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Cloudforce London 2012 Keynote


Published on COO George Hu is joined by industry leaders from Burberry, O2, Spotify, Activison and more. See all the latest announcements and Social Enterprise transformations from Cloudforce London, May 22nd 2012.

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Cloudforce London 2012 Keynote

  2. Our Mission: Cloud Computing Driver, Catalyst & EvangelistThirteen Years of Customer Success Enterprise Cloud Computing 1960s 1980s TodayMainframe Client/Server 2
  3. First Enterprise Cloud Company to Reach $2B Annual Revenue (FY12) $3 Billion 54 Billion #1 Expected Transactions World’s Most Annual per Quarter Innovative Companies Revenue Run Rate for FY13 #27 World’s Best Places to Work 8,000+ Employees 3
  4. 20,000+ Successful Customers Across Europe 4
  5. 1% time equity product14,000 non-profit organisations2,000 European organisations320,000+ hours service$30 million+ 5
  6. Ten Year Computing Cycles 10X more users with each cycle 2010’s Social Revolution 2000’s Mobile Cloud Computing 1990’s Desktop Cloud Computing 1970’s Mini 1980’s Client/Server Computing Computing 1960’s Mainframe ComputingData Management Business Logic Process Automation Web Apps Mobile Apps Social Apps Apps Apps Apps 6
  7. 2011: Year of Social Revolution 7
  8. Social Revolution: Social Networking Surpasses Email Social Users Email Users 1.9 billion social users2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 8
  9. Social Revolution: Social Eats the Web Social Network Usage Rest of the Web Usage 8 hours per month on social media2008 2009 2010 2011 9
  10. Social Revolution: Facebook is the New Corporate Homepage Fortune 100 Facebook Growth Fortune 100 Web Growth 123% growthJun 2010 Dec 2010 Jun 2011 Dec 2011 10
  11. Social Revolution: Next Generation Devices Changing How We Access the Web Tablets Smartphones 1.8 billion Laptops mobile devices Desktop by 20142006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E 11
  12. Social Revolution: Products Now Connected to Social Networks 1.8 Billion 3.5 BillionNetworked Computers Networked Products Total of 5.3 Billion Connected Devices 2014 12
  13. But the social revolution has created a social divide. 13
  14. The Social Divide: Customers and CompaniesYour customers and employees are social. What about your company? 14
  15. How does your enterprise bridge the social divide? 15
  16. Delight Your Employees and Customers in a Whole New Way Social ProfileEmployee Collaborate Market Customer Social SOCIAL Social Network ENTERPRISE Network Work Service Extend Sell 16
  17. The Social Enterprise Delivered Social Profile Collaborate Market SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Work Service Extend Sell 17
  18. Employee Collaborate Social SOCIAL Network ENTERPRISE Collaborate 18
  19. Burberry Transforms to a Social Enterprise £1.9 billion revenue 9,500 employees 444 stores Social Enterprise transformation: End-to-end digital experience Collaborate 19
  20. Every Employee at Burberry Will Use Chatter Secure, private collaboration 150,000 active Chatter networks 30% reduction in customer email 2011 Apple App of the Year Collaborate 20
  21. The Burberry Social Enterprise Customer Social NetworkEmployee Social Network Social Supply Chain 9,500 World for Employees Customer Partners Profile Social Clienteling VIC Experience Burberry Body World Customer Service: The Mobile Apps: Burberry Runway to Experience Reality Back Office Integration Social Media Stores Collaborate 21
  22. Employee Social Network SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Work Work 22
  23. Spotify Was Born Social Social, music sharing platform 3 million+ subscribers 500+ worldwide employees: growing rapidly Transparent, social employee culture Work 23
  24. Monika FahlbuschSVP, Global Employee Success @monikafahlbusch Work 24
  25. Spotify Embraces Rypple to Motivate Employees Work Better, Together Social Performance Management Social: Bottoms-up, not top down Transparent: Performance, not politics Real-time: Not once a year Work 25
  26. Spotify Social Enterprise: Spotify ForeverEmployee Social Network Customer Social Network Associate Social Customer Collaboration Customer Profiling 500+ Employees Profile Social on Rypple Monitoring Marketing & Loyalty Employee Apps Navision Integration Portals Analytics, QlikView Social Financials Support Subscriptions Media Buyer Collaborative Agencies Sales Broker Work 26
  27. Employee Social SOCIAL Network ENTERPRISE Extend Extend 27
  28. Kimberly-Clark Transforms into a Global Social Enterprise $21 billion consumer goods company 57,000 employees 80 countries #1 and #2 leader for its brands Social Enterprise: 400% productivity increase Extend 28
