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Building Loyal Relationships, Faster


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Presentation from the Salesforce Comms Industry Business Summit (30 Sept 2015) in the UK

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Building Loyal Relationships, Faster

  1. 1. Building Loyal Relationships, Faster. @JeremyWaite Head of Strategy, EMEA Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. 2. “You can’t purchase loyalty”. Frank Underwood
  3. 3. 80% Executives Overwhelmed 72% Understanding Customer Needs 75% Make Emotional Strategic Decisions
  4. 4. “77% of consumers don’t want a relationship with a brand.” Business Challenges 2015 HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW
  5. 5. Introducing the Salesforce Customer Success Platform Helping Your Customers Love You
  6. 6. We Need To Build Profitable Relationships. Faster. UNKNOWN KNOWN 1 : Many Marketing 1 : 1 Customer Journeys
  7. 7. GoWhereYourCustomersAre AcrossAllDigitalChannels • Email • SMS/MMS • PushNotifications • Social • Advertising • WebExperiences • GroupMessaging • Venue Channels Analytics AppsContacts Content
  8. 8. “We ask too much of technology and not enough of ourselves.” Nate Silver @natesilver538
  9. 9. Customer Expectations Have Changed Yesterday Today Today We Live In A Proactive World Tomorrow Reactive Proactive Predictive
  10. 10. “CEOs used to be judged by how well they acted in a crisis. Today they are judged by how well they anticipate one”. Wadah Khanfar, Al Jazeera
  11. 11. The World Is More Connected Than Ever Companies Must Become More Proactive Thousands Millions Billions connected things Terminal PC Network of terminals Network of PCs Internet of things
  12. 12. 4 Technology Shifts 2015 11.6% Faster app development in the cloud. 25% Mobile traffic direct from mobile to cloud. 550m Social networks a nd forums (77% Dark) 90% Data didn’t exist 12 months ago
  13. 13. There’s No Such Thing As… @Scobleizer #BigData
  14. 14. 5B Smartphones by 2017 550M+ Social Networks, Blogs & Forums (inc. Dark) What is #BigData? 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data every day Social CustomerPurchase Connected
  15. 15. How will you turn billions of events into proactive engagement?
  16. 16. Single View What Does It Look Like? Sales Service Apps Marketing Analytics Communities Devices What if your was all connected?
  17. 17. Real-Time Events Rich Contextual Data 10111011000100011111010010101010110 00010010110111000100001000100011011 10110001000111110100101010101100001 00101101110001000010001000110111011 00010001111101001010101011000010010 11011100010000100010001 Analyse Compute The Perfect Response Deliver The Precise action Proactively and In Context Building a Customer Company Create more value than you capture
  18. 18. 37% Executives Don’t Know The Lifetime Value Of Their Customers.
  19. 19. A 5% Increase in Customer loyalty is everything.
  20. 20. Customers Are On A Journey With Brands
  21. 21. “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” Steve Jobs Apple, NeXT, Pixar
  22. 22. Journey Builder: 1 to 1 Customer Journeys at Mattel Powering connected experiences with email, mobile, web, and ads Map the shopper and user journey Drive mobile app downloads Connect physical toy to digital experience Drive adoption and use of toys
  23. 23. Who • What • Why • Where • When
  24. 24. 1%  £200m
  25. 25. “Information is powerful but it is how we use it that will define us.” Avinash Kaushik @avinash
  26. 26. CONNECTED CUSTOMER CARE “Their Preferred Channel…” Unnecessary Service Costs To Online Retailers Due To Channel Escalation Cost Approx. $22 Million. Source: Forrester, Embrace Continuous Improvement To Power Customer Service Operations
  27. 27. 42% Customers expect a response from a brand within 1 hour. EDISON RESEARCH
  28. 28. Companies are no longer competing against each other. They are competing against speed. Marc Benioff Salesforce
  29. 29. thank y u