script.”•  Go through the “no’s” and hang ups until you finally get a “yes.” ©2011 Wendy Weiss
  9. 9. •  Go through the “no’s” and hang ups until you finally wear the prospect down•  Practice rebuttals to ensure that you can corner the prospect•  Somehow manipulate the prospect into agreeing•  The “Born Sales Person”•  ABC: Always Be Closing ©2011 Wendy Weiss
  10. 10. Belief  Actions  Results ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  11. 11. •  Warm up•  Rehearse•  Perform ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  12. 12. •  Who are you calling?•  What will you say? ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  13. 13. •  Your introduction must be relevant•  There is no “one size fits all”•  Generic scripts do not work ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  14. 14. •  Answer the Question: WIIFM? © 2011, Wendy Weiss
  15. 15. Create “Muscle Memory” •  Practice out loud •  Role-play •  Record yourself © 2011, Wendy Weiss
  16. 16. Take Action •  Schedule an appointment with yourself •  Get a calling buddy •  Reward yourself for taking action © 2011, Wendy Weiss
  17. 17. •  Warm up•  Rehearse•  Perform ©2011, Wendy Weiss
  18. 18.•  53 Word-for-Word Scripts to Get the Appointment, Sail Through Objections, and Get the Sale...•  Scripts for What to Say in Every Situation so You Get What You Ask for...•  144 Questions to Qualify Prospects, Gather Critical Information, Gain Agreement, Justify Price, and Close the Sale…•  Claim $227 Worth of Additional Business-Building Audios & Guides - FREE...•  And Much More... ©2011 Wendy Weiss