  29. PARKER HARRISCO-FOUNDER & EVP TECHNOLOGY @parkerharris Extend 29
  30. Kimberly-Clark Builds a Social Front Office with #1 Cloud Platform (IDC) Proven with 100,000+ customers 400% productivity improvement 108% ROI Extend 30
  31. Kimberly Clark Social Enterprise Employee Social Network Customer Social Network Consumer 57,000+ Social Social People Brands Profile Account Mgmt Online Consumer Communities Services Mobile KCP & HC Productivity Sellers KCP & HC eCommerce Distributors Trade/ Websites Promotion Automate & Mgmt Extend Extend 31
  32. SOCIAL CustomerENTERPRISE Social Network Sell Sell 32
  33. O2 Reaches More Customers as a Social Enterprise Leading provider of communication services in UK 23 million customers (Telefonica UK) 11,000 employees 450 retail stores Social Enterprise transformation: Revolutionized selling with social media to reach new customers Sell 33
  34. Linda CrawfordSVP & GM, Sales Cloud @Salesforce Sell 34
  35. O2 Increases Sales Productivity with the Sales Cloud World’s #1 Sales Application Mobile: Access from any device Market leader: Gartner and Forrester 33% higher productivity for customers Sell 35
  36. O2 Social Enterprise: Joined Up Business Joined Up Social Joined Up People Customer Customer Profile The Lab Joined Up Made-to- Communication measure apps Joined Joined Up Business O2 Up IT Drive Retail O2 Partners Media Customer O2 Service O2 Wifi Sales Money Sell 36
  37. Customer Social Network SOCIALENTERPRISE Service Service 37
  38. Activision Connects Gamers with Social Gaming #1 video game publisher Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Skylanders $4.8B in revenue 8,000 employees Social Enterprise transformation: Single social profile 24/7 social service Social games Service 38
  39. Fergus GriffinSVP, Service Cloud @fergusgriffin Service 39
  40. Activision Increases Customer Satisfaction in the Service Cloud Customer Service for the Social Enterprise 17,000+ customers Market leader: Gartner and Forrester Integrated support with social media 36% higher customer satisfaction Service 40
  41. Activision Social Enterprise: Gamer 360Employee Social Network Customer Social Network Studio Gamer Social Collaboration Social Influence Profile Ideation Mobile Gamer Apps Employee In-Game Help desk Support Self-Service & HR & Knowledge Talent Player Analytics Retail Chat & Insights Portal Service 41
  42. Market SOCIAL CustomerENTERPRISE Social Network Market 42
  43. HP is Making the Transformation to a Social Enterprise World’s #1 technology company $127B in revenue 325,000 employees #11 on Fortune 100 Social Enterprise transformation: Social employees and social products Market 43
  44. Marcel LeBrunSVP & GM, Radian6 @lebrun Market 44
  45. HP Markets at the Speed of Social Market on all social channels Heroku: Customer social apps Radian6: Social monitoring Social websites Market 45
  46. The Social Enterprise Delivered Social Profile Collaborate Market SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Work Service Extend Sell 46
  47. The JLT Social EnterpriseEmployee Social Network Customer Social Network On-line 6500+ Communities People Social Mobile Website Profile London Market Thistle Backoffice Service Emerging Markets Wholesale Cross-Sell Sales Market 47
  48. Why Isn’t the Car My Friend? Connecting people, cars, dealerships, and manufacturers in a social enterprise. 48
  49. Toyota Social EnterpriseEmployee Social Network Customer Social Network Chatter for 320,000 Social Customer Employees Profile Toyota Vehicles Dealers/ Toyota Friend Distributors Mobile 1-800-4-My- Toyota Toyota Friend Website Toyota Friend Manufacturing/ Youtube Finance Toyota Friend Toyota Friend Toyota Friend on mixi Facebook on Twitter 49
  50. Social Enterprise Architecture Social Front-end Sales Service Marketing Work AppExchange Apps Chatter Back-end Systems ERP Heroku Finance Any Social Network Trusted, Multi-tenant Infrastructure Any System 50
  51. Social Revolution: High Return for Social Enterprises +63% Social Marketing Enterprise +50% Effectiveness Benefits +48% Customer Qualified Satisfaction Leads +35%+24% Customer SupportRevenue Efficiency 51
  52. Open the Door to the Social Enterprise Social Enterprise License Agreement Every product for every employee Unlimited product usage Predictable cost 52
  53. Create and Code the Social Enterprise First Floor Expo 32 Social Enterprise demo stations 12 hands-on lab stations 85+ cloud partners 40+ Breakout Sessions Developer General Session Summer ’12 Session with Parker Harris 53
  54. Make the Transformation to a Social Enterprise Social ProfileEmployee Collaborate Market Customer Social SOCIAL Social Network ENTERPRISE Network Work Service Extend Sell 54
  55. THANK YOU #cloudforce 55