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New Campaigns Process Map


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To help our marketers understand how the game is changing we drew a map. The map below will inevitably evolve as we figure out how to simplify it, but I wanted to share the V1 so you could see the different levers you can pull to generate leads and improve conversion.

To learn more about the map and to see a Prezi presentation highlighting examples, visit

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New Campaigns Process Map

  1. 1. Campaigns Process Map New email addresses go into marketing automation system Users are cookied for ad re-targeting Shares, likes, and comments influence search rankings Campaign ROI +Inbound Links Impression Click SEO Search Results (Google Search) (Organic Results) Lead Quality +Ad Dollars Impression Click SEM Search Results (Google Search) (Google AdWords) Hard Offer Landing Page Qualified Leads (Free Trial, Demo) +Ad Dollars Impression Display Advertising 3rd Party Sites Click (Ad Networks) (Display Ads) Click Soft Offer Leads by Source Landing Page (eBook, Contest, App) +Email Addresses Impression Click Social Requires Email Marketing Email Drop More Soft Offers (Heart of Marketing) (Newsletter, Offer) Top Content Social Click Profile Content Content +Social Media Subscribers (Blog Post, Video) Impression Click Subscribers Content Marketing Social Post (Social Heart of Marketing) (Facebook, Twitter...) Fuel the Viral Loop Great content & engagement earns subscribers Sharing, Likes +Ad Dollars Impression Promoted Engagement Content Social Advertising Social Ad (Social Heart of Marketing) (Facebook, Twitter...) Advertising is the fastest way to grow subscribers Capture new subscribers with reveal pages, great content, & website integration Conversation Volume