AppExchange: Discover Top Business Apps on the Leading Enterprise Marketplace


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Great news: it’s easier than you think to find the best cloud apps on the planet! Extend Salesforce to other departments and functions with over 2100 pre-integrated apps on the AppExchange. In this session, we’ll uncover some of the hottest solutions in the market today - from workforce management to project management, to recruiting apps and telephony. You’ll return to the office an instant hero.

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  • This is our safe harbor statement which reminds you that we are a publically traded company and you should make any and all purchasing decisions based on publically available information and currently available technology. It’s available on our website if you’d like to read it in more detail, but I’ll leave that to you.
  • Here at Salesforce, we believe everything is connected! Companies are working harder to get closer to and connect more meaningfully with their customers, and that requires making sure that your entire company is connected - employees, partners, products and devices – all connected and coordinated to ensure that your customers get the best possible experience. You heard Marc talk about this on Tuesday morning in more detail, and in this session I’d like to talk about how the AppExchange fits into that vision.
  • When we look around the whole ecosystem we have partners everywhere that are transforming entire industries. In life sciences Veeva is our shining example. But it's not just limited to one industry. We've got companies like nCino that have revolutionized the banking industry, ServiceMax, who is delivering new cloud-based technologies for field service. And Kenandy is one of just a handful of great ERP apps that are changing how people revolutionize manufacturing by leveraging cloud based technology.
  • Let’s start at the beginning with what is the AppExchange. The AppExchange is a marketplace – the #1 enterprise app marketplace – filled with apps designed to solve business problems.We’ve got an innovative selection of apps built for sales, for service, for marketing, for the back office, for collaboration, for almost anything you could think of to unlock productivity in your business. With more than 2,000 apps, that’s more than 2,000 ways to transform your business with apps. In this session, we are going to focus on apps that unlock productivity for ________________________. I’ll be talking about a few apps in particular as examples of the breadth of apps available for your needs, and I’ll be inviting up a few customers just like you to tell us a little bit more about the way they use the AppExchange and a few of their favorite apps.One of the best parts about these 2,000+ apps is that you can rest assured that they are secure and easy to integrate. Every app on the AppExchange has gone through our rigorous, enterprise-grade security review to ensure that they meet the same standards of trust that we hold dear here at Salesforce. Also, because so many of these apps have been built natively on the Salesforce Platform, you get the added assurance that these apps are easy to integrate into your current use of Salesforce to drive results faster. More than 2,000,000 customers just like you have taken advantage of this an installed an app from the AppExchange. Keep in mind that our install number and the install number from other mobile app stores like Apple or Android is not an apples to apples comparison (get it?). When we at Salesforce talk about a customer, we are talking about a company, not an individual, so each of these 2,000,000 installs can mean 1 user, 50 users, 800 users, 10,000 users, and more – it depends on the company that installed it.And of course, the AppExchange gives you direct access to customer insights about each of these 2,000+ apps. At Salesforce, we have enormous respect for the voice of our loud and proud community of customers - Dreamforce is pretty much the embodiment of this respect – and we wanted to make sure that our customers could be vocal about the apps they like and the apps they don’t like on the AppExchange. The result is that the rest of the community benefits from insight of the crowd about what’s great and what has room for improvement. That’s why we made it possible for customer to leave reviews directly on the app listing on the AppExchange. With more than 27,000 customer reviews on the AppExchange, this is a terrific resource for you to learn more about the apps that you’re interested in to narrow down what would be the best fit for your company.
  • The Salesforce1 Platform powers the most powerful apps in the marketplace today. Our own Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud Apps are all built using the Salesforce1 Platform as well as hundreds more applications on the Salesforce App Exchange, and over 4 million custom built apps. The platform supporting all these apps includes, Heroku1 and ExactTarget Fuel, all extensible and enabled through our ecosystem of powerful API’s. The Salesforce1 Apps now lets you surface the power of the platform on all your mobile devices, making every salesforce app instantly mobile and social.
  • AppExchange: Discover Top Business Apps on the Leading Enterprise Marketplace

    1. 1. AppExchange: Discover Top Business Apps on the Leading Enterprise Marketplace Dylan Steele Platform Product Marketing
    2. 2. Safe harbor
    3. 3. Connected Customers Connected Partners Connected Products Connected Devices cloudsocial mobile Connected Employees Become a Customer Company Connect With Your Customers in a Whole New Way
    4. 4. 1m Installs Since 2006 We’ve Built A Thriving App Ecosystem 2m+ Installs Launches 1,000 Apps 2,000+ Apps 2010 2013201220112009200820072006 IPO AppsontheAppExchange
    5. 5. Now, Salesforce Partners Are Transforming Entire Industries Life Sciences Veeva Industry CRM ServiceMax Field Service App nCino Banking & Finance CRM Kenandy ERP Banking Field Service Manufacturing
    6. 6. Innovative selection • 2,100+ Apps Secure & easy integration • 2,100,000+ Customer Installs Customer insights • 27,000+ Customer Reviews Unlock productivity with the #1 enterprise app marketplace AppExchange
    7. 7. The Salesforce1 Platform Connecting the next generation of apps, devices, and customers Salesforce1 Platform APIs Salesforce1 Mobile App Heroku1 ExactTarget Fuel Salesforce1 Platform Services
    8. 8. AppExchange Apps, Now Inside the Salesforce1 Mobile App
    9. 9. Drive Sales Effectiveness with 800+ Apps Document Generation Social Selling Geolocation Planning
    10. 10. Contact Discovery Drive Sales Effectiveness with 800+ Apps E-Signature Learning E-Signature
    11. 11. Wow Your Customers with Amazing Service Field Service Analytics Field Service Workforce Management
    12. 12. Supercharge Campaigns, Events, and More Campaign Management Field Marketing Consumer Apps SEO/SEM
    13. 13. Expert Admins Use Apps to Make Work Easier Project Management Telephony Change Management IT Service Desk
    14. 14. Collaborate for Productivity Behind the Scenes Finance Compensation Complaints Management ERP
    15. 15. Industry-Specific Apps Designed and Built for You Risk Management Real Estate Nonprofits Grants Management
    16. 16. Build an End-to-End Process with Apps APTTUS
    17. 17. Make Everyone More Effective Quickly with Apps
    18. 18. Visit the AppExchange and Try an App! Try one of these free apps: or one you learned about today!