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CC14 - Prospect - Denise Holt: Social Media Tactics for SMB


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CC14 - Prospect - Denise Holt: Social Media Tactics for SMB

  1. 1. Pinpoint Your Brand’s Defining Passion Point Denise Holt Founder & CEO, Social Intel, Inc. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  2. 2. Pave the Way For: • Brand by Definition • Brand Positioning • Brand Essence • Pinpoint Your Defining Passion Point • Create an Experience Driven Culture #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  3. 3. What a Brand Is & What a Brand Is Not #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  4. 4. A brand is not a name, trademark, logo, package or product A brand is a product, service, cause or organization with perceived intangible attributes #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  5. 5. How you think & feel about a brand is the brand. Thoughts and feelings are derived from your experiences with the brand. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  6. 6. Thoughts & Feelings are Intangible What You See, Hear, Touch, Taste & Smell are Tangible #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  7. 7. People make more decisions based on feelings than on logic. Think clothing, cars, dining, gadgets… #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  8. 8. What you make people feel is just as important as what you make. #connectcon14 @connectmembers - BMW
  9. 9. Brand Positioning #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  10. 10. Brand Positioning Is the perceived difference between brands in relation to each other. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  11. 11. Intangible = Brand Tangible = Commodity Brands compete on intangible attributes – Emotion Commodities compete on price or convenience - Logic #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  12. 12. Intangible Nike Air Jordans = I can jump higher Tangible Nike Air Jordans = Lightweight #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  13. 13. Brand Essence #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  14. 14. Brand Essence… Speaks to the intangible emotions you want your customers to feel when they experience the brand. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  15. 15. Brand Essence… Best described in one word. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  16. 16. Examples: Jello = Fun Honda = Reliability Reeses = Happy Accidents 3M = Innovation Visa = Everywhere Jif Peanut Butter = Mother’s Love Disney = Magic Coke = Happiness #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  17. 17. Pinpoint Your Defining Passion Point #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  18. 18. Define Your Brand Identity Brand Identity is the representation of your company’s reputation through conveying your attributes, values, purpose, strengths and passions. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  19. 19. Determine Brand Identity Define: Goals, Personality, Emotions you want people to experience #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  20. 20. 5 Step Process 1. Vision Statement 2. Mission Statement 3. Personality 4. Value Proposition 5. Essence #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  21. 21. Essence Represents the brand’s heart, soul & spirit. Best described in one or two words Unfocused brand = weak brand #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  22. 22. Essence Things to consider: •What emotions do people encounter when they experience your products? •If your brand was a person, describe the personality. #connectcon14 @connectmembers Jello = Fun Honda = Reliability Reeses = Happy Accidents 3M = Innovation Visa = Everywhere Jif Peanut Butter = Mother’s Love Disney = Magic Coke = Happiness
  23. 23. 9 Benchmarks for Pinpointing Your Brand Essence 1. Uniqueness 2. Intangible 3. Be Single Minded 4. Experiential 5. Meaningful 6. Consistently Delivered 7. Authenticity 8. Sustainable 9. Scalable #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  24. 24. Essence = Passion Point Passion = Loyalty Brand loyalty drives up to 70% of all purchase decisions. -Kuczmarski & Associates Loyal customers are willing to pay a 20% premium for their brand choice. -Kuczmarski & Associates #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  25. 25. Create an Experience Driven Culture #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  26. 26. Successful digital strategy brings the consumer to the center of the brand’s communications, while strengthening brand position by making your audience think & feel & relate to what your brand is passionate about. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  27. 27. Traditionally, brands appealed to customer’s sense of reason “Content” was used to push deals and low prices. Disadvantage – If the only motivator is money, then a brand can be easily under cut by competitors #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  28. 28. Digital allows for brands to appeal to emotion. Social channels = Platforms in which to share passion. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  29. 29. Digital strategy needs to harness passion & Translate it into a brand story Create experiences around that passion point to drive the social conversation. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  30. 30. Give your audience reasons to keep “feeling” about your brand the way you want them to. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  31. 31. Businesses Must Invest in Defining a Positive, Wonderfully Shareable Experience Most brands react, rather than leading. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  32. 32. The cost of reacting to negative experiences is completely eclipsed by the upside of creating & nurturing positive ones at the inception. - Brian Solis – What’s the Future of Business #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  33. 33. The nature of consumer relationships is changing: Product & Service ------ User-Led Demand #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  34. 34. Create Content That Evokes Passion • Brand X is perfect for me • Brand / Product X is irreplaceable in my life #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  35. 35. Passion doesn’t just happen; it has to be fostered over the long-term. What causes brand passion? • Consistent brand experience • Brand identification • Brand trust Use your content to speak to those passion drivers by implementing: • Unified brand voice • Highly targeted and personal content • Responsive and transparent content #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  36. 36. Humans crave stories. Given the new media landscape of paid, owned and earned media, branded story telling …is no longer what you say, but how you say it. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  37. 37. Where to tell your story? Visually impactful? Targeting Millennials? Pursuing Adults 35-55? #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  38. 38. Coca Cola: How They Tell Their Story #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  39. 39. Website #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  40. 40. Facebook Page #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  41. 41. Twitter #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  42. 42. Instagram #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  43. 43. Pinterest #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  44. 44. Coca~Cola Strategy – Liquid & Linked #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  45. 45. Coca~Cola Strategy – Liquid & Linked #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  46. 46. Coca~Cola Strategy – Liquid & Linked #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  47. 47. Engage Audience w/ Action #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  48. 48. Cross Channel Marketing Landing Page & Supporting Stories #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  49. 49. Speak to your audience directly On Twitter - 83% are direct @ replies #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  50. 50. Final Thoughts • Define your brand “essence” • Create compelling stories central to that passion point • Establish experiences for your audience to feel & think & relate to what your brand is passionate about • Appeal to the intangible emotion of your audience rather than the tangible logic for sustained engagement and deeper relationship, fostering trust, loyalty and shared passion. #connectcon14 @connectmembers
  51. 51. CONTACT Denise Holt 925.457.2144 Collaborative iQ Blog - #connectcon14 @connectmembers Collaborative iQ Podcast Twitter - @DeniseHolt1
  52. 52. #connectcon14 @connectmembers