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AppHappy: 100 AppExchange Partners at Dreamforce 2015


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It's time to show your love of apps at Dreamforce 2015! This presentation showcases 100 partners and their pins that you can collect at Dreamforce. Learn more at

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AppHappy: 100 AppExchange Partners at Dreamforce 2015

  1. 1. Come On, Get AppHappy That feeling of pure glee when you succeed at working smarter and faster with apps – that’s App Happy!
  2. 2. Show your love of apps at Dreamforce! Collect and wear app tile pins from our AppExchange partners, and you could win up to $2,000 worth of prizes. BONUS: Our App Mavericks street team will be on the lookout for people displaying their app love throughout the campus. Get spotted wearing your pins and you could win a $100 American Express card instantly! Here’s how you can enter to win Collect at least 5 app tile pins from our 100+ participating partners. Wear your pins with pride…on your lanyard, bag, shirt – wherever you love a little flair. Share a picture on Twitter or the Success Community with #GetAppHappy. You will automatically be entered to win one of our daily grand prizes - $2,000 gift cards to the following: Tuesday: American Airlines Wednesday: The Ritz-Carlton Thursday: Spafinder Friday: Bloomingdale’s 1 2 3
  3. 3. N1136 N1822 W713 --- N1040 --- N1301 N1144 DevZone W936 7Summits 8x8 Accounting Seed AcountAbility Acxiom Applango Apttus Arrowpointe AT&T AugmentUSA COMPANY BOOTH # A
  4. 4. W126 W841 N1138 N1931 N1908 W717 N1922 W715 W816 N1839 Avankia Avaya Birst Bloomberg BMC Software BookingBug Box BracketLabs Bucher + Suter Campaign Monitor B C
  5. 5. Foundation Zone 5 Back N1125 N1042 N1023 N2006 W827 N1204 W734 N1105 --- CauseView CipherCloud CircleBack Clear Slide ClickSoftware Cloudbilt CloudCraze Conga Cornerstone onDemand CPG Tool
  6. 6. N2012 N1907 W723 N1001 N2215 W208 N1109 N1034 N1717 --- CRM Culture CRM Fusion CYDAS Dashcord Dasheroo DemoChimp Docusign Drawloop Dropbox EBSTA D E
  7. 7. N2220 N1609 W821 W320 W118 W729 N1129 N1843 W125 N2112 Entomo Fingertip Five9 FollowAnalytics Fujitsu Gainsight GetFeedback Glance HeyWire G H F
  8. 8. Foundation Zone 11 Front N1729 N1929 N1937 N1409 N1809 N2228 N1905 W823 N1735 iATS Payments inContact InGenius Interactive Intelligence Intaact Intrigo Systems Invoca Jade Global Inc. Jitterbit J I
  9. 9. --- N1106 N1011 Foundation Zone 6 Back --- N1101 N1942 N1146 N1108 N2125 Jobscience KeaText Kimble Apps Know Who Learnsmarter Lumesse MakePositive Mason Frank Mindtree Model N L M K
  10. 10. N2202 N1829 N2122 --- N1817 W812 N2206 W210 N1045 N2211 mPath Mulesoft NC Squared New Energy S.r.l. NewVoiceMedia OwnBackup Passage Tech Phala Data Pitcher Pixeltag O P N
  11. 11. N1930 N1509 W737 N1010 --- W300 N1104 N1120 N2023 N2029 Primal Cause PROS Report Upgrade Riva CRM S&P Capital IQ Sage Screen Magic Service Max Silverline Skuid R S
  12. 12. N1002 N2128 --- N1309 N1737 N2022 N1934 N1006 W134 N2021 Smarsh Spanning Spring Mobile SteelBrick Survey Monkey TAS Group TerrAlign TerraSky Inc. Transera Trifecta T
  13. 13. uStudio Velocify Vidyard Vlocity Wealth Engine WingArc1st Wipro Limited Xactly Corp Yesware Yodlee N1052 N1739 N2004 N1709 N2003 N2120 N1832 N1322 N1805 --- U V W X Y
  14. 14. Z #GetAppHappy Show your AppExchange love N1037 W218 ZoomInfo Zuora