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The Perfect LinkedIn Status Update


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The Perfect LinkedIn Status Update

  1. 1. Blueprint for the Perfect LinkedIn Status Update Enter a Status Update: Post about breaking news, industry trends, and sneak peeks. Ask questions to increase engagement. LinkedIn Insights: Tip: By limiting the text length to 50 characters, your Use LinkedIn engagement could increate by 28% Insights to get to know your audience and increase relevance of your Call To Action: STATUS UPDATE posts.   Include a URL in your post copy. Drive people to a Link Description: blog post, landing Don’t forget to edit page or YouTube the default text that IMAGE LINK TITLE is pulled over when video. DESCRIPTION you add a link. Keep it simple and reduce Engage: the redundant Posting is just the information. start! Stay engaged with the conversation by Target Your Post: adding a question Like Ÿ Comment Ÿ Share Narrow down your or comment on the audience by conversation. industry, role, VIEW COMMENTS region/city or Tip: LinkedIn does company size. not allow you to Exclude or include respond as the your employees. Impressions Ÿ Clicks Ÿ Shares Ÿ Engagement brand, so post as yourself on behalf of your brand to answer questions Measuring Success: and be a resource. Strive for more than 1.0% engagement on each post. Engagement is defined as the percentage of times remembers clicked, likes, commented or shared the update.Blueprint was inspired by a post from business2community has been adapted with our terminology & best practices for employee training