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Cipher cloud datasheet-cd-140729


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Cipher cloud datasheet-cd-140729

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Cipher cloud datasheet-cd-140729

  1. 1. CIPHERCLOUD FOR CLOUD DISCOVERY DATA SHEET CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery provides comprehensive visibility and risk
  2. 2. ratings across all the cloud applications accessed by your users, enabling IT staff to manage the use of cloud applications and minimize associated risks. Visibility into cloud application risks risks, allowing leaks of sensitive data, and reducing and activity The proliferation of cloud applications, BYOD, and consumerization of IT have created an explosion of unsanctioned access to cloud applications by enterprise users. Rather than requesting services from IT, users can easily access a wide range of cloud efficiency. Users can access any type of cloud application including applications that are high risk for the organization. Greater visibility enables organizations to standardize on a single legitimate provider in each cloud application category, while keeping users happy. services to streamline communication, share content, collaborate with co-workers and outsiders, or network via social media. Drill-down dashboards, filtering and detailed reporting CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery makes it simple But this rapid growth in the use of cloud applications and cost effective to continuously discover and introduces significant risks for enterprises. With categorize all the cloud applications users are hundreds of new cloud services emerging daily, accessing, identify the risks for each application, there’s no assurance that they are legitimate, well managed, follow security best practices, or are run out of safe locations. and analyze the impact on the company’s network resources. Intuitive drill-down dashboards provide detailed information on the top cloud You can’t manage what you can’t see Without visibility into all of your organization’s cloud application usage you may be increasing security applications being accessed by number of events, data volume, and risk level. Dashboard criteria filters can generate unique views by risk level, application category, user, group and IP address range. In addition, our rich knowledge base, CloudSourceTM, supports a growing list of thousands of applications. CloudSource tracks granular risk metrics across transport security, privacy, compliance and environment for each application. CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery is unique because it does not require you to share sensitive log data outside the organization. The solution is built on a popular and highly extensible platform, enabling detailed analysis of logs from most proxy servers and firewalls. The platform is highly customizable, supporting a wide range of 3rd party tools, and has the ability to output data in multiple formats including CSV, XML, PDF and JSON. Cipher Cloud for Cloud Discovery CipherCloud | © 2014
  3. 3. CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery includes granular trend analysis, multi-criteria filtering and drill-down charts.
  4. 4. CloudSourceTM knowledge base The CipherCloud difference CipherCloud maintains an extensive knowledge base of thousands of cloud applications. Our risk intelligence team
  5. 5. continuously categorizes and analyzes critical risks with automated testing, manual analysis, and input from leading standards groups including the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Forrester Research, TRUSTe, and other objective third parties. The CloudSourceTM risk knowledge base compiles a wide range of security metrics and calculates risk CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery is an enterprise-grade, highly scalable solution that delivers intelligent analysis and risk scoring including a detailed risk scores based on an enhanced CSA methodology. scorecard for each cloud app and adjustable risk weightings across all risk categories. Risk factors include: Enhanced awareness from crowd sourcing • Use of SSL for application landing The cloud isn’t static and hundreds of new cloud applications and login pages emerge daily, often accessed by our customers first. CipherCloud • Analysis of SSL and certificate for Cloud Discovery identifies unknown cloud applications your quality and expiration users are accessing and enables customers to easily submit new • Detailed header and SPF analysis applications to the CloudSource knowledge base, using the • Certification by third-party auditors power of community crowd sourcing to continuously expand • Location of cloud application and refine the data. Customers can also submit feedback to servers the CipherCloud team of risk experts on any existing cloud • Tracking of data breaches for application risk rating. specific services • Analysis of the types of customer Start with a free cloud risk assessment data uploaded to these services CipherCloud offers a free cloud discovery and risk assessment to jump-start your efforts to see all your cloud apps and understand CipherCloud tracks dozens of critical the associated risks. Our cloud risk assessment includes a security metrics across thousands of consultation with our risk experts to ensure you get the
  6. 6. maximum cloud applications and services. value from our log data analysis. CipherCloud, the leader in cloud information protection, enables organizations to accelerate their adoption of cloud applications while ensuring visibility and control of their data. CipherCloud delivers data privacy, regulatory compliance, and data residency in the Cloud through an open platform that provides comprehensive cloud application and data discovery, protection—strong encryption, tokenization, data loss prevention, key management and malware detection—and activity and anomaly monitoring services. CipherCloud has experienced exceptional growth and success with over 2.6 million business users, across 25 countries, and in more than 11 industries. The CipherCloud product portfolio protects popular cloud applications out-of-the-box such as Salesforce, Box, and Microsoft Office 365. CipherCloud, named as SC Magazine’s 2013 Best Product of the Year, is backed by premier venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, and T-Venture, the venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom. CipherCloud | © 2014 DS-CDEE-140911 All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Headquarters: CipherCloud 333 West San Carlos Street San Jose, CA 95110 @ciphercloud 1-855-5CIPHER (1-855-524-7437